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I can't even begin! I have been going back and looking at the additions since I posted mine and they are SO PRETTY! Oh my gosh!! You all are very impressive! smiley Jamie, Isa, Samantha, Karen, wow!!

Thank you for the support, Linda! Cintia, yours is beautiful also, and Linda is right! It does fit right in with hers! Goodness! I can't wait to advertise this on my FB page. People will be thrilled! That's allowed, right, to advertise the train on our FB pages and blogs?

Everyone has such awesome submissions! =D I can't wait for the train to take off! =P

thank you Janece... glad you like my portion... smiley

@Janece: ofcourse you're allowed to advertise the train, are u kidding! smiley

Please, please mark your previews with your term of use (PU/S4H/CU etc.). This will make it so much easier for our train visitors to see what they are downloading. Thank you...!

@Diane Oster - I think everyone is different and a lot depends on experience level and programs/hardware people have. My part of the blog train, for example, these were made from scratch: big pink flower, frame, candy boxes, powder puffs, velvet band, tags, etc. starting with just basic shapes and going from there. The brooch is a CU item, but I used the metal outline and added the front "waxy" part of it with the flapper image I like, pearl necklace was one pearl re-colored & multiplied and strung together, little white flower was template that I re-colored. I don't have a scanner, so any "real" elements I use are CU items. Hope that helps. Just start small, with existing elements and you may find that as you modify them you'll eventually start branching out more on your own designs. smiley

Beautiful everyone! Y'all are sooooo talented!

wow, this is going to be a huge blogtrain with lots of beautiful elements and papers,
I love all the parts everybody has made, can't hardly wait to create a layout with all
the elements and papers

Here is my portion

Hi all. I have just started doing a little designing and want to give this a try. I read that the blog train is already hugh. So can someone else join in? I also see that some have the Pixel Scrapper logo on them and some do not. What is the difference. Thanks!

Hi Donna: Welcome and of course you can participate. there is no limits to the number of participations or anything else except the color palette. smiley
You can find instructions about the blog trains and the link to the Pixel Scrapper logo HERE if you want to use it.

Wow,what beautiful creations you all have.
I don't know how i missed this,i voted yesterday,but know i don't even know what i voted for,lol,i am wondering how i didn't see the voting poll for this blog train and as you all can see it's kinda to late for me to be apart of this blog train. smiley
I am looking forward to grabbing me some awesome contributions.

My fixed preview:

and the link to my blog, which I forgot to add:
Desert Willow Designs

Hi everyone,

Love everyone's take of Vintage. Here is mine:

Happy Scrapping,
Michelle Guilbeau
aka Cajun Diva Scraps

Wow!!! I just looked over the submissions so far and we have one gorgeous train about to take off!!! Everyone has done such a great job and I'm so glad we have a bunch of new people join us! The more the merrier!! Of course it's going to take a lonnnnng time to d/l all the kits, but oh so worth the time! Counting the days....

Looking forward to this Blogtrain, so many talented designers! I'm not sure if I can join in this month... time is limited and I'm a bit rusty as I haven't touched PSP in months!
I do have a question though, Marisa said to keep our portion 'to the smaller size'. How small? I mean, if you add a lot of papers, the size goes up in no time. Also, is there a preference for 200 or 300 ppi and is there a standard for the size of papers (2400x2400 or 3600x3600)? Sorry if these rules are stated somewhere, I've looked but couldn't find anything.

Thanks Cintia for your help. I'm working on Nov and then will have plenty of time for December!

We are doing the standard 300 dpi (3600x3600).

Hello again, I'm sorry but I have more questions. When finished, where do I send my kit for listing for the blog train? When is that due? I'm sure it would be before going live on November 1. Thanks for your help. This is my first time here!

Hi again Donna: You don't have to send. When it is closer to nov/1st Marisa will post a thread where we post the previews and links to our contributions. Similar to this one: (October blog train)
Then all you have to do is link your blog post to this thread and the blog will be set to go. smiley

Thanks Cintia!!! I am finished with my November mini kit. I'll post a preview here to make sure I remember how to do that. (It's been a long time since I posted images and links on a regular basis.) For my part of the blog train I obviously went with a fifties theme. Funny thing, I am old enough to remember all that! I apologize to the other designers now that I see I did a couple of the same papers. It was not intentional I promise!

Love it Donna!

-Donna: beautiful mini kit!!

My part for the Nov Vintage Blog train;) just a preview I will put the link up later.

This is AWESOME;) Wonderful job on this!

Emerald, I love the bunting and your frames. Awesome job;)

Wow, I haven't peeked at this post for a few days and there are sooo many new additions! Great job everyone! It's going to be fun making pages with all of these! I'm still a new gramma and I have LOADS of pictures to spot light. I'm definitely glad I found this forum!

@Sara Thank you very much smiley

This train is really looking good. Great job, Everyone!

Antoinette, I think she means smaller as in not a ton of elements and papers. Since there are so many designers no one needs to create a huge kit as part of the train. Makes it easier on each of us and still gives people plenty to choose from once they get all the pieces. You might check the other submissions and see how much they each contribute - will give you a good idea of how many to make. Of course some of us get carried away! smiley I have to edit, edit, edit or I would have a mega kit every time!!

Welcome aboard! We do have a December train coming up, so if you don't have time for Nov then definitely join us for December. It won't take you long to brush up on PSP...I've used it for years and after taking some time off I was able to pick it up again pretty quickly. Just go for it!!

Wow, all the submissions are AWESOME!! I went with a softer vintage look. I wanted to scrap some "vintage looking" photos of me and hubby after the blogtrain starts, so I made more of a vintage romantic type kit.....I can't wait to get started with all the submissions, I should have plenty to scrap some photos of my hubbies great, great grandparents that came to America from Holland years and years ago!! I am so excited!! Here
is my part: It is CU/PU/S4H/S4O, I am not quite finished with the preview:)