Borderless Printing Issues

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Borderless Printing Issues

I have tried everything I can think of, and can’t get my 12x12 pages to print borderless. Mac/PSE & PS/Canon Pixma i6800. I have set 0s on every border option I can find. I was finally able to print borderless 8.5x11 when I chose the option for letter borderless, but there’s no option like that for custom sizes. Is there anyone else out there that have had similar problems? I’ve researched the web with no joy. My last resort is to call Canon, but I don’t really want to be on the phone for an hour. smiley

Sorry Cheryl, I have no idea. Is it actually possible to print all the way to the edge like that? My regular printer always leaves a border of some kind.

It is possible but only if paper is smaller than printing area. If my printer's maximum printint area is a bit smaller than a4 then I can't print borderless at a4 format. However I can print photos 10cm x 15cm or even 15cm x 21cm borderless.
But I have never use printers, that can print 12''x12'' (except profesional printing machine, but they don't printing borderless at all)

My HP color laser printer actually will not print a borderless image. Years ago it was driving me nuts trying to get it to print full page with no border and once I checked with the manufacturer, I found it's not possible due to a laser jet technology limitation. So it can depend on your printer.

Hope you found a solution to your issue tho Cheryl since it sounds like your printer does provide some borderless prints.