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Hello! Anna from Ohio, here. I am a retired attorney, and my husband and I now homeschool our almost teenage son. I started paper crafting in 2007, mostly making cards. But about 4 years ago I started making mini-albums and do a fair number of hybrid albums. I also love to print digitals for my various crafts. I've been lurking here for a few months, but I've definitely been enjoying browsing and learning new tips!

My husband homeschooled our son from 6th-12th grade and is still homeschooling our daughter who will start 9th grade this year. Welcome!!!

Have fun, inspiration and much success.

So many new faces! Thanks everyone for saying hello smiley

My name is Lois from Missouri, USA! I am a traditional scrapbooker with some digital thrown in. But I also do a lot of other papercrafts and journal making that I use digitals for. I have been excited to poke around and learn your lingo. I don't understand "good Life" or compliation series, but in due time I will understand what's what. I enjoy seeing all the creativity here!

@Lowie: Welcome! The Good Life is just the large bundle that I release every month. Other designers often also contribute and the palette is usually the same as the monthly blog train, which has contributors from the community, all levels of designers.

smiley thank you for the description!

Hi Everyone!
I am Rochelle, a 60-something, happily single, a beginner digital scrapbooker, designer (Photoshop mainly), entrepreneur (always looking for creative ways to supplement my income), cat rescuer (on my 8th cat in my lifetime), a retired home caregiver (of 40 beloved years of service to disabled/seniors), and very excited to have found this site!
Looking forward to learning about digital scrapbooking. In my youth, I did a lot of hardcopy scrapbooking.
OH! Before I forget, I have a Zazzle store Miller Creations where you'll find many of my designs and images.
I want to learn more about selling my 'soon-to-be' digital scrapbooking kits on Etsy. Yes, I've seen the YouTube videos.

Talk to you all soon!

Welcome Rochelle! Looking forward to seeing what you make smiley

Thank you! I'm looking forward to see what I create too! smiley lol

Hi -I'm Eva (ScrapFia) and I'm from Sweden smiley
I have been scrapbooking for at least 40 yrs..and recently (for about 4 yrs ago) I found Project Life and suddenly EVERYTHING fell into place smiley
I love to create my own "kits" (mostly cards but even elements a.s.o) and when I DO I love to have such a wonderful resource as this forum to dig in to and to help me in my creativity!
My love for scrapbooking have grow even bigger since I found this site!

Hello all, I'm Julie. I live in Wyoming in the U.S. I absolutely love it here. I am learning how to create my own scrap kits and create my own elements. And it is SO fun and exciting!! I've always been fascinated by the digital scrap kits. Most of my digital art experience is with "pixel painting tubes". I have really become addicted to the scrapbook style lately though. It's so fun learning new things. Thanks for being here and providing this relaxing resource smiley

Hi everyone! I'm Connie. I've been digital scrapbooking for years and love Blog Trains.

It's so nice to see the different styles people use to create their scrapbooks. You are all so talented!

I'm also a designer (my store link is on my profile) and love creating WordArt in different languages.

Welcome! So glad to have some new faces saying hello.

Hello Ladies;

Have many fun with your projects and us scrappers smiley

My name is Max, and while I'm only a teenager, I have a huge passion for creating things! Scrapbooking happens to be one of those things and this website has really helped with that.
I design all sorts of things, not only scrapbooks. I draw and write too!
Thanks for making this incredible website and thanks to all who contribute to it! smiley

Hi! My name is Valerie. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 33 years. We have a little 1-1/2 year old Chorkie (Bambi) . I have done some scrapbooking years back, but have took and interest in digital designing. I am into journal scrapbooks, and junk journaling now. This site has so much to offer and I am hoping to learn alot.

Hello! It's the dreaded "All about me" post!
I am Chris aka faerywings in the digi-world. I have been a digital scrapper for a really long time- 2005 maybe? My scrap home base is Oscraps but I also pop in at Just Arts and some Digi-Scrap groups on Facebook.
I have two kids- they both still live at home with is *fine be me!* They are 24 and 26. My DD is engaged but not for another couple of years. We have a lot of pets, 2 dogs, 3 rats, a snake, and a tarantula. This is actually y the fewest amount of pets we have had in a really long time. We live in NJ in an area that is home to black bears. Every once in a while I am lucky enough to get some good photos of them and will scrap about them.
My scrap style is what you would call eclectic- or in basic terms, a little o' this and little o' that. Or a mess. Your choice LOL
Thanks fo having me! smiley

Hi, I'm Cindy, and am very, very new to digital scrapbooking.... started about a fortnight ago smiley
About Me -- I am very happily married to my soul mate for over 40 years. We have two sons, and 4 grandchildren. I have been paper scrapbooking for over 20years, but wanted to give digital scrapbooking a go.
Reason for the change --> In 2023, Hubby and I plan on living in a caravan and exploring Australia (yep, I'm an Aussie and I LOVE vegemite). I know I can't paper-scrapbook in a caravan, so digital scrapbooking would be the creative 'fix' I need. Our plan is to rent out our home, put our 'stuff' in storage and explore Australia in the caravan for a year, or two, or three... As it is still 2022 at the moment, I want to use this time to hone my skills before hitting the road in about 8 mths.
Looking forward to learning heaps...

Thanks everyone for saying hi!

@Cindy: I dream of living in a caravan for a while. So excited for you!

@Chris: Look forward to seeing some of your layouts!

Hi, I’m Leah. I’m a mom of 3 and I love digital planning and memory keeping. Just found this site from Marisa’s Facebook post and wondering how I didn’t know about it sooner 😂

I have no idea why my profile picture is upside down…


I wish you much joy and success in scraping.

Thank you Doska!

Hi! My name is Sandy and I live in Ohio in the US. I have been married for 30 years and we have 2 daughters. Our oldest is recently engaged and the youngest is about to graduate college. I started traditional scrapbooking over 20 years ago and enjoyed doing pages with my daughters when they were young. I took a break from it when they were teens and then got back into it about 8 years ago when I wanted to make some boards for their HS graduation parties - which is when I found digital scrapbooking. I really love all of the many options without the mess of paper and supplies everywhere! I've been a member of this site for about 4 years but have not interacted much, but I'm going to try to do more.

So glad to have you Leah! We have help here for rotating your profile photo.

Welcome Sandy!


Hello all, I was looking for frames to update my digital-to-print photo album and found a wealth of other goodies on this site for my project! I now have so many options! Thank you for sharing and perhaps I'll be able to return the favour some day.

Hi I am Kristi and have been a member here for several years, but mostly for the great scrapbook kits and content but haven't been active here in the forum or gallery and that needs to change. smiley I don't think I ever did a proper intro so here is a bit about me.
I live in northern IN with my husband Mark and our Bichon, Tucker and our cockatiel, Hannah. We have two grown sons who live near us. Our youngest son is married and the daddy to our two adorable Grandkids who are the biggest inspiration for my layouts.
I love digital scrapbooking and there's rarely a day goes by that I am not doing something to do with scrapping.
I am currently on the creative team for Chere Kaye Designs and CT & Designer Side Kick for Blue Heart Scraps and have been on several Guest

Welcome all!