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Read and understood smiley

Read and understood! Thank you for the opportunity to experience such greatness here at PixelScrapper...It is really awesome what you have created here!

the other two ladies typed read and understood? for what? All i see under any forum no matter subject or tutorials is answers often yrs old. what am i doing wrong?

Tamra, some posts are indeed years old... but there are a lot of new ones!

If you want to know what the thread is all about.. click on the button '<< first' to go to the first page to read the original post!

Look under the last post of this page (or any page) on the right and you will find it.

This is an awesome site! I love the "island with no bridges" statement as well, many sites will NOT let any outside links be posted as they want their material alone to be the focus, however, I find that very limiting! This site has simple rules and wonderful elements, papers, etc. I absolutely LOVE everything about it!

Thanks Heather!

thank tou patricia that help alot bunches smiley

I have read and understand!

I love the "island without bridges," too! What a vast difference from so many other things out there. Looking forward to interacting more. smiley

Read and understood smiley

I have read and understand. Great site.

I have read and agree. Thanks

Thanks for the info. I agree.
I think the links to keep learning are great! It is my way of progressing little by little.
Thanks a lot.

I love the site policy regarding "an island without bridges"...thats wonderful!

Read and agree!

Oh same here! How many ways can you say something before finally getting to the point? LOL

I love that this is a sharing community. I started scrapbooking as a social hobby and love that you promote that here as well. I also love the island and bridges statement; as sometimes living out in the country some distance from my old friends, feels like I'm on and "island" alone.