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We have a boxer mix named Oscar. We adopted him from a local pet shelter in January this year. We are still trying to get use to having him around because he's a wild boy. He still acts like he's a stray at times its tough. He gets along with my girls and loves them. He goes all crazy when we come home. I just love him to pieces.

Aww kudos for adopting instead of shopping! All dogs are a blessing, but rescued ones seem to give a little bit extra because they know you saved them! smiley smiley

I got lots of furrbabies. I have a German Shepard Rottweiler Mix Big Boy 80lbs. I also have a little chiuaha that looks like a min pin everyone swears thats what he is.. lol Hes my work buddy by my side 24/7 I also have a female Japanese Chin, and i have a big toed Kitty he has mitts extra toe hes outside His brother a tabby died recently and broke my heart and i also have 2 hunting dogs outside coon hunting. 1 Redbone and spotted one
I absolutely looooove all my animals they are like children to me.
oh thanks everyone for sharing your stories so fun to meet all the animal lovers

Marlene- I hope everything went well with Bandit's surgery. Soon after I found Oliver, I had to have the remaining of his teeth removed and found out he had a heart problem, so I was concerned. The doctor said he did better than dogs much younger than he and he wanted to go for a walk right after waking up. He definitely was spunky.

I agree, LeeLee, it's fun to meet all of the animal lovers and get to know about their pets. Thanks to everyone for sharing! smiley

Thank you for asking about Bandit. I was JUST rubbing his back as I read your post. lol. He likes having his back scratched right before his tail starts. lol.

He is 14, I'm not sure if I said that before. His surgery was on Monday. He did so awesome. His surgery was WAY more than the vet quoted though, which threw me a bit, but I don't care about the money. It was tough to get enough together, but I'd have sold everything I own for him. smiley He had to have 18 teeth removed, 2 were already missing, and he has 22 left. He ate that very night, even though the vet said that he probably wouldn't.

He got back up to his old tricks within a day or so. I'm still soaking his food though, because I don't want him to hurt his gums. The vet said that there was a lot of infection, so he couldn't stitch all of them. smiley

I wish I hadn't been so lazy when it comes to dental hygiene for them. It's not the money, it's what he is going through. Yes, he is bouncing back fast, but all of this could have been prevented. He also had a lump removed from over his eye. It was likely a benign sebaceous tumour. His Mom used to get them a lot. I couldn't afford to have it sent away this time, due to the cost of the surgery in total.

I'm just sooooo very thankful that he is ok. ♥♥♥♥♥

We have a rescue dog named Enzo. He is small, with disproportionately long legs.

@Marlene - it´s good to know that he´s doing fine, but sad to know about the infection (and the costings). But I have already seen younger dogs passing through it, so don´t blame yourself. Sometimes it´s really difficult to brush their teeth, specially for the owners. They usually hate it smiley

I don't have any pets but my kid do.
They're my grand kids 1 cat & 4 dogs
They don't have any humans yet LOL

So happy to hear Bandit is doing okay, Marlene! My dog, Oliver, was an older dog (around 14 but not sure since he was a stray) and he did just fine without any teeth. As I said, when I found him he only had five teeth left and had to have them out, too. I soaked his dried food in water and he did just fine eating. eventually his gums hardened up, but I kept soaking his dry food (he needed a special heart diet food that was only made in dry food.)

we have a dog called Mia ,2 lovebirds called mabel and bob and 2 budgies called Charlie and lola

We have a female dog Kiara, it's a labrador. We also have a cat Simba, 2 rabbits and a fish. And for the moment it's enough.

I have 1 dog named Halo ( in the video game.....hubby named her smiley ). She is a "deliberate mutt" . She's a mix of Pit Bull, Blue Heeler, and Australian Shepard.

We got her from a friend who breeds dogs. When we first met her, hubby was unsure about getting a dog, but for me, it was love at first sight so he let me bring her home. It ended up being one of the best decisions we ever made, as she is incredibly loving and protective with our kids.

I have a wee Kitten his name is Wee man LOL. He is only 4 months old and a spunky one at that. He had an accident before we recieved him he was caught in a door leaving him semi paralyzed. He does use his back legs most of the time now. When we first got him there was no use at all! He loves to be wrapped and carried like a newborn child. We even take him in stores and goes every where we do. He is pretty calm for a cat and some times acts more like a dog. When we take him for car rides he want to stare out the window with his tongue out.

I might be getting a 3rd siamese shortly! smiley I got a call from my vet, a few days after I had brought my 2 siameses in for a sick visit, that another patient was looking to re-home their sealpoint siamese... They remembered my telling them that I'd be willing to take in a couple more siamese cats (or kittens) if they ran into anyone who needs to re-home them (due to relocating, allergies, etc.). Was surprised to get a call so soon! Apparently this siamese's mom is elderly & has Alzheimers, and her family is preparing to put her in a nursing home & wants to find a home for Murray... He's only a few months younger than my siamese brothers. I go to meet him tomorrow - I'm excited & hopeful that he's a friendly cat. I'd really like to help this family out if I can...

yay for you with new cats... smiley

Thank you everyone for your kind words about Bandit! He is asleep on our bed right now. He had his stitches out on Tuesday - for the tumour on his head, that he had removed at the same time as his dental work. His breath is awesome now, and he eats regularly.

When we brought him in to the vets office, he was so active and lively, a lady waiting with her dog, said: "He must be a really young dog!" I was so proud, because he is far from young! lol Not only that, he put up a very very big fight with the vet when he was taking his stitches out. A blessing if you think about it, because it shows he is lively and spunky. lol. He doesn't want anyone messing with him if he isn't getting something out of it haha.

I love cats and at one time we had three. The oldest one lived to be 18 and died of kidney failure three years ago. I still miss her - she was the sweetest tempered little kitty I ever knew. All you had to do was look at her and she would begin purring.

We have three lively Burmese cats, all boys, aged 4, 3 and almost 2. Each has their own personality-- the oldest, Zach, is the hunter/king, the middle is Max, with these adorable crossed eyes and gentle nature, and the little one is Harry, who's definitely the mischievous one. With three growing males, we go through food fast!

Burmese cats.... smiley Very close in relation to siameses ... (I'm a mommy to 3 male siameses)

Love reading everyone's pet comments and stories. They really do enrich our lives! We have given our three cats their very own voices and we speak for them (strange, I know-lol!) It took some time to figure out Cat Guy's voice, but it turns out he sounds just like Ray Romano from Everybody Love Raymond. It cracks me up every time Sweetie does the voice. Just before he had him singing some popular songs of the 80s (Electric Avenue and Blinded Me with Science.) I can't even come close to being able to do the accent. I'm so jealous.

I have a cute cat called Wespe. She strayed to us 9 years ago and lived happily with us ever since smiley

Do children count? I have 2 daughters. I also have a husband - sometimes I wonder if he counts. Other than that I have 2 fur babies in kitty form - Dante and Icarus.

Do husbands count? If not then we have 2 cats & 2's a real juggling act to keep them from meeting...

We have 4 cats at the moment: Toby & Emma (who I've done layouts of) and Tommy (Toby's brother) and Tabitha. Emma is 19, Tabby is 9, while the boys are 7. Right now, we are babysitting Blaze, my sister's 8-year-old Border Collie. So that's our fur-and-purr babies!

My personal pet is a small terrier mix named Mork. She's about 12 pounds and thankfully fits under an airline seat so she can go with me when I travel. She's also gone on several road trips with me so she's traveled more than many people I know. Our family pets are two persian mix cats (dad was a show cat, mom was a stray) named Ali & Walki. They would not be nearly as pleased about traveling so they get to stay home. Walki does have some species confusion issues and insists on walking outside on a leash and sleeping in the dog's crate at night.

I currently have two Boston Terriers, Abby and Dixie - and a Pug name Emma.

I have had many different pets over the years from mice to snakes to birds, cats, and dogs. Currently I have just one cat, Gracie. My husband never had to worry about the kids bringing home stray animals but he did have to worry about me bringing them home.

I have two chi babies one white and his name is tico and the other fawn and her name is leelou.

We have only 2 dogs at the moment.
"ONLY" is because we used to have a "mini zoo" when my daughter was young and still lived with us: birds, hamsters, bunnies, fish, ducks - you name it smiley
She even brought home caterpillars, put them in a box and fed them - out of curiosity what they will turn out to be...

We have 3 - one black lab mix dog (Hank) {adopted from a rescue organization}, one shorthair orange tabby cat (Kitty) {formally adopted after rescuing the dog - she had been a stray for YEARS at our house} and one lionhead bunny (Reese)!