Help support a Public Benefit Company (aka Pixel Scrapper) is an experiment in generous creativity and living out of a spirit of abundance:

  • We are a Public Benefit Company: we believe in serving the greater good, and putting benefits to community and society ahead of profits.
  • Our primary mission is to serve the global digital scrapbooking community: read our Manifesto to learn more.
  • Almost everything here is available for free through our daily download credit system: we serve thousands of free downloads every single day.
  • Our paid subscriptions offer kit downloads at a fraction of the price of most sites.
  • Our licensing options are as freeing and generous as we can make them, especially our affordable commercial use license which is unique within our community.

But we can't sustain our vision for on our own: to maintain our free download credit system, inexpensive subscriptions, and generous licensing while supporting our designers, we need your help. If you appreciate and what we stand for, please consider supporting us this year with a small one-time donation or monthly pledge. Even $1 a month makes a difference!

100% of donated funds are put back into our community (or otherwise used to support our mission as a public benefit company).

Note: supporting through donations is entirely voluntary, and no member of our community should ever be made to feel like they have a lesser status because they do not have a Patron or Supporter badge. Different people support in different ways, and contribute to the site in different capacities, and all of that together is what allows to be what it is. Monetary support is vital and appreciated, but it is not the only way people contribute!

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Why does need donations? Don't you get income from paid subscriptions?
Yes, most of our income at comes from paid subscriptions, and those subscriptions are the primary way that we support our community and our designers (thanks so much to all of our subscribers and Patrons!). But part of the reason we can maintain low subscription prices and give away thousands of free download credits every day is thanks to the generosity of members who believe in our mission as a public benefit company and have donated to over the years.

I'm already a paying subscriber. Do you expect me to donate as well?
As mentioned above, donations are 100% voluntary. If you are a paying subscriber you are doing a lot to support already, and we certainly don't expect anything more from you—though if you would like to donate as well, we are very grateful.

Do monthly donations renew automatically?
Monthly donations renew for 12 months (1 year), and then automatically stop: you do not need to worry about them continuing indefinitely. You can also cancel monthly donations at any time through PayPal.

How long will I receive the benefits after donating?
The supporter badges, ad-free browsing, and other benefits continue for as long as you are an active donator. Active donator status lasts for as long as your monthly donations continue, or for 12 months after a one-time donation.

Are donation payments secure?
Yes. Our donation payments are handled by PayPal, an industry leaders in secure payment processing, and PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant (the highest security level possible). Your payment information is never stored on our server.