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Hi i´m Romy from Germany.
I am a beginner at digital scrapbooking but have experience in hybrid. I am so thankful that i can be a part of your community.
All of the work from every Designer here is so amazing and i get a little overwhelmed in going digital.
Thanks a lot that you are here with all the tips and tricks to show everyone what is possible in digital scrapbooking.

Bey Romy

I would love to show you my work here.

Hello, I'm Pastor Karen and been kicking around online since 2000. Had to find a new medium to replace painting and needle crafts so I chose PSP. We had to move to Oak Harbor, Washington in October of 2009, which also changed how our Ministry was going to carry on. We help mostly low income, domestic violence victims, Seniors and shut-ins, so I send out a Daily Devotional, and to keep my members busy a puzzle competition every day 7 days a week. It hasn't left much time for PSP since November 2015 when I had an emergency surgery and a heart attack in recovery. I've been in a wheelchair since then, and didn't post my daily devotional again till March of 2016.
Not one to be kept down so at a time I've tried to restore and start over again. I'm making progress, but to get here I've had to have several surgeries, all which have slowed my recovery, but I also don't give up. I'm hoping to learn to create scrap-kits, but we'll see how it goes, and what the Lord has in store. I love everything I've seen here, and all of your are so talented.

Thanks everyone for saying hello! We're so glad to have you here.

Hello, I'm Melissa from Michigan. I've been doing non-digital scrapbooking and also enjoy digital scrapbooking. I also am an artist and graphic designer. I paint portraits, landscapes, animals, flowers, and more. I have been a really busy mom and volunteer, and have physically slowed down due to orthopedic surgeries/challenges. I hope to spend more time on my artwork, including scrapbooking, and am glad I found this site!

Bonjour à tout le monde,
Je m'appelle Marie et je suis mariée et je suis une mamie de 63 ans. J'habite en France sur la côte Atlantique à Royan (Charente-Maritime). J'ai 3 grandes filles de 42 ans, 39 ans et 32 ans et j'ai 5 petits enfants. C'est une grande famille !!! Nous aimons beaucoup les voyages et nous avons un camping-car. Nous voyageons surtout en Europe mais pas en ce moment à cause du Covid. Et à mon retour de voyage j'aime mettre mes photos en valeur en faisant des scraps. Mon autre passion est la broderie, j'adore et je passe des heures à faire du point de croix. Voilà je crois que je vous ai dit l'essentiel. Je vous envoie mes amitiés depuis la France et je vous dis à très bientôt. Marie

Hello everyone,
My name is Marie and I am married and I am a 63 year old granny. I live in France on the Atlantic coast in Royan (Charente-Maritime). I have 3 big daughters of 42 years old, 39 years old and 32 years old and I have 5 small children. It's a big family !!! We love travel a lot and we have a motorhome. We travel mainly to Europe but not at the moment because of the Covid. And when I return from my trip I like to highlight my photos by making scraps. My other passion is embroidery, I love and spend hours doing cross stitch. Here I think I told you the essential. I send you my best regards from France and I tell you very soon. Marie

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi! My name is Valentina and I am 62 years old. I live in Ukraine. I have been fond of digital scrapbooking for more than 10 years. I saw this site recently and wanted to join the pixel scrapper community. I also love photography and travelling.

Welcome Valentina!