Dec 2013: Blog Train Comments

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Dec 2013: Blog Train Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until December 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

MARISSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need help! I've got everything ready, but I've basically forgotten how to get it all where it needs to be. The kit is done. It's uploaded to 4shared. The blog post is scheduled, waiting for the train list. I can't remember how to post it on the sign up!!! My brain has left the station!!!

THANK YOU!!! Got it. THIS is what I couldn't find. I knew it was here, but obviously wasn't searching with the right words. Thanks so much, Melo!!!

Melo, thanks for the instructions. I'm having a problem uploading my preview and I've followed the instructions you posted but it's not working for me. I right click to save the url but when I try to get it into the box, the url is no longer there. I've tried about 6 times and am giving up. Maybe I'll try another day before the 1st if I get a chance. If I don't I will just sit this one out and maybe I can find out what I'm doing wrong before the January one.

smiley Oh my word, so many gorgeous designs!! Looking forward to Dec 1 smiley smiley

hi i need some help too..........
as this is my first blogtrain with yall

will someone post a blogroll or do wee scroll thru and sort it ourselves ????

many thanks

Hi Miggins, we generally point people towards the sign up post on Pixelscrapper. That way contributors without a blog have a chance to participate too, and train followers can leave them a message here.

Hi Patricia. When does the URL dissapear on you? When you try to paste it into the far left icon here just above the message container? Have you tried posting it regardless? I have had an long URL dissapear on me once too, but when I published, it was there. Are you sure you copied the URL? You could try this: copy your URL right into the message box here. If it shows up, try to add the HTML code manually in front and behind "yourURL". The code you need is this one, but I have added a space between all the brackets, otherwise it doesn't show up on screen as text, but as an image smiley so, remove the spaces around the brackets and you should be OK...

[ img=500x500 ] http://youURL?com [ /img ]

Good luck!

thanks Melo - I will try that when I get a chance. Sometime before the 1st!

So happy to be part of another amazing blog train. Thanks to Marisa and everyone else. smiley

What gorgeous kits!!! I cannot wait until Dec 1 to start d/l all the wonderful parts.

congratulations to all! you made another amazing blog train! smiley
NathL from France

Wow!!! 48 participants.....a very huge blogtrain and all parts are soooooo beautiful!!!
what a great huge kit all together!!!
great job everybody!!!
hugs, Jessica

Beautiful contributions everyone, another great blog train smiley

Monica Mortensen Kit is so Pretty. Thank you!

Wow! That was fun. I just finished riding the blog train all the way through and picked up some gorgeous kits. Thank you to all the talented and generous designers who participated. This was a great start to the giving season.

OMG what stunning work ...gotta be one of the best trains around at the moment if not the biggest lol

well done everyone

wow wow wow you guys have knocked me out i am so proud to have been on this train with you all

right whens the next one hehehe


I cannot believe how many people we have participating in the train! Looking forward to checking out everyone's part later!!

Just made a challenge to help inspire you to use all these great freebies!

Thanks for all the beautiful contributions to the blog train. I have a lot of unzipping to do, but the previews are amazing. So much creativity, thank you all for sharing.

What an awesome bunch of designers with an incredible amount of talent - every one of you! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

Beautiful contributions ladies!!
@Sharilynn thank you for taking the time to put together that list of participating designers.

Just want to say thank you to those contributors without a blog...

@Nadia - love love the reindeer paper and those little gems, thanks for sharing!

@Harriett - love all of the snowflake elements and the warm, cozy papers. smiley

@Andene - beautiful winter scene papers!

@Joyce - such cute little Christmas icons!!

I'm glad you all enjoyed the list, it makes things so much easier! smiley

Thanks everyone for your contributions to the blog train. I loved all the entries this month. Great to see what each designer is doing. Thanks again. Looking forward to January!

Another fabulous train ladies - thanks to everyone who took part!

Beautiful work ladies! Thanks so much for sharing!

I really wanted to participate in this month’s Blog Train, but unfortunately life got in the way a bit and I wasn’t able to finish my part until today. I’m so sorry for not making the deadline ladies, but to make it up to you all I made not one, but two kits! I just posted the previews and the link to my blog in the Sign Ups thread.

So I hope not all of you have finished riding this month’s amazing Blog Train, or if you have, that you’re willing to hop on it again to go to the last stop smiley. I’m looking forward to go through the Blog Train myself tomorrow, since I have already seen so many wonderful previews. It seems that the Blog Trains get bigger and better every month!