Thoughts, Ideas and Colors for Blog Train 2024

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Thoughts, Ideas and Colors for Blog Train 2024

I'm spending a lot of time considering my design plan for next year. Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas for upcoming blog trains. Also, if you have any color inspiration.

Hey Marisa here are some palettes/theme ideas roaming around in my head. If you don't choose any of these they still may show up in my future bundles smiley

Lovely colors, Jessica.

Hi Marisa,

I would like a bold color palette like this:

and a pastel one like this:

Themes: men/boys, retro, fair/amusement park, zoo, watercolor, wedding

love this colors Jessica smiley
love palette 2 Doska smiley

@Doska: Love the bright color palette!

Is there a way that we could work together so that less experienced designers can learn from those more experienced?

Thank you Bourico smiley and Sarah smiley

@Sarah: Do you have any idea how that might work?

@Marisa: When you post the colour palette for the month, people could share their ideas and if they want to work together and then team up from there. Or you could do something like this in the designer challenges.

Sarah, what a great idea! I would love to learn how designers here make their artwork, and I would also love to help if someone wants to know something about the way I make some of my stuff!

Oh! I almost forget to say that I love all the color palettes!

i like all the color palettes shared, esp Jessica's January one. and Sarah's idea is definitely cool as a learning designer. i would find that helpful.

for January
winter, snow ....

for February
nature, animals

for March
spring, walk

Suggestion for the April (Easter) 2024 blog train:

Beautiful colors, Doro, Bourico and Jan!! smiley

I absolutely love that "March" palette Bourico! smiley

Well it seems I can't manage to post my colors but I can't delete the comment either. Sorry for the wasted comment!

Try number 446. Apparently, I've forgotten how to post an image in the forum.

Ok NOW I think I've got it!

These are great colors Jill! I already made the palettes to vote on for the beginning of 2024, I just can't get the poll to work. Hopefully soon! I'll try to remember these colors for the next round.