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Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello my name is Elaine. Been doing art and crafting for years in different mediums for family/friends mainly. New to digital scrapbooking and enjoying mixing multi media & technology to create.
I really enjoyed reading the manifesto & admit I have hoarded free downloads just for the sake of maybe using them sometime. Thank you for educating & inspiring me to do better and making the creative community stronger.

Welcome Elaine! We're glad to have you here.

Hello! I am Laura. I have always been the photo gatherer of the family. I have been busy putting together a family tree with articles and photos. I'm the one that nags all my family members to send me their photos. Once I get this finished, they'll know why. I hope they will be pleasantly surprised.

Hello there. My name is Candi and I've been DS for awhile now. It's just been a long time since I've actually done it. Hoping it is like riding a bike as I'm getting back into PS. Glad to be here for all the fun layouts and tutorials.

welcome Elaine.

I am Beth a 54 years young Mom of four and grandma of 10 beautiful humans. I am eager to get back into designing scrapbook kits. I lost my hard drive a few years back and was devastated. I am from the beautiful Pacific Northwest and love to explore the outdoors. As a military wife, I spent about 15 years stationed overseas and absolutely loved traveling all over Europe. Look forward to being a part of this community.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi, I'm Donna. I'm recently retired and am looking for ways to be creative and productive with my newly acquired time. I did some digital scrapbooking about 10 years ago and really enjoyed it. I'm going to start up again. My creativity does not spawn from originality but from building upon the originality of others. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful designs posted here along with the many inspirational posts and using them to build treasures for my own family and friends. As my confidence builds, I'll share my creations here as well. I am using GIMP for now (I previously used PS.)

I'm a mom of 2 and run a non-profit. My interest in this site is more for the planner aspect - getting some stickers for my planner. I'm a minimalist mostly, but like to have some color and a little bit of flavor on my daily spreads! Looking forward to getting to know all of you and especially to learn from you!

real name is Ednara Conceição , but in the internet I'm @maeabencoada2009.
I'm a married, mom of a boy, 48 and scrapper brazilian and live in Salvador/BA . I've been working with scrapbboking since 2009 but I had to stop for for 5 years because of health issues only sometimes I had time to do something). This time I'm back again to this such great world .

Hey everyone--I've been here since 2016 but barely active. I've had a lot of life changes in the last 5 years & I'm finally able to devote a tiny of bit of time to hobbies again. I'm looking forward to checking out the forums and using some of the awesome content here!

Hi all! Found this website by accident, and I'm so glad I did. I always find what the graphics I'm looking for here for my books. For as long as I can remember, my mom & my sister went from one creative hobby to the next, both excelling in whatever they took on. Me, not so much. In fact, There aren't very many crafting/creative type hobby's that I'm any good at, no matter how bad I want to be. But one day about 15 years ago, while trying to to come up with a unique way to say thank you for attending my wedding, I got the idea to create a beautiful custom-made photobook (same thing as a digital scrapbook), which I could then send to close family members. I wanted it to be very personal, so no templates, or page layouts for me! Looking back, I don't know what possessed me to think I could do this, but I'm so glad I did. I designed each page myself, and guess what? And, it came out beautifully! This 1st one took me several months to finish - now I usually spend just a few weeks to complete one.) Since then, I've done several other wedding-themed books, a tribute book for my dad, and, most recently, a family heirloom recipe book this last Christmas for my mom. She loved it. She said it felt extremely personal, and was so lovely, She loved getting it almost as much as I loved making it for her.

Hello!!! I’ve been a digital scrapbook user for over ten years and used to be mostly a paper scrapbooker but I’ve switched to mostly digital now. This is one of my favorite coping skills and ways to be expressive - I am so grateful for this website.

Welcome everyone! So glad to see so many new faces.

Hi, I'm Julie. I've been a lurker for a bit here building up my collection. I don't generally get as much time to do this hobby as I would like, but recently gave my stepmom an album for her birthday with a few pages of family events in it and it will be the gift that keeps on giving as I'll continue to do pages going forward (we do monthly family theme dinners, so between that and holidays and general life, I should have plenty of content). In the past 2 months, I've done almost 20 pages, which is more than I've done for myself in over 2 years! So I guess putting someone else first is what it took to make this a priority. I print myself copies of the pages, so my albums are filling up as well. I have been doing this for over 10 years, but so sporadic that I feel like I have to brush the dust off every time and nitpick everything. This project has given me a whole new outlooks and relaxed "perfectionism" and I'm totally enjoying it. I also design my own recipe cards for all my "keepers", so I'm hoping to ramp up my production on those too.

Welcome Julie! Glad you've found some inspiration to keep you going.

Hi everyone! Just dropping a few lines to introduce myself. I have been checking into this site for a little while now and have finally declined dex to take the plunge. I am retired and on a very fixed income so this site is a Big Blessing! I do all my scrapbook stuff on my IPAD.


Ik ben Monique uit Nederland, heb man en 2 volwassen kinderen.
gaan graag met de caravan op pad.

Sinds een jaar of 3,4 bezig met het ontdekken van digital scrappen en fotoboeken maken.
Ben nog echt een groentje. maar heb er veel lol in. Ben blij met deze site. Veel inspiratie.

Bedankt hiervoor.

I’m Laura, Wife, MOther, Homeschool, Follower of Christ and lover of all digital graphics. I use mine for our planners and homeschool planners.


Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello smiley

Hello! I am a homeschooling mama with 2 kids still at home (Preschool & 8thgrade) I am a planner/scrapbooker/cardmaker, so this site is loads of fun for me. Life is busy and beautiful, so I'm trying to document the fun stuff while it happens.

Welcome Lana!

They sure do have a lot of fun stuff to use. My favorite is the TN templates.

Hello Ms. Monique.

Hi everyone,

I have three kids (two grown) and a great family, we all live in the Seattle area. I've been doing traditional scrapbooking since the early 90's and have built up quite a circle of friends in my area that get together once a month for a 3, 4 sometimes 5 day retreat.

About 5-6 years ago I got burnt out and realized I was buying more & more things instead of actually getting any pages done. So I had an online garage sale and sold about 90% of my supplies, and then looked into doing digital scrapbooking instead. Bought PSE, joined NAODS for a year, learned what I could, then have just been dabbling in it here & there, pretty much only shopping at Sweet Shoppe and The Lilly Pad.

Fast forward to today, I was laid off from my job in October and not motivated to start looking for work, so I've been spending all of hours doing layouts. In the past week I have joined a few Facebook groups, which opened my eyes to so many other stores, blogs, tutorials including this wonderful website! I know one day I'll have to return to work, but for now, I'm just enjoying getting caught up on my pages and learning new techniques.

Welcome Shannon! We're so glad to have you here.

This site has a lot of awesome resources. Have you checked out their blog train? I was introduced to this site through digital Bible journaling and I love it.

Sorry, I forgot to say, “Welcome”!

Hi Margaret Anne - I saw the blog train section briefly the other day but haven't looked at it fully yet. I'm just getting used to the forums, there are so many! lol