How to share layouts in the forums

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How to share layouts in the forums

Right click on the image of your layout and choose "copy image URL."

Paste this link into the image button on your forum post.

Don't forget to adjust the width and height so that it's not too big for the forum. Anything under 700px will fit.

Don't forget to add the link too! In order to do this, while on your layout page highlight the link to your layout page at the top:

Back in your new forum comment highlight the image info you just inserted and click on the link button:

Click on the insert/edit link button and in the url box paste the link to your page and click OK:

Now your layout will show in the forum comment and be linked to your gallery page.

oohhhh so easy peasy!!! smiley thanks for the mini tut

Thanks for the tutorial.

can we upload our layut in the gallery ??? and how???? i don't see a download button

Mariscrap: They're still working on the gallery... It's still in the Beta stages, so I'm sure at some point they will start adding all of us. There is a post (I think in the support forum) that you could add your name to if you want to be in the beta run. They were asking for volunteers several days ago. smiley

Mariscrap: I'm sorry... it was actually in the site updates & announcements forum. Here is the direct link to the post I was talking about, so you don't have to look for it too hard. smiley
Hope that helps!

@Shawna- you are becoming my go to person for help smiley
I followed the directions to post in the Bedouin Nights challenge and my pic came up really that OK, know of an easy fix?

@Jodi: It doesn't look that tiny to me, but maybe you have already found your answer... You should have access to the gallery now, according to Marisa's post to you here. If you don't have access, please post here in the support forum so Jordan will see it quicker and fix yours.

I'm giving you links to the other two tutorials on things Marisa mentioned in the same post above that you would need to do to have your's included in the challenge competition. smiley

Here is a tutorial on How to Post Your Layout to the gallery, full step by step, pictures included tutorial.

Here is a tutorial on How to Tag Your Layout too... So everyone can see your submission to the challenge.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you need anything else.

oooohh...this is really helpful! and now i'll go back and fix my post!! ;D

Thanks so much for all your great tuts!! I just uploaded my first one, although it's too big (1200 pixels) so next time I'll try resizing first to about 900 or 1000. smiley

Thanks...or I would have no clue how to post... smiley

@Marisa: It won't let me edit a sticky post: smiley
but we might want to update this "How to upload images" to add this.

Right click on the image of your layout and choose "copy image URL."

Paste this link into the image button on your forum post.

Don't forget to paste the link too!

The end result will be, here's my layout:

eta to this tutorial:
One thing I realized in helping someone out with this recently is that there is some step info left out that might assist a little better. {Don't forget to paste the link too!} In order to do this, while on your layout page --

highlight the link to your layout page at the top:

come back to your post and highlight the image info you just inserted in Marisa's steps above:
click on the insert/edit link button:

in the url box paste the link to your page and click OK:

And this would be your final image "linked" directly to your gallery page. smiley

Thanks Shawna! I added it in.

@Marisa: Maybe add a tiny screendump with the image url and width/height adjustment? That still stumbs a lot of newbies.

Thanks, that's sounds easy enough.

Thanks for this ... great for those not used to being involved in forums already.

Oh, wow! That's amazingly simple. Thanks for showing us.

haha, may be amazingly simple, but it worked for my first upload but not my second.
I have two links in my forum post that show my layout when you click on them, but the pic of the layout refuses to come up. Seeing as I did it right the other day - I guess I am just holding my mouth wrong LOL!

So simple - thank for the tutorial! I can't wait to enter my very first challenge

Thanks, this looks a lot easier than I thought it would be! smiley

Oh thank you, just what I was looking for! I'll give it another go!

Thank you for sharing this info.

Thank you didn't have an idea how to do this. But was so easy.

While I think that this photo tutorial is great it seems to help some if this is worded out a bit more so here goes:

To start you will want to have two tabs or windows open in your browser – one of your layout in the gallery (this is the gallery page where you see one layout and the comments) and the other of the forum thread that you are responding to.

To post a photo to the forums you will want to right click on the photo in your gallery and select “Copy image URL.” Next you will go to the forum thread and just above the reply box there is an icon that looks like a photo – click on it and paste the image url from the previous step in the box and click ok (a note here: I don’t put anything in the width and height boxes when I am just sharing my challenge layouts, it isn’t necessary as the forums will automatically size it pretty well for you).

Now you will want to go back to the tab or window with your layout and copy the url from the address bar in your browser (the big line at the top). Finally you go back to the window or tab that you have the forum thread open in. Now you will want to decide how you want to link – if you want your photo to be clickable or if you want some text to be the link. To make the photo clickable you will highlight (it will already be highlighted if the last think you did on the page was click ok) the text that it put in when you clicked the image icon then you will click on the insert/edit link icon (it is just to the right of the add image icon or the 2nd one from the left) paste the web address in the URL blank and click ok. If you want it to be text that is clickable like “in the gallery here” or something along those lines then you will want to type whatever you would like to say either above or below the text that was put in when you added the image and then highlight it and click insert/edit link icon paste the web address in the URL blank and click ok. Then you should be able to post your reply and it should have the image of your layout and a link to your layout in the forums.


Thanks for the information.

thank you for this easy information. i will do it smiley

i like it!

hi, hope this is the right place to place my question smiley
the pages in my gallery are 1000x1000, and when posting them in forum i type in 600 or 700 pix (in those little boxes at "insert picture"), but i don't think this actually resizes the page. other pics on forum are nice and small, only mine is huge, and pixelized. what am i doing wrong?! i kinda feel uncomfortable hogging so much space over there smiley

@Paddy: You should write 600 or 700 both in width and height otherwise it does not resize your pic. For example is should look like this [ img = 600 x 600 ]your image url [ / img ]
Not look like this ---> [ img = 600 ]your image url [ / img ]
Hope that helps.

hmm, not really- i did write 600*600 (or 700*700- i thought this size might help) in both of those boxes... still, the pic is too large. i'll pay more attention during my next post, just in case. thanks anyway smiley

When I post my layouts in challenge threads I NEVER put values in those boxes.