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Hello smiley
I am a retired transitional kindergarten teacher who has very recently discovered scrapbooking and fallen in love with the art. I have always been artistic. I have an art studio that is filled with every type of artistic expression you can imagine. I am also a writer (3 books under my belt). Journaling is an important part of my daily "to-do" list and scrapbooking has allowed me to become very creative with my daily journals (which I have been doing for over 40 years). For me it's like getting to create a new painting every day! I look forward to chatting with fellow members to learn how to improve my budding skills and sharing our artistic projects.
(I am used to clicking and pasting images - you can't do that here so if someone could assist me in how I can post pictures of my pages I'd be ever so grateful).

Merry Christmas from Tennessee!

Welcome Debbie! We look forward to seeing your creations. There are directions here for posting images.

Good Day Marisa,
Thanks for the response smiley
I tried to open an account with but the site never loads. I even did a Google search for the site with the same results. Is Flicker a good substitute? Do you have another recommendation? Thanks

I personally use (no account needed). It's pretty simple to figure out.

Imgur isn't very friendly with embedding their links on forum type websites.

EDIT: I see you found a solution.

Welcome to a fellow teacher, Debbie. Although I have retired. In your leisure time, if you have any, I hope you have fun here.

Hi Wendy!
Yes, compared to when I was working I have way too much time on my hands. I was one of those teachers that worked more off the clock as well as on it. I miss teaching very much. I miss my students. It has been a difficult transition. But I try not to think about it too much. Scrapbooking has helped me immensely.

I look forward to seeing your creations and talking online!

If you let it, all this can be very time consuming so you've ome to the right place.

Thanks for the advice...I'm afraid I have already discovered how addicting scrapbooking can be. There are so many cute kits to get. I'm afraid I start my days in my office with a cup of coffee and a notepad collecting kits and commenting on the threads.
The most time consuming thing so far is separating the kits and filing all the pieces into files for future use. THIS can consume my entire day!

Thank you for the advice, anyway. I chose It seems easy to use, however, I did notice that they put a limit on the number of photos you can store there before they start charging you. Ugh!

Hi, I am so happy to be here. I started traditional scrapbooking when my daughter was born, 23 years ago. I just recently mustered up the courage to try digital scrapbooking and oh boy am I hooked.I digital scrapbook with an iPad Pro, Apple pencils and the drawing app Procreate as I’m still learning Photoshop. Thank you for this amazing site and community.

Hello everybody! I'm glad to join here smiley

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello.

My name is Elizabeth and I have just found digital scrapbook. I have been paper crafting my entire life but only just realized it when I recently found junk Journaling and became so passionate about binding books and creating journals. I have a small business where I make portraits of people's dogs out of sheep's wool and when I am not doing that or chasing after my 3 yr old daughter, I love to paper craft. Thank you for having me, looking forward to learning from you all!

I’m Melissa. I’m the oddball around here because I use graphics for digital planning rather than more traditional scrapbooking. Even though I’ve been a member here for around 2 years I’ve never shared anything. For starters the few things I’ve designed are digital planner specific and in Procreate. Mostly I haven’t shared anything because my finished products aren’t beautiful. Last night I started thinking that although my planner pages aren’t inspiration material maybe designers would like to see some different ways people use their elements and papers.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello.

@Melissa: I've been casually interested in digital planning, but this year I'm "planning" to get really into it smiley I'd love to see some planner inspiration in the gallery! I'll have to get my own act together and start sharing some.

I'm eDee.
I have a website about nothing: I'm using the commercial license to build stuff that I giveaway on my site and link back here. I'm taking inspiration for all the amazing projects I see here.
You guys are amazing.

Hello, I'm Willemien and I come from the Netherlands. I live in the beautyful Friesland. 42 years old, mom of 3, wife and teacher of toddlers.
16 years ago I discovered the creative world. In the past 16 years i did scrapbook, cardmaking, color with Copic, art journals, travelers notebook and daily journals. 2 years ago I discovered the digital world and now I make digital art journals and I love it!! Thanks tot the designs of smiley
With a friend I have a webshop with my own designed Friesian stamps, stencils, stickers and tape. This is for the hybride projects. I make verything in Affinity and Procreate. So do you have questions? Who knows I can help.

Hi! My name is Connie & I have been scrapbooking since I was a little girl. I used the pictures from magazines & books to start with. I begged my parents for a camera when I was little & used that until I started babysitting & earned money. My first purchase was a camera & have had many since. I printed all my pictures through 2011. I started digital scrapbooking when the Project Life app came out in 2014. I am still trying to get all my printed pictures in scrapbooks but am really enjoying the ease of digital. I have learned the Go Daddy Studio app to make journal cards for PL app scrapping & have created a few other layouts. I am now 65 & retired & like to dabble all day. Digital has allowed me to grow my digital collection & create some beautiful cards & layouts. Thank you for all your hard work Marisa, Jordan & the designers for making this site so wonderful!

Thanks everyone for leaving such lovely notes! It's always nice to see new faces.

Hi everyone,

I’m Dallas, I live in New Zealand. I love creativity, mainly made of pastel and vibrant colours. Makes me happy inside and out.

Photography, baking and cooking are also high on my favourite list. I look forward to all the many designs and connections on the site.

Many blessings,

Welcome Dallas! Your preferred colors sound like mine smiley

Hello all! My name is Camden. I’m really loving scrapbooking so I’m excited to see all the designs available. My favorite color palettes are neutrals and dark tones, I love greys and blues the most. And also cheers to the new year!

Hi Everyone! Myssah Lee here smiley I'm an artist, artisan and craftsman currently residing in Southern Wisconsin.
I found this wonderful site while searching for printable papers and have been in love ever since. Although I don't do a lot of digital (or any other ) scrapbooking, I find Digital Scrapbook so incredibly inspiring to so many other forms of art, I can hardly stay away. LOL!!

I hope each and every one of you are having the most awesome day/evening ever!!

Take care now,

Thanks for saying hello! smiley