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oh such a lovely palette! I hope I can find some time to create something!

Gorgeous Melouise!!

Love those tags Melouise!!

Yes, absolutely lovely, Melouise. All the kits are wonderful and such an amazing variety from the same palate and theme. Very talented people here.

@Melouise: Just beautiful, I love the papers!! smiley Can't wait to finish mine!!

These kits are gorgeous! I know nothing about vintage but I'll see what I can do.

I found it hard to create really vintage, so I hope I did it a bit right creating this kit, the colors are awesome all together and
I had so much fun working with these colors.

Jessica I think it's perfect. Mine doesn't have too many vintage items, but I did use the color theme and tried. I love yours!!

I have two portions; one will be available on my blog and one my Facebook (and I will link anyone directly who doesn't have a Facebook).

This will be available on TimberScraps
And this kit will be available on my Facebook page!

Oh my, this is going to be big!! Love the palette and I think we should keep just one blog train like Lórien said so everyone can contribute no matter how big or small your kit is going to be. Marisa can put more challenges in the forums like she already did, right?
And I see so many beautiful kits already! I am going to google for some inspiration...

Here is mine, much faster than I thought.. smiley But don't feel rushed ladies, we have plenty of time!!!

@Melissa - those look so great, I really love your butterfly!!!!!

@Nadia - love the hearts and ribbons, great job!

@Sharilynn- I love those HEART PAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i've seen so much talent in this blog train that i'm excited to get my portion done..

@Sharilynn:i looooove your papers, simply amazing!! smiley

Beautiful work ladies, I love all of them, I'm almost done with mine! ^_^

I'm soooo behind in this,haha....LOVE all the contributions so far!!! Such beautiful colors together!!

Is anyone still working on their part? I will make some glitters, either today or on Monday, so if you want to hold off for a bit I'll be working on that. Next time I'll be more on top of it with the glitters.

Ok, the glitters are ready. Send me an email if you want them: [email protected]

I'm finally done with my portion for the blog train, just needed to do the previews, hope everyone likes it, I love the colors and I had so much fun working with them, I already created a layout using my kit, but I have to wait until next month to post it in the thread! smiley

I also created a coordinating paper pack that will be available to download in my Facebook Fan Page! smiley

Jiovanna ♥

Sheila, hahaha well, I guess you could say that. Things were certainly simpler back cell phones following you everywhere, not so much traffic, really a less complicated time. I don't remember drugs being so prevalent - certainly very few unwed mothers. Girls still wore skirts or dresses most of the time; parents stayed married. We didn't lock our doors and if you left the keys in the car, it was still there when you returned. It was a totally different culture from today.

Jessica, this looks great! I love all the elements - so many of them. That's my kind of kit - gives you many more choices! Wonderful job...

Jiovanna- I love your kit. That butterfly, the lips, the elements. Awesome!

Love this palette!

@Kiana: Thank you so much, glad you like it smiley

beautiful work everyone smiley

You ladies with all of your finished gorgeous creations are making me feel like an under achiever, lol. Really though, everything is so lovely... can't wait for this to go live!

@Jiovanna- you're quite welcome. Can I did you get that feather to look so real? Do you have a tutorial for it?? Thanks

Oh wow, I'm a newbie, but I love these colors... I hope I have enough time to whip something together! If not, maybe I will post what I do in the Freebies section : ) Having fun exploring the site!

Welcome Kari!