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Recent Layout Discussion

Share a layout you made recently. What was the inspiration? Did you want to use the photo? Or did you have a new kit you wanted to try out? Perhaps you just wanted to make something?

I've done two.... one was a new desktop using the kit I made for July recipe challenge, and the other was of our granddaughters first day of kinder.
[img=500x281]New DT by Michele McBee, on Flickr[/img]

The template for the desktop is Cloud of Circles by Lauren Bavin, that I modified from its original 12x12 size.

[img=500x400]2023_8-3 by Michele McBee, on Flickr[/img]

The kit used for this was from Miss Mint at Peppermint Creative, and the template is All in a Row by Kim Liddiard.

I asked my husband to take a few photos of me standing next to my car yesterday and I was itching to use them to create a layout. When I saw the recipe challenge, I knew it was the perfect occasion. I had 3 good photos and all I had to do was find a kit. Sometimes I know exactly what kit I want to use, other times I find myself hunting around for inspiration. I like challenges as a springboard and to get my creative juices flowing. Here is the layout.

I made this LO for a challenge to include 2 pictures of yourself. I'm always the picture taker, but occasionally, I can talk my husband into taking pictures of me. This was from a short weekend trip to Virginia for our 13th anniversary. I love all the animal print papers! I probably should have taken the sunglasses off, but I was quite surprised that the photos aren't too bad! Also, I just realized the photo I used for my avatar is from the same trip to VA!

I wanted to do an all-white layout again, beyond Christmas, winter or weddings. This free wallpaper photo expresses for me how beautiful familiar staple foods can be. First I framed it in another forum, now it became a scrap.

I made this layout with pictures from my grandson's third birthday party, a couple of weeks ago.
I just wanted to show off the dinosaurs I created in order to make the decorations with my Cricut.

DH & I went to see the Barbie movie and it inspired me to make a little sign to hang on my oldest boys' door to make them laugh when they'd come back home... and of course I HAD to take photos of all my Kens in front of said door with the intention to scrap about it smiley.
Made my own papers & button for the page, thanks to the CU assets available here at

For this layout I wanted to capture the feeling we had at this castle ruin, my husband's favorite. It is a great one - big enough to explore and for the boys to run around and chase each other as well. And let's face it, Switzerland is one of those countries where it is really hard to take a bad photo! I used the non-green colors as my guide - pink flower, white clouds, blue sky - for elements.

Thanks everyone for sharing! It’s so fun to hear the reasoning behind the layout!

The one I've been working on for the past several days, for the Sweet Times Bundle challenge. Since I'm on Marisa's creative team, I wanted to make one in a very different style than the one I made for the CT post. I got inspired by the days of the week labels in this one, and decided to do one of my weekly pages with photos highlighting each day.

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I thought the same thing, Becky! smiley

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