Nov 2023 DM: Week 1

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Nov 2023 DM: Week 1

Word Art and Illustrations
(always feel free to diverge, interpret broadly or skip prompts as your creative process demands)

Word art and illustrations are a significant part of my design process. I like to make these early on because you can use them to create both paper patterns and elements. For now we'll focus on just creating the basic version of these and you can use them in the future for your paper patterns or to create a more finished element.

I create my illustrations in Procreate on the iPad and with Adobe Illustrator. If you're looking for a free vector program you can try out Inkscape. I often like to create my word art in Illustrator as well.

You can take a look at my word art kit here to get an idea of how I use my word art. We'll use the word art created here in the future to make some of the more "fancy" elements.

Nov 1 - floral illustration
Nov 2 - 1 themed illustration
Nov 3 - 1 themed illustration
Nov 4 - 2 tag/labels with words
Nov 5 - 2 tag/labels with words
Nov 6 - 2 word arts using one font
Nov 7 - 2 word arts using more than one font

Share below your progress, finished designs and of course any questions!

Thanks for this challenge Marisa. I might be a bit slow on some of the prompts, because I want to design all the elements from scratch using Illustrator. A learning curve for me.

Here are my floral illustrations, I did 4 instead of 1, Had fun learning new techniques.
[img=100x100][/img] [img=100x100][/img]

[img=100x100][/img] [img=100x100][/img]

I might have misunderstood the prompt, but here is my floral illustration. It's a little choppy, but my hand drawn words were really bad despite many, many tries. I am working on it, though, so maybe within the month I'll have it.

I also wasn't expecting to make it AND have to color it within one day, which is why I think I may have misunderstood the prompt.

Not sure if this is right, but here???

lovely images Ladies

Hand-drawn (well, laptop-trackpad, anyway) flower and sticker version

Themed element #1 (dreidel) also hand-drawn, also with a sticker version

Themed element #2 (menorah). Not 100% sure I like it but it's done. Also sticker version

Looking great!

Prompts are prompts and can’t really be interpreted wrong smiley

Don’t worry about skipping prompts either and joining in at anytime!

Here are my illustrations! I didn't make a video for these because it's just me drawing and I get stressed out filming while I'm drawing smiley

But I used Procreate on my iPad. I love making the butterflies, because Procreate has a symmetry feature so you only have to draw half and it will mirror it on the other side for you.

Here's the word art I made:

I did the illustrations and the WA, but I had to wait to gather it all so I could put it all in one image because it wouldn't impress anybody at full size. smiley

@Suzy A Reading/Library theme!!! Yay! I cannot wait to see what you come up with. smiley

Here's what I have so far. I have a lot of pictures to scrapbook for my mixed barbershop chorus and my daughters' piano recitals, so I am excited to put together a music-themed kit. smiley

All my word arts combined. I had fun.

Here is what I have made so. The water splash in the word art comes from Vecteezy. Created rest of objects.

Everything is looking so great!

Here is my week 1:

I'm dropping out of this, as my flower template didn't work out as I had hoped. [I couldn't get the quality good enough.] I also don't think I'm suited to the "prompt" style of designing! It's so totally different to how I usually work, that it makes me feel disorganised, which my stress levels can't take smiley I'll just enjoy what everyone else is making, instead!

Old Roots New Leaves

I've been ridiculously productive this week - this splash page shows about 75 % of the elements so far (all elements come in the four main colours, so I picked and chose samples rather than displaying all of them). Some colours aren't 'true' together and need a bit of tweaking, but I'm not strict about hex codes as long as the colour family is solid! I hope this will help fill the requests for 'more geneological kits' on the design requests page.

old portrait woodcuts from various museums' public domain images, all other images hand-drawn.

Everything is looking so good!

Jumping in late.

Looking good Robin!