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Thanks for stopping by everyone. It's so fun to meet you all and I look forward to seeing your around the site!

hi! I'm Alexis De Guzman, u can call me alex for short! I'm a proud Filipina therfore im from the asia's most beautiful country Philippines! smiley im 23y/o married, a certified Nurse and full time mom to my son.. I love surfing the net specially during my vacant time looking for some scrapbooking ideas and yeah i found this site. Thank u so much marisa for the wonderful website u shared to us you are fantastic!

Hi I'm a 41 year old mother of 2 girls and a granny of a beautiful 16 month old girl Fleur.
I'm maried to my soulmate for 6 years now,and we have a dog called Vidar.
I live in Holland in the beautiful historic city of Delft.
I design digital scrapbooking stuff for more than 4 years now and sell my stuffies at 1 store only.
Curently i'm bussy with a baby scrapbook of my lil granddaugther.
And I'm happy to be here to learn and be inspired by other scrapbookers.

See ya,

Hi! My name is Sharon-Dewi, I’m 25 years and I live in the Netherlands. I love to be creative with many different kinds of mediums, from the moment I was born. I love drawing, painting, sculpturing, cross stitching, sewing and much more. Photography is another passion of mine and I take this with me when I explore the richness of culture the world has to offer. Because I love to travel and made many photos along my journeys, I looked for a creative way to journal all the gained impressions and memories.

About ten years ago a started to fall in love with paper scrapping. I collected a lot of scrapbooking material and made quite a collection of pages. After a while a found myself having less and less time to spend on my hobbies and a few years ago I discovered the ease of use of digital scrapbooking. By making scrapbook pages on my computer, I could scrapbook whenever I had a spare moment, wherever I was. About three years ago I stumbled upon the amazing site Pixelscrapper while looking for inspiration and it has been my favorite website ever since. It became a routine to start the day by first looking at the new posts on this website. I used many of your assets and templates to create beautiful photo albums for myself and as presents for my family. So thank you for your generosity Marisa! I also love the way you and Jordan renewed this site!

I recently graduated from Delft University of Technology and I now started my own product design agency called Studio Gekko. I’m currently busy making the website for my company, so I know how much time and effort you and Jordan must have put into creating this website. Keep up the fabulous work you've been doing!

Hello. My name is Lonneke, in short Lonny and I'm a 33 years old mom from Holland. I found your site about 1,5 years ago. I've been photoshopping for a while but got really into it when my little boy was born about two years ago. Since then your site has helped me to make beautiful photobooks of his little life. Already they are a pleasure to look in but I also hope that one day my son will enjoy them too when he's old enough. Keep up the great work, it's all a real inspiration for me!

Hello, I am Connie. I have been coming here for about two years, I seems longer but only because I can hardly remember not knowing about this great place. At first I only grabbed a few things for my mixed media work. Back then I couldn't imaging digital scrapping...shucks I couldn't even get myself to do the paper kind because I am really a glue, paint, grunge kind of girl. But then I took a Photoshop class (and since have taken 3 more) and was hooked.

Now I am designing my own kits, albeit just for Blog Trains and freebies right now, and I am a creative team member for the Scraps-N-Pieces store, A Fish Design, and a guest CT for Keystone Scraps. I love ct-ing for the SNP store because I get to work with all the designers there. They have such varied interests that it has really expanded my view of scrapbooking, and the different styles.

I think I am totally hooked less than a year I have acquired over a terrabyte of kits and have made dozens of pages. I usually do at least 4-5 layouts a week, sometimes more. And in my CT duties I often have freebies on my blog for those kits as well as from my own kit creations.

You can grab coordinating freebie minikits right now from both my blog and from my Facebook page .

Hi! It's so fun to meet you all and to know who's been stopping by the site in the past!

Hi, evryone, I'm Mariscrap a french designer...seems to be a good place here!!!!!

My name is Saskia and I life in the Netherlands. I'm a proud mom of 2 children Max and Amy. and married for 11 years with Jeroen. I begon about 10 years ago with scrapbooking, and 1 year ago I discovered Digiscrap, and that was great, because I'll love to work with Photoshop also. And a few months ago I'll found Pixelscrapper, and I love it!

Hi Marisa,

I live in Northern New England, graduated from high school the year you were born (lol) & go by lizanne (short for Elizabeth Anne). I came across your site a couple years ago, after someone that I had gotten to know at an online forum posted one of her digiscrapped pages there. I had never heard of digiscrapping before, and I loved what she did with her family photos and wanted to give it a try myself. She suggested I try out PSP because it was a good product & very affordable (unlike Photoshop), so I went for it. Knowing I was a bit gun shy on investing too much into this new hobby (because of a previous experience with DAZ - suggested by another online friend - where I spent a ton of money on something I ended up disliking immensely), she suggested I download some digiscrapping freebies & give it a try. I am glad I did...

Before I came across your site, my only venturing into digiscrap land was to insert pictures into quickpages, mainly because I didn't know PSP too well & didn't have a lot of time to learn/play with it (as I was homeschooling my youngest & had my hands full with that). But now I'm proud to say I can actually use a template to digiscrap a page (something I am SO proud of). I still have a lot to learn about digiscrapping, and PSP in general, but your supplies have helped me immensely. Plus I love how your creations are not strictly (as my boys would put it) "girly girl" stuff - my boys hate all the flowers & lace and such, and it's THEM that I'm creating these pages for so I want to make them happy.

Anyhow, I want to thank you for your generosity. And I have loved reading all about your travels - it was something that I always wanted to do when I was younger, but probably won't be able to do now (due to physical ailments). I think it's just great that you're getting out there & exploring the world and seeing what it has to offer.

Hi - I am Brandi. I just recently moved from the Chicago, Illinois area to the Grand rapids, Michigan area. I am an attorney and am married with 2 little girls. Because we just moved and are still in corporate housing, I haven't had much time to scrapbook, but I am looking forward to getting back into it with the new site.

Hi Marisa,

I'd love to introduce myself to you and every one else on this wonderful site but I need to ask you first in regards to using your pattern designs. I am an illustrator and there's a special way i use patterns so i wanted to check with you first to see if what i do is alright with you since i use my work to sell cards on the internet. I couldn't find any other way to contact you regarding this matter so i apologize.

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I love that we seem to have people from everywhere!

@lizanne: I'm pleased that your boys don't find my stuff too girly! I'm something of a girly-girl myself (I used to do my physics homework on pink paper) so it's nice to know that I can break the mold sometimes!

@tinkpink: When you download anything under the "commercial use" license you are then free to use it for commercial purposes.

Hi Everyone! My name is Kandi! I'm from Canada and today we are celebrating Happy Thanksgiving Day! I'm thankful for!! I've been coming here for the last year and have learnt so much! Thank you for having me as a member!

Hi, I'm Darcie & I stumbled across your site a couple of days ago & have already learned so much. I have a couple of toddlers and I am finally ready to start digital scrapping. I also create collage type artwork...just starting out and have found your overlays and tutorials something I think to incorporate into my work int he future...Thanks!

Welcome! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone, My name is Katie and I hail from Minnesota and have been a photographer for 6 years. I shoot mostly Seniors and children and I feel blessed for every moment of it. Thank you Marisa for your time and talent and wonderful sense of community.

Hi! I just discovered the new version of your site today! I had no idea you had commercial use OK downloads. I'm soooooo excited! I never used your stuff in my small business work before but have always loved what you had for personal use, so am THRILLED to be able to download cuok items from your site and look forward to creating with them soon. Thank you so much!

I'm a WAHM, I teach piano and freelance digital design for small 'mommy businesses'. I stumbled upon digital design as a business when a friend of mine asked me to design a birthday invitation for her. She told me about Etsy and all the digital design opportunities online and I was hooked! I have a passion for creativity, but can't draw by hand worth a darn, so digital design gives me an outlet for my creativity without having to 'draw'. LOL! Thank you so much to you and your hubby for creating this for us. You are helping thousands of stay/work at home moms like myself be able to earn a little extra for the family and be able to stay home with them too. So very thankful for that!

Hi everyone! My name is Lana and I live in Kansas. I bought Photoshop Elements a few years ago but it was so complicated to me I never used it. My sister finally got me interested in it and digital scrapping about a year ago, so I am still a newbie at this. I stumbled on this site a couple of months ago and loved it instantly! I will be looking forward to joining the new community of scrappers around here!

Hi everybody! I'm Renee from Oklahoma. I'm 32 and really busy most of the time but I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you Marisa (and Jordan) for building and maintaining this site! KUDOS TO YOU! I've been visiting for a year at least... I use the uploads for mini digital scrapping, which is just like regular digital scrapping but on a smaller pixel scale, for my personal blog, and for homeschooling tasks: teacher topic presentations, student ppt's, and other digital reports. My daughter uses some of the resources here, too, for her blog and school stuff. I love the variety and super quality of everything here. Never was a real paper scrapper although my sister has a wall-to-wall collection of embellishment she just couldn't live without! Here's a shot of my most recent mini-scrapping... gotta love my kitty!

Hi. I´m Karen. I´m originally from Northern Ireland but grew up in Peru and now live here with my husband and my three month old baby girl. I was introduced to paper scrapbooking by a friend but found very little wordart in spanish for those pages related to my childhood in Peru. Then when I moved back to Peru and got married I discovered that scrapbooking materials were all but non-existent where I live. I started digital scrapbooking in Microsoft Powerpoint in order to add some journaling to my photo memories and while searching the internet for some embellishments I came across pixelscrapper. It´s been less than a year since my first attempts to create a digital scrapbook and thanks to your assets, templates, and tutorials I am now creating pretty decent layouts in Photoshop and have even dared to try and design some assets.

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! It's so fun to meet everyone.

Hi, I am Caryn. I am 34 years old (eish typing that out makes me feel really really old!) from sunny Durban in South Africa. I discovered a few months back and fell in love with it - so was super excited when I discovered the new website smiley I love being creative, I take photos of everything - never without a camera (much to the irritation of my family and friends...hee hee), I am a flip-flop, jeans and vest type of gal, very laid back who loves to be at the beach and nature - thankfully I live in a beautiful part of South Africa where I have the beach on my doorstep and the Drakensberg a hours or so drive away. I am fairly new to digital scapbooking so am still learning the ropes and what photoshop can do. I am wanting to do up photoalbums of my hundreds and thousands of photos I have taken over the years and am loving the all the assets, layouts and templates on here! So thank you for this most wonderful site smiley

My name is Regina and I'm 54years young. smiley I've been married for 34 years now. We have four boys (30, 28, 18, and 15) and we have four girls (25, 23, 22, and 20). We also have five grandsons and one granddaughter. I've been a stay-at-home mom for 29 years. I have taken a lot of pictures in that time and now I need to get them scanned so some of them can be scrapped. smiley

I found this amazing site about a year ago while "riding" on a blog train. I am still new at scrapping since I have an old computer that doesn't like me doing very much in Photoshop. My husband is slowly buying parts to build a new computer for me that won't bog down when I open Photoshop. smiley We should have all the parts by Christmas. smiley In the meantime, I am trying to learn as much as I can and bookmarking the pages so I can re-read them.

The re-design of your site is great!! and has been worth the wait! smiley

Hi, I'm Brooke and I live in Ohio. I'm a freelance graphic designer, photographer, digital scrapbook designer and store owner. I love being creative and designing family scrapbooks that are full of pictures of my wonderful husband and two fun-loving boys, Luke and Brady.

I used to do traditional scrapbooking with paper and adhesive, but moved to digital scrapbooking in 2008.

I stumbled upon and Marisa a few months ago - and have enjoyed watching her update this site. Great Job!

Hi everyone, I grew up in New York, but now live in Arizona. Have raised our 4 children and are now enjoying their kids.
I teach at our community college. Various CIS courses on Distant Ed. This allows my husband and I to travel and enjoy the many different sights in the US.
I found your old site about months ago. I do both paper and digital scrapbook. Most recently I put together a very large book that featured my family history to give to my aunt that helped with her side of the families history. She fell in love with it. She is now in her late 80's and is enjoying all of the old pictures I found, restored and put displayed. As well as all of the history, much of which she never knew.

my name ist Bettina, I live in Germany. I do scrapbooking for, I think a little more than four years now. I found your site by coincidence when I was looking for nice assetts for a calendar. I hadn't been back in a while and I am very impressed by the new development. Thank you for sharing all those pieces!


Heya! I'm Valerie from Seattle. I'm an all around crafter. I don't really scrapbook but I do use layouts and backgrounds for some of my projects! smiley I really like the ease of getting downloadable backgrounds so I can plan things online vs buying scrapbook paper at the store and wasting a ton of it getting it how I want.

So thanks for this great resource!

Hi from Argentina. I found this web a few weeks ago and for some reason i had never close it. I use lots of things but mostly I like it because it´s friendly. Don´t want to get corny but it´s a nice environment, congratulations!

Hi Marisa so nice to meet you and Jordan oh and the kitties smiley I have been lurking on your site for a couple of years so to see this forum is very exciting. Congratualtions hun on your new website love the concept and that your so generous in sharing your fabulous designs.

I'm a SAHM mum and at 42 its been quite a different life to my previous one which was so career focussed. I am absolutely loving being a mum and to stay at home has afforded me the time to focus on the things that are truly important like my family and of course my scrapping addiction, ha ha.

I am a CT at Sahlin Studio and Studio 68 design teams and was excited to see the link to your site on their forums so so cool...

I can't wait to share some of my projects using your bits and bobs.

Em xox