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Here's my part of the train. I decided to do something around the turn of the century and thought about things I'd see in Grandma's Attic. Eventually I plan to develop it into a full kit with many more elements and a few more papers. The link will be live for downloading on my blog and here in the forum on Nov. 1.

Download here at 4shared.

Love it, April! Thanks, Melouise and Kiana! I'm going to finish it up soon and am looking forward to this blog train! smiley

Thank you, Kiana! That doily took FOREVER to make. Wow. I must find an easier way to do those. lol!

Thanks, Kari! I can't wait them to all be available also!

Dee, if you feel Christmas-y already, you should do it! Vintage Christmas is SO PRETTY!

Linda, I love your Grandma's Attic theme! That's lovely!!

fantastic work everyone! smiley

Here is what I have so far, but I need to render a few more elements in Poser.

and straighten the papers lol..I Just noticed they were crooked in the preview smiley

Here is the preview of my portion:

Love it!! Fits right in with mine! smiley Your flowers are beautiful!

Janece, thanks! I'm anxious to expand on it. It's so much more in my if I can just get it all created! smiley

Thanks Kiana!

Oh Janece, it's beautiful!! And who's to say what is "enough"?? All together we have a huge, gorgeous Vintage kit.

Kari, when I first started I made everything too small! Someone gave me a really good tip. Create on a 3600X3600 size canvas and you can see how the element actually looks full size in relation to the background. All my elements were tiny because I was creating on a much smaller canvas. Now I make them oversized - it's always easier to decrease then to enlarge.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you create. Welcome to the train!! smiley

That's gorgeous Cintia!!

I just scrolled back through the kits displayed so far...gorgeous!!! We have some very talented ladies here. I can't wait for the train to take off so I can grab them all.

Anyone see anything about the December train ideas? I assume we're doing a December train?

I'm finally done with my contribution for the blog train,
it was fun working with this palette, can't wait for the blog train to start smiley
here is my preview:
• • •

• • •
Now off to create my layout with my portion smiley

-Samantha smiley

Here is my part.

Love love love this palette smiley

Oh my goodness, this is awsome smiley

The parts are so gorgeous!!!! Congratulations girls! And thanks! I can't wait to start collectiong the goodies. smiley

Beautiful parts ladies. This is gonna be a awesome train!!

OMG...what a great theme and color palette smiley. I just saw it today and immediately started creating my stuff and even finished it. Long time ago that I was that creative! Hope you like it?!

Gorgeous Isa!

Wonderful additions everyone!

@Samantha - I LOVE your green flower. smiley

@Amanda: Thank You smiley

My part is completely ready, preview fixed, and will be ready to go live on Nov. 1st.

Beautiful kits, everyone.

I am loving all these kits!!!! I can't wait for the Blogtrain to start so I can grab them. I hope that one day I can learn enough to start creating some kits to add to the trains.

I do have a question for those that design kits. Do you create your own elements and such, from scratch, or do you find images or templates online that you can use and then just alter them to fit your needs? I have no idea on where to start to make a kit, other than maybe making a few papers. (Making papers I have sorta figured out how to do, but other than taking template files for different elements and just changing the colors, I don't have any idea on how to create my own).

Each designer does it different. I came from a forum (where I started digi scrapping) that the designers ONLY make their own stuff, hand drawn and vector drawn from scratch.

But lots of other designers I've found recently since I started CT'ing and learning to design for myself use CU products and use the scan/photograph then extract processes too!

Whatever works for you.

Diane, this is my very first kit in a long time, but for me, a lot depends on the theme of the kit. Sometimes I use templates (mostly what I did with this one), sometimes scripts, sometimes from scratch, and sometimes from 3D renders made in another program converted to .psd (like the flapper,bell jar, and fan).

Yay for you all! I can see lots of portions that I can match together to make my photobook! I´ll try to add some of mine as well, but not sure if it will be possible...