Nov 2023 DM: Week 2

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Nov 2023 DM: Week 2

(always feel free to diverge, interpret broadly or skip prompts as your creative process demands)
Take a look at some paper kits that you like and consider how the papers are balanced. How many large patterns vs small patterns are there? How many multicolored patterns vs 2 color? How many have dark backgrounds vs light? What interesting textures or styles are included to make it feel cohesive? I will be creating the following paper prompts based on my own feelings for a well balanced paper kit. But feel free to diverge from the prompts if you think you can create a better balance. Also, feel free to use these prompts to make elements or pocket cards if you're not interested in papers.

Nov 8 - 2 tiny patterns
Nov 9 - 1 dark background, 1 light background
Nov 10 - 2 painted/mixed media style papers
Nov 11 - 1 large pattern, 1 busy pattern
Nov 12 - 1 stripe pattern, 1 plaid pattern
Nov 13 - 2 floral patterns
Nov 14 - 2 kind of solid papers or interesting texture

Now you have 14 papers!

Share below your progress, finished designs and of course any questions!

Thankyou for. Helping those of us that just have no idea unless I am using an embossing folder….


Marisa, I totally forgot about Thanksgiving this month and we are going to be on the road and away from home the whole week of Thanksgiving.
Is there any way you could post the next two weeks of challenges/recipes/prompts early, please? I will need a head start if I am to complete the kit since all my programs are on my desktop computer. Maybe other people are in the same boat?

How's the paper making going?

I'm finished with everything except the super messy grunge mixed media. The longer I wait, the more I add, and the more I add, the cooler it looks.

Just did Nov 11th's prompts tonight. I also decided that the color scheme wasn't working so I had to go and change the elements from last week to match.

Here is my week 2 papers:

I finished my papers; just have to create a preview and post it.
I hate plaids so I did a different pattern instead.

Here are some of my papers so far. Having fun learning how to make different paper.

Looking great! I need to post my papers.

@Shaindel: Love that you made it your own!

Love all the papers!

Hi. I need help. I have never made mixed media paper. Would this paper classify as mixed media? If not, please advise. Thanks.

Absolutely! It’s a pretty general term.

Thanks Marisa. My papers are nearly completed and then I can load the new preview. I was not happy with the first set of papers and elements I created, so I started from scratch again.

@Gail: It happens! Sometimes things just don't come together right.

Finally made a preview! Kind of hard to see the patterns, especially the mixed media ones, though. Also, I just noticed I forgot to make solids.

@Shaindel: Beautiful papers!