Nov 2023 DM: Week 2 Videos

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Nov 2023 DM: Week 2 Videos

Here are some videos I made making my papers for the challenge. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks Marisa. learnt something today. Only watched video 1 so far.

Is working in Illustrator similar to working in Inkscape? Thanks.

Hi Sarah. Yes it is.

I haven't used Inkscape, so I don't know how similar the two programs are laid out to each other. So can you follow a tutorial for Illustrator and do it in Inkscape, I don't know. But they are both vector based programs, so they should have similar features.

They are similar. I used it before going to illustrator. It's the same principal as gimp and photoshop.
Hope that helps.

Marisa, I am working on the plaid paper today and have it, except for the final texture. The texture I want is the one you use for all the plaids in the Blog Train Palettes. it looks just like a soft wool that is about 30 or 40 years old and soft from use. I just love it.

Right now I have hard-edged stripes on hard-edged squares and it's not very pretty. smiley

I always use these layer styles from Elif to add textures to my papers. I also use this action from Elif to get the twilled look on the plaid. I go through it in the plaid video.

Thanks. Yes, I saw in the video but I didn’t realize that would be true for every single paper you make. The plaids for the blog train are such close ups you can really see the velvety texture, and I’ve always admired it.
And I didn’t realize a texture style or action would change the blockiness (for lack of a better term) of the edges of the stripes. I’ll need to figure it all out for PSP.

Hi Suzy, I do not know PSP, but I know if you go onto youtube, there are a lot of tuts for PS on how to make a twill and plaid fabric. I am sure there should be for PSP.

Thanks, Gail, as it turns out, the texture set from the link also has plain ole .jpgs in addition to the asl or pat file (I forget now which it was). The trick is to figure out which one to use, and if it’s used as a simple overlay, or if it’s used with other blend modes, what percentage, etc. I’m really happy those .jpgs were included because they’re beautiful.

But on the twill, you're right - the action steps would likely be found on YouTube, so that’s good, even if I find only PS steps, I can convert it to PSP. Thanks for thinking of it. I’m pretty sure I know how to make the plaid, it’s just refining it so it looks more sophisticated than just a couple of ninety degree merged stripes with blocky hash marks running through.