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I also like the shabby chic, grunge, vintage style. Splatters and watercolor brushes is also a thing that i use very often. But most of the time it depends on what kind of picture i use.

I like the new trend of "clustering", i.e., grouping all the elements in a corner of your photo, etc. I also like mixing papers that are of the same color hue, but different patters, i.e., dots, strips, checks, etc.

@Sunny I forgot about the clustering. I love that! Some people are very good at that kind of clustering.

I love the realistic clustering - I rarely if ever do my layouts like that, but I'm loving seeing layouts that feature that. Chevrons are something fun I'm doing more of... also really like shabby-chic, but I don't see a lot of that... mostly grunge is what I see everywhere. When I do grunge, its more grunge-lite.

I too love the clustering but have no where near enough experience to make it look realistic, so I don't try it myself, either. It would be a really cool tutorial or maybe online chat type class. Maybe someone could do that and teach those of us whom would love to try it but have no idea where to even start. smiley

I just made a little compilation of some clustering tutorials I had found. Check it out here.

For my heritage layouts, I absolutely love antique looking papers and embellishments. Handwriting from the past was so elegant - I love to include bits of it in my papers layouts. And of course, there are occasions when I love the "Shabby Chic" look of english roses and old-fashioned lace doilies. Along the same thoughts as favorite design trends, I was wondering what the community thought about the standard number of items should be in a normal kit, i.e., number of papers (A dozen?), number of embellishments, etc. What do you expect, when you buy a standard size kit?

@Shawna, I'm not crazy about chevrons either, except in small doses in a composition because I find them to be visually noisy- they can sometimes "vibrate" depending on the size and colors used. I tend to like pages that are simple and clean, fewer rather than more pics, vibrant and symmetrical or at least with an informal balance but at the same time has an unexpected element. I don't do much with the clusters or seldom use the buttons or flowers that come in a kit. I love damask, jaquard, paisley papers and classic patterns, and text elements, a poem or meaningful verse. I think it's good to be aware of or inspired by trends but at the same time to be true to your own style.

i really enjoy the grunge look as i often use my designs (papers) to make lettering, borders and banners for middle/high school bulletin boards. i feel bad for the students when the walls around them look 'baby-ish' and try to make stuff more to their tastes w music, sports, tv shows, cars, movies, etc. i realize this is a little unusual in the scrapping world, but it's fun to push my creative abilities.

I was wondering what the community thought about the standard number of items should be in a normal kit, i.e., number of papers (A dozen?), number of embellishments, etc. What do you expect, when you buy a standard size kit?

@Sunny: I've moved your question to a new thread. Answer her question here.

I really like small patterns. I like how they look behind photos. I will always love polka dots!

And as for smash books, I have sold some on my etsy site. They are popular with the younger generation, and are generally taller and narrower than a traditional "scrapbook". I fill mine with all sorts of paper. The thing about smash books is that they don't have to match...use whatever weird stuff you want in it. I still like to make themed books, and find they sell well. I haven't made any for a long time though!

@Marisa: Thanks so much!!!

@Tina: you put exactly into words what I could never say: "because I find them to be visually noisy" LoL
and ironically I feel the same way about paisleys. Even in my clothing, hubby is always saying oh honey this is a really cute blouse. I turn around in the store to see what he's discovered and it's paisley... LoL and I'm like, uhhmmm NO... hee, hee
Bless his heart for shopping with me though, I do appreciate that as I know a lot of hubby's won't shop at all. smiley

@Shawna, I love paisley and I think it is because when I was a little girl my mom had an aqua and teal (Carribbean sea colors) paisley dress and she looked so pretty in it. She didn't dress up often but when she did, she would wear that dress. It's funny what sort of inconsequential events in life shape our design sensibilities!

@Tina: What a sweet memory of your mother that can carry with you all through life. Those events along with our five senses can bring any of them back so real (like it just happened) at later times in our lives.
Ex: My dh and I were shopping in the mall one day and he smelled a familiar perfume... He started telling me all about his kindergarten teacher (it was her perfume he smelled) and the first little girl he liked with piggy-tails & freckles, right down to the water fountain she kissed him on the check at... smiley All of that from just a whiff of the smell of that perfume brought back vivid memories for him he had not thought about to even share with me over 14 years of being together. smiley It was such a sweet innocent memory to hear from his childhood. Kind of like when kids smell fresh hot chocolate chip cookies being made, it reminds them of grandmas house. smiley

Right now I am working on vintage look, since I am working with old pictures.

I thought I knew what I would answer, but then as I scrolled through this, I thought, "Oh, yeah, that too! And that! and..." smiley

What first came to my mind was doilies & lace, which is pretty ironic because I HATE doilies in real-life decor. It just kind of depends on what overall look I'm going for, but I generally like damask, chevrons (though they are becoming a bit over-done), doodles, and shabby chic.

I am loving the metal accents combined with the wood grain and natural/rustic elements. I just downloaded a few of your metal circles and keys for a new project!

I prefer shabby chic, vintage and floral.

When I got into digital scrapbooking back in 2005, 3D realistic was in vogue, which I still love today.

But I'm more interested in many things and I'm learning other styles here. But as someone said here, you should still find your own style.

smiley Steampunk and "male" scraps (car, craft, old machines, industry) because of the shiny metal and nice design.

smiley Minimalistic style

smiley Feminine scraps with lots of flowers and lace or jewellery.

smiley Gardenscraps

smiley Pet-Scraps, specially Cats

smiley Papers: Polkadots, natural textures, drawing/doodles, watercolor.

smiley Fonts

I'm more an expressionist type. But for me that or the photos are the most important thing that just needs to be underlined.

NOT Like:

smiley cluttered scraps with tiny photos and lots of big embellis