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Hello Simone,

welcome here and have much fun and inspiration.

Don't worry about communication, there are now good translations integrated directly into the browser, e.g. B. Firefox.

"deepl" is good too. I'm not good at English either Conversation in real life. I understand a lot when I read, but I couldn't speak or write it fluently either.
I look forward to your contributions.

Hello, bonjour, anyeong haseyo, merry meet, and gooie dag!

My name is Judith and I'm an autistic, bardic, creative, designer, ex-ESL instructor. Canadian passport, Dutch/Celtic ancestry, living in South Korea most of my married life. Currently in university housing on the East Coast of South Korea; small living quarters is why I shifted from traditional scrapbooking to digital a long time ago and have never regretted it. Retired for health reasons, homeschooling a teen, butler to two cats, and lay sister of Belle Coeur. I've worked with images for many years, both in personal digital art journaling, in oracle card design, and as a graphic artist - surprisingly, I'm new to the idea of making my own elements, but I'm hoping to join the Commons and start contributing to the wonderful free items I have been able to discover here.

Welcome Judith! I actually learned to digital scrapbook in Korea. I lived in the small town of Gunsan for two years teaching English in a public middle school. I loved living in Korea and still miss it!

Hello Scrappers smiley

Joy here - I'm a 45 yo delighted singleton living in Wiltshire, UK.

My career as a Designer + also a TEFL instructor ( the travelling bug used to be strong in this one ) allowed me to enjoy seeing so much of the world before circling back to Europe in 2015 first then back home to England in 2019.

I've been on the Digital bandwagon for art journalling my thoughts/ moods more than photo scrapping since recent health issues made traditional art too wobbly for me to enjoy.

Now thanks to my iPad I have a whole new sandbox to explore my creativity whenever I have a spare spoon ( energy ).

I'm particularly fond of playing around with letters & using colour ( my fave is red ) to make layouts that look like they want to come off the page.

I can't wait to share them with you when I rack up enough points.

Sending you all hugs until then smiley

Joy x

Hi everyone. Hope all is doing well and happy to be here.

Thanks for saying hi Joy and Kiara, we’re so glad to have you here.

Hi, Joy! So a fellow spoonie as well as a fellow ex-language teacher, graphic designer, AND art journaller? Can't wait to see your layouts, too!

Hi! I'm Juli. I am a digital scrapbooker and just started designing backgrounds for myself and my friends to use in their scrapbooks. I have been a member of DS for a few years but have never done the hello!

Thanks for saying hi Juli!

Hi my name is Teresa, I am a self-taught graphic designer. I don't do digital scrapbooking but do graphic designing using Photoshop Elements for a small online business owner that sells paper crafting supplies. I am hoping to increase my knowledge base by participating in the site and some of the challenges. Personally, I am a retired educator of 17+ years, a grandmother of 9 with my very first great-grandchild on the way! Oh I cannot wait for that!

I would love to know where to find how to do some of the necessary things to upload images and participate in the challenges.

Thanks so much,

Welcome Teresa! You can apply for gallery access here is you're interested in sharing layouts. If you want to be creating your own graphics, you can check out the Commons.

mi nombre es Sonia y soy de España!!!
Nunca había trabajado en digital, no se como llegué a tu página y estoy haciendo cosas en scrap mixto, probaré en digital que tal se me da.
Mil gracias por todos los diseños !!

Welcome Sonia!

Muchas gracias

My name is LaDeana. I've "lurked" here for a number of years am taking the plunge into becoming a part of this community. I'm hoping to take part in some of the challenges here to try to get my scrapping mojo back.

Welcome LaDeana! Thanks for saying hi.