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Problem Layouts

I was considering writing a blog post about "scrapbooking mistakes" but I didn't want to just go through the gallery and pick out layouts I thought had issues, as people may really love them! But if you have a layout that you aren't happy with or can't figure out how to get it right, and don't mind me critiquing it, please leave a link to the image below.

Ok, I'll play along. I found one of my somewhat earlier pages from an album that I haven't printed yet, and it's honestly just kind of boring. I'd like to keep the element of the blue and yellow, since this was a college sports game and that was my school's colors, but I'm feeling meh about the rest of it.

Thanks Becky! I will consider it.

Thanks Becky for being brave and open to new ideas about your layout. Will you be revising it to add some of Marisa's ideas & tips? Would love to see what you come up with if you do. Finding a layout of my own that needs improvement would not be difficult at this stage of my digital scrapbooking journey.