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Hi everyone,

I'm Carole and I'm from Belgium.
You may know me as Cocotounette in the scrapworld, even if I stopped digital scrap 5 years ago ... Today I wanted to make a page again and so I came to the forum for inspiration !

My 3 kids have grown up ... They are now teenagers smiley I have 3 cats and 2 fishes.
I may or may not come here regularly lol

Thanks for reading me and have a nice day smiley

Hallo I'm from the Netherlands. After 15 years a make lay-outs en the last two years i make them digital. I'm inspireded by Albelli photoclub.
I like this site, Thanks you so match

Hi I’m Kim, an Artist, crazy cat person, and late night crafter smiley

I love anything colourful, quirky and collaged. I have a keen interest in pattern design and I studied art & design at college, then BA Hons. Illustration at university. I’ve been drawing since as long as I can remember…

I’m a bit astrology obsessed, and love the natural world, space, science and natural phenomenon. I love alternative music and play drums in my spare time. I live with anxiety and depression, so art, colour and creativity help me to escape. I love creating scrapbook pages, collages, mixed media art and paintings - recently I started using Procreate (iPad) to put artwork together in addition to using Photoshop and Canva.

So nice to see everyone’s creativity here .x.x.x.

Thanks everyone for saying hello! So fun to have all these new faces.

I don't feel like a Real Scrapper yet, but along the way my photo books are changing to more and more elaborated and I love it!

Its great to meet a lot of like wise crazy people here smiley

Welcome! I love hearing about others that into all different art forms!
I am also a teacher - Primary. Currently teaching Grade 2 (We are only 2 days into our school year here in Australia!)
Hope you have fun on this site!

Hi, I'm Dee. I live in the Denver, Colorado area. I'm married with 6 grown kids. I'm not a scrapbooker, digital or otherwise, but I have recently begun making the projections for lyrics for worship at church. The abstract paper designs make perfect backgrounds! I also use some design elements in the children's ministry crafts I design. I also enjoy beading & photography.

Thanks for saying hello!

@Dee: Love the way you're using the graphics smiley

I am Jackie. I live in Middle/Central Georgia, USA. I am an avid crafter, from paper art to fiber arts as well as woodworking. I just love to be creative - that is my stress reliever. I have just become a more avid digital scrapper. I have played around with it off and on over the years. I am even more incentivized to do digital, I have a goal of sailing the world in a few years - just have to finish remodeling our boat. Paper scrapping takes up a TON of room.

Hello everyone! My name is Jamie. I am a semi-retired mother of three grown children. I work part time as a data analyst for a third party health insurance company. I live in Edmond, OK with my husband and our two fur-kids, Max (a 92lb 10mos old German Shepherd), and Kacie (a 5lb 7yr old Yorkshire Terrier).

I began digital scrapbooking years ago while my children were young and taking out all my paper scraping materials was just too bothersome. I fell in love with it and did it for years, and then life just got busier and busier and I let the time I spent doing it go for other things like volunteering in my children's schools and Habitat for Humanity.

Now...I'm back, and so excited to be part of a community again to learn even more and to share the hobby with again. Dusting off my old skills and ready to get started digi-scraping again. I've got years of organized photos to work on!

I am from Australia, but my hubby and I lived for just over 2 years in Colorado. We lived in Evergreen, but spent a lot of time in Denver and Boulder, too x We miss Colorado!

Hallo Everyone. I am from Holland. I am making fotobooks of daily life. House, kids, pets, holidays, etc. I didn't know this website, but I am so happy I found it smiley. My English is not very good. So I will look more to the pictures smiley.
Greatings annet cat.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello smiley

Hello All,

I have been using this website for a few weeks now and absolutely love it! I used to scrapbook regularly the old fashion way but keeping track of everything and finding space for all the supplies got out of hand. I have two girls and to many pets running around. I live in michigan and have been married for 6 years. Digital scrapbooking has renewed my passion and also allows me to keep everything organized on my computer. My OCD is finally at peace! HAHA I just want to thank you for this platform and all the content. The kits are amazing and the membership price is beyond reasonable for all the amazing stuff you get access to!

Goede morgen, Ik ben Joke en woon in Nederland/Westland. Sinds 2011 ben ik lid van FB en daar vond ik de Albelli Club Tips en Tricks voor het maken van fotoalbums. Via die club kwam ik in contact met Pixelscrapper en maak ik steeds creatievere albums.

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello.

I'm not new to digital scrapbooking, but I haven't done it in a long time, and have replaced a couple of computers in the interim, and lost all my digital supplies. I was looking for new ones when I came across this site. I hope this community will help keep me motivated to record my life. I'm still not used to whipping out my phone to capture a moment (why yes, I am old, how could you tell? smiley )

Hi, I am from BC Canada originally. We live in WA now. I am trying to learn PS so I can create patterns.

Hello everyone, My name is Dawn. I'm a bit of a photo nut, and I love all things crafty. I am new to digital scrapbooking, but I can already tell that I am hooked. I have tons of physical photos, most of which are in photo boxes. I also have thousands of digital photos from last 10 years or so that I am in process of organizing. I can't wait to get started with bringing some more life to these photos.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Tamara and i'm from the Netherlands.
I'm reather new to digital scrapbooking but i'm exited to make my first digital scrapbook album.

Welcome everyone!

@Leslie: Most of the patterns I create in Illustrator, it's much easier!

Thanks for the tip.

I am from the netherlands and I love the things that I see here smiley

Hi everyone! My name is Gipsy and I am from South Africa smiley I am a mom to a 14 year old boy and a 7 month old baby girl smiley I have a printable store and a store where I sell commercial use printable that people can resell.
I stumbled upon this site many months ago and never had the time to browse, but now that I was re-introduced to it after a course I took I am in love!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello.

Hello everyone. I am Vivian and finally have some free time to scrapbook again. Thanks for all of the layout ideas on this site. In January I was finally able to finish my youngest son's baby book. It took me 14 years to start and finish it, but I was able to do it.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hi.

@Vivian: That's dedication!!

I love reading everyone's intros and seeing just how diverse this community is, with scrappers chiming in from every corner of the world! I am Sharon, my husband and I live in Michigan, and I have been scrapbooking for a very long time. We have 9 kids, so as soon as I discovered the convenience and neatness of digital scrapbooking, my paper supplies started to gather dust. Even so, I more or less dropped all scrapbooking for about 5-6 years because I just didn't have time. However, thanks to a little thing like a worldwide pandemic, I suddenly discovered I had plenty of time and so I jumped back in! I love to do challenges at various sites, especially ones that push me to try a new style or learn a new technique. My pages are normally about my family and our day-to-day activities.

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello.