Nov 2023 DM: Week 3

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Nov 2023 DM: Week 3

(always feel free to diverge, interpret broadly or skip prompts as your creative process demands)

I love a kit with a lot of variety in the elements. I think an important thing to consider when making elements is that a wide variety of textures are included.

Nov 15 - Word art processing - use the word art we created a few days ago and add texture. My preferred way to do that is with styles.
Nov 16 - Illustration processing - use the illustrations we created a few days ago and add texture. My preferred way to do that is with styles. You can always just give it a simple border and call it a sticker.
Nov 17 - 3 flowers, make sure there is some variety so they can be used together and not look too matchy matchy
Nov 18 - catch up day
Nov 19 - 4 basic shapes (stars, hearts, arrows, etc) but add interesting texture (again, Photoshop styles will be a big help!)
Nov 20 - 3 buttons/brads/flairs
Nov 21 - 2 sequins or scatters

Share below your progress, finished designs and of course any questions!

Marisa, I am trying to figure out my flowers for Nov 17.

Silk is Ho hum to me, and I’ve already got 2 of those super thick paper mache ones. What I really want is some carved ivory (or carved plastic, LOL) such as the ones you have in your Happiness Is Homemade Elements Kit.

I really like the white one with the black stamens, but I like all of these in the kit. Did you make them? And is there a carved ivory style? Are some of these made from 3 flowers, one on top of another? I’d really like to learn how to make these!

Here's what I have. I only love the yellow flower - the rest of the flowers I'm not too sure about.
The scatter is something I'm working on and it won't be ready until the very end.

@Suzy: I made them using an AI generator!

Ok, that's good then. Thanks! I am going to redo mine because I hate them, LOL! The yellow one I like, but it's a template from here, so it's not really original.

What's an AI generator? Sounds like a new tool!

Can you share the prompt, Marisa? smiley

Hi Suzy! So beautiful! smiley

Got a bit homesick for FNQ making these

Thanks, Bina! And your word art is stellar…gives me a real feel for the place! 😁

Thanks for this challenge!!

Hi Robin, I think it is the new tool in adobe illustrator, where you put a prompt in and it produces an image for you.

smiley Thank you, Suzy. Alcohol sure is a bit of a currency in FNQ smiley not only for Christmas.

thanks @Bina Greene for your sharing ))))

smiley You're welcome, Biche. It's my birthday shout!

I thought I was very far behind but I just checked and I'm up to the Nov 20 prompts. So not as behind as I thought, except I didn't get a chance to make a preview of my papers yet.

@Bina ... it's your birthday ???? if yes "Happy Birthday to YOUUUUU" smiley smiley

Finished the elements
Not thrilled with all of them (example: I don't like how the glitter on the heart speech bubble came out) but they're good enough.
The texture on the smaller elements are not showing up well in the preview.
I should start uploading to the commons...

smiley Thank you for the birthday song, Biche. I'm dancing to it smiley

Hi Bina,

was lese ich da? Dann habe ich dir hier ein witziges Geburtstagsständchen. Du darfst weitertanzen smiley Und...du hast Post...


Cluster Frames

smiley smiley Many thanks, Doro, so super sweet of you! Such a great birthday song for me. Those guys sure have nice pipes.... are they from east of the river Elbe? I thought I might have caught a slight drawl.. smiley smiley smiley

Everything is looking good!