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Thank you for this information. I like the friendly way and rules.

Thank you for the information!

Read and understood ( either my english is so bad)

So glad I found this community! Read and understand the rules smiley

Thanks for the info!

Good to hear this, thank you Marisa.

Excellent product !!

read and understand!

Hello, I read and understood.
LG Micha

Thank you for the valuable information.

Thanks for having this forum. It is always great to know the guidelines and what is expected. I really appreciate all these comments too! I am new to the site and already I am loving it!

Read and Understood! I feel this forum will be so beneficial to me! I am so excited and can't wait to start learning new things from all of you.


completely reasonable guidelines. will do.

Thank you! This and the "Getting Started" thread were very helpful for knowing what to expect and for finding my way around as a newbie. smiley

Thanks for the info!

I have read and will do my best to follow all guidelines. smiley

Thank you for so much information all in one place! I am slowly but surely getting more comfortable here, and everyone is so friendly!

I really love that "Islands without bridges" comment. I have to agree it would make an awesome word art or theme. It could cover so many things. So many forums do not allow bridges and only allow use of their own kits. I have limited funds right now so I can only use what I have. Looking back at old old layouts I digi scrapped I really missed it. Thank you again for allowing bridges smiley

Ok...not sure I will do this right but I will give it a good old try

Agreed! The best sites are the ones that support community, positivity, sharing, caring & knowledge!

איך בדיוק עובד הפורום
כאן אני מעלה שאלות בעיצוב?
מה בדיוק??
תודה רבה על האתר

אה... ומה זה הנקודות שרשום - למעלה, נקודות קהילה?
איך מוסיפים אותם?
למה הם משמשים?
ואולי יש עוד דברים על הנקודות שאני לא יודעת??
תודה רבה!

@Apple Sugar: Please see our help page for more details.

loving this awesome page I found smiley thanks for having me being a part of this smiley

Read & understood!

got it!

My memory is a bit cluttered so I hope I understand all of the guidelines and rules correctly. I love the "island without bridges" analogy as well. I too prefer written tutorials with graphics. Video tuts tend to "chat too much" and I forget where I was at or it goes to fast because I'm too slow. On the other hand video tuts are better than no tutorials at all. So I'm thankful for any help I can receive. Thank you to all who offer freebies, tutorials and CU and PU items, etc for us to use. smiley

Read and understood. Just gotta say, I'm loving this site.

I've read the rules and understand. Thank you for keeping it simple.

Read and Understood thankyou xxxooo