Free Commercial Use Graphics

If digital graphics are connected to your work in any way, shape, or form (even if it's just in your logo), then you know how difficult it can be to make sure you are abiding by the license the images belong to.

And if you're needing commercial-use graphics on a regular basis, it can become quite the ordeal to get quality graphics consistently, for an affordable price.

At we deal with both of these issues.

commercial use png bird brad
commercial use image frog frame

We intentionally crafted a commercial-use license that would be as open and generous as we could possibly make it. We didn't want designers and artists (you!) to feel like they needed to consistently be double-checking an endlessly long terms of use document.

We want you to be able to work without anxiety about copyright.

On top of that, we have a collection of over 223,000 individual graphics and more than 11,000 kits that grows every single day. They're high quality, premium graphics by professional designers and they're available to you for an affordable flat-rate in an incredible subscription package (and if you don't need very many graphics, all you need is to register for a free account and you get 5 free commercial use graphic downloads a day).

Our site has these graphics organized with a multi-faceted search to make it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for, in the shortest amount of time possible. We value our time and we know you value yours, so it's important to us to give you as much time as possible to do what you love and what you need to do, and our search help makes that happen.

Pretty much all the graphics on the site are available for commercial use (except the community designs in the commons). But we'd like to highlight some of the special file formats we have available that graphic designers and other digital artists needing commercial use might be looking for (and to give a little insight into these file formats, for those newer to working with graphics).

PNG Files

Png stands for Portable Network Graphic. Originally this file format was created to replace gif or Graphics Interchange Format. It's also probably the most commonly used raster image (or at least uncompressed raster image) format on the web.

It has the ability to do transparent backgrounds and 24-bit RBG color palettes (which means it supports over 16 million colors). It's a great option for digital art, because it has some good versatility.

It runs a little large, as far as file types go, but it does have the ability to compress without losing quality, unlike jpgs.

png image butterfly
chipboard heart tag png commercial use
paper flower gray template
photo mask template swirls image

PSD Files

Psd stands for Photoshop Document. It is the default file format that Photoshop uses. As such, it both has a lot of advantages and some disadvantages. The disadvantages mostly being that being owned by Photoshop, most other software either cannot open psd files or will lose some of the complexities if they can.

However, as the industry standard for people doing graphics work, Photoshop will be available to most people who have the need of this versatile format. The layer system that Photoshop works within means you can easily alter and adjust a complex graphic.

There's a lot more going for psd files. They can hold up to 30,000 pixels, in both height and width, and can be up to 2 gigabytes in size. They can contain layers, transparency, filters, and even multiple images.

tree template and illustration psd
layered template with hearts for commercial use
layered page template colors teal and lavender and brown
autumn photo mask frame with leaves

There's a whole lot psd can do. But as you can probably gather, they're not a format you tend to keep images in, as the average person will not be able to use it at all. So most professionals will tend to work in psd, and once they're done convert the file to a more widely used file type for accessibility reasons.

You can learn all about photoshop resources on our site, or if you're already in the know, go straight to the good stuff.

Vector Files

stars pattern on digital paper
black typewriter template vector
vector image doily template
stamp with various writing

Most people are familiar with what are called raster images. Raster includes file formats like jpg, png, psd, and others. They're made up of a grid of pixels, which is why when you blow up a raster image, it often becomes pixelated and no longer beautiful to look at.

Vector images are intrinsically different. Rather than being built on a grid of pixels, they're built on lines. Essentially many different coordinates of points.

Because of how they're built, vector files are infinitely scalable, which makes them very useful for certain tasks and situations. Business logos, for instance, are often vector files, because you may want them quite small (like on a business card) one day, and then on a billboard and huge the next. The same vector file can be used for both of those because of its scalability.

Common vector image formats are svg, eps, ai, and pdf.

SVG Files

child in rain with umbrella stamp
celebrate word art vector image

Svgs, or Scalable Vector Graphics, are vector files that are based in XML. XML is a markup language that is readable by both machines and humans, and is becoming more and more used around the web. Being based in XML basically means that the format relies on text to describe its colors, its lines, its curves, etc.

Svgs are growing in popularity because they can remain crisp and sharp regardless of how they're resized. You'll find them in logos, icons, animations, and more. And most image editors can open them and work with them, and even most browsers can open svgs no problem. So they're versatile and powerful, which is why we also like to have them here at

EPS Files

An eps file, or Encapsulated PostScript file, is another vector file format. It's a bit older, having been created by Adobe back in 1992 (svg came around in 1998). One of the neat things about eps is that it actually includes a low-resolution form of the image, so that if you do not have the capabilities of opening and reading the whole file you can still see the image. Though of course that's very much a fallback and not what any professional would be hoping for.

beatrix potter overlay with border
old watch element

Being a vector file, its advantages are similar to what you'd get with a svg or ai file - versatility in scalability, and high quality resolution.

Bonus for Mac users - you can actually open eps files without needing any special software. Something that is not true for Windows OS.


At we have a great collection of commercial-use textures to use in your design projects. Whether you're looking for that perfect wood background or a cardboard texture to add dimension to your project, we've got you covered.

Add a vintage look to your project with our JPG and PNG textures by adding a distressed look to your finished project. We even have a tutorial here which will show you three ways to add texture. And that's only the beginning. We have lots of beautiful paint textures which can add a dramatic effect without any mess on your part.