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Favorite Design Trends

What's everyone's favorite trend nowadays? I'm LOVING all the cool geometric patterns that are incorporated into layouts... I'm glad its not just circles and squares anymore! smiley

Right now i really love the paperlaceflower thingy smiley That seems to be a trend smiley And i love the chevrontrend smiley

But i do get what you mean with the layouts smiley But it has never been so straight and squares in Sweden as in USA, what i have seen smiley It loos to be a popular trend there even in cards etc smiley Here in sweden it's most shabby chic and vintage right now... And as many decoration and bling as possible smiley

I like keeping track of trends. In fact I have different pinterest boards for them. I really love the woodgrain trend and other realistic textures as paper background. I'm also a sucker for doilies (the word you're looking for I think Jessica). I haven't done much with geometry yet, but I've been thinking about it.

I really like light industrial meets clean modern. I like to use alot of paperclips, staples and other metal objects with solid color ribbons, patterned ribbons, accents and light textured papers. My fav colors right now are mild yellows, oranges, grays and blues.

I like the grunge look - torn papers, rough edges, and splatters ... I like templates a lot - ones where I can add a lot of photos!

I'm still addicted to chevrons, can't get enough of those patterns lol smiley
I also love all of the handmade paper flowers as well.

Yeah handmade paperflowers is to die for almost smiley When i was i paper scrapbooker i was inlove with Prima flowers.. So Prima looking flowers is and always will be close to my heart smiley

Marisa i love the doilies too but not what i was going for smiley
More like the white and lightpurple in this pic: Flowers
or like this smiley Flower
wow those i LOVE: Amazing looking flowers

I love those flowers too Jessica!

I love steampunk, grunge, shabby. Not crazy about cutesy, or plastic looking. More into realistic. I like to extract my own flowers, leaves and ribbons. Also old hardware, ephemera, etc.

yesss!!! I'm a sucker for woodgrain too!! I really like the "shabby chic" style of things so I get super excited when I see some old barnwood/chipped paint papers. I'm really liking this sprayed mists that you see too... it looks like you have a stencil and then spray painted over it. i have no idea how designers create it digitally but I love it.

I don't have the resources to paper scrap (expensive, no "real" craft stores here on island, and an "undo" button, lol) but I love the look of it... so anything digital that looks like it was lifted from paper is always a favorite.

Currently, I am enjoying woodgrain and hexagons trends. I am always a fan of steampunk and I am glad its trending on scrapbooking too smiley

Because I scrap a lot with pictures of my girls, I love girly elements and papers.

@Jaclyn: That misting technique really isn't very hard, you just need to have the right brushes. There's a good free sample pack here and while I don't think the tutorial specifically covers misting, it's still interesting.

I think I love the grunge look and wood textures!! But I also love real paper flowers, I like the doodle flowers (or doodles in general) but I don't know how to use them properly!!

Grunge is a definite fave although I think it has been hot for over a year now. With Seniors I think it will stick around a while. BOLD bright colors that pop are always awesome

I absolutely love the wood grain trend...a lot of photographers are using it as backdrops in their photos as well as photo cards and I love it! I also really like the strong geometric chevron type which definitely seems to be a trend here in the states...anything chevron.

I love the more masculine patterns which are popular right now, like chevrons, for example.

I used to not like doilies, but now I can't get enough of them!

I like things like paper hearts (partially folded?), paper snowflakes, origami pieces - that sort of thing... Haven't seen much in that area though.

@Rainingroses: I used to not like the woodgrain papers, but now I'm a little obsessed. It's weird how stuff like that can grow on you.

@Lizanne: I love doing origami. Maybe I'll make some things.

I must be behind times...I am stuck on stripes and chevron still. lol

@Marisa, I am addicted to origami so that would be awesome to see. My now husband won me over on our first date with some origami flowers he made for me. They are still out today in our bedroom. As a result of such a great thing he did, we made over 1000 cranes for our wedding reception and hung them from the ceiling at different lengths and in clusters. They were all different sizes and were white, silver and transparent (vellum). I couldn't bring myself to throw them all away and hope to one day make a baby mobile out of them for the nursery if we ever have a nursery smiley

I like a shabby chic look too. The more worn out and battered a layout looks the more pleasure I seem to get out of it! I also like mixing up different text styles on a single page. Seems to go against convention, but adds an element of uniqueness every time.

@ShondaDee: Ever since I learned to fold a paper crane in fourth grade after reading "Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes" I've been hooked. What a beautiful idea for wedding decorations!

@ShondaDee - I love the idea of using the cranes for a nursery mobile...very creative. I never really got the hang of the paper crane.

i love the folded looks of paper, but haven't seen origami in digiland yet!! that would be awesome! Share a link if you find one!!!

When my oldest was young we made a few origami animals for his grade school art project. Had never done it before - found some instructions online & we did it. He really enjoyed it & afterward I kept them as mementos. It was a lot of fun.

Jessica, love the flowers.

oh, I love the newsprint elements- I'm a glitter and flower freak- but this new trend of the smash journal is awesome and I have seen lots of designers making digital versions........

I never really figured out what a Smash journal was. I must have been elsewhere when they came out, and now people just know what they are and don't make "this is a Smash book" posts anymore.

OK sooooo am I the only one who hates chevrons??? LoL

I am more of the shabby chic, vintage, old world, grunge, etc that so many of you like though.
btw: i looooove the smash journals, i've even made a couple of my own (with the zutter book binder & vintage papers, envelopes, etc) aside from the ones (ok I confess, SEVERAL) i bought at the store.

oh yea... and i am sooooo a prima flowers kind of girl... especially the script & worn looking ones!

@Marisa: maybe you could make us a tutorial on this??? i love mist in my traditional scrapping... it's an all time fav! smiley

I've compiled what I know about misting here