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Thanks for saying hi Sandy!

Hi all, I'm Molly and I like to mess around with paper - origami, paper construction, any kind of card... I haven't gotten into scrapbooking yet but I've been interested in it for a while. I've done some designing and layouts for cards which I do with Gimp.

Welcome Molly! I've always loved origami, but I haven't done anything too serious. It's always great to have a Gimp user around. Feel free to share any of your creations with us, and we look forward to seeing more of your work.

Thank you! My niece, her mother, and I just finished an exploding box for a birthday and it came out pretty well. It's the first one I've done and it was so fun.

Hello! I'm Lynn from Pennsylvania. I'm a wife and mother of 3. My boys are 15 & 12, and my daughter is 18 and a college freshman at Johnson & Wales in RI. I have been paper scrapbooking of some sort since I was a kid. Does anyone remember Lisa Frank stickers and stuff? I was obsessed with them when I was little! I started digi-scraping when my second child was born in 2007 and have been digi-scrapping ever since. I CT on two teams- Connie Prince Designs & Kellybell Designs. I love to garden, read, and someday, I hope to live on the beach! I'm slowly trying to navigate my way around this site.

Does anyone remember Lisa Frank stickers and stuff? I was obsessed with them when I was little!

I only think about Lisa Frank every day! smiley I wish she would design a digital scrapbooking kit.

Hello, my name is Sigrid, I come from Schleswig Holstein in Germany. My English isn't that good, but I hope everyone will understand me. I like scrapbooking and am happy to be here

for some reason i thought i did this already but i can't find it smiley soooo i'll do it again.

hi i'm Ruby, i live in CA and my RL time is spent at a small medical practice. i discovered digital kits through the PSP tagging community ages ago but i am working on also trying to make my own kits too.

my main reason for being here is learning new designer skills and how to make items for kits of my own; i don't feel like i have too much to show in actual layouts, though i will probably do something if i get an idea. just be prepared to see a lot of the cat LOL. she looks better than me in photos LOL.

My name is Sandra. I am from the MS Gulf Coast and have a dog and 4 cats to care for as well as numerous flowerbeds to weed. I enjoy reading and scrapping when I have time. Proud Grandma & Mother.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello.

Hello! I'm Josie and live in Germany. I love creating mini kits and layouts. I am always looking for inspiration in scrapbook galleries.

Hello, I'm Tricia and live in Wisconsin. I was on a team with Josie (above) for a designer contest once, and it was a lot of fun. Since then, I've learned a lot and enjoy practicing various techniques for both making pages and kits.

Hello everyone smiley

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi! It’s been a while! I just reintroduced myself in the “reintroduce yourself” section. Please see it there! Thanks!

Hello everyone I live in Oklahoma. I also introduced myself in the Reintroduce yourself section OOPS! Glad to be here. Thank you for such a wonderful site!

Hi. My name is Kathy. I'm a paper fiend. Love everything paper!!!!!! I'm just starting the digital scrapping route to enhance my graphic designs. I love looking at others work and getting inspiration. I live in Cody Wyoming, the Eastern Gate to Yellowstone and I love it. I have 2 grown (?) kids and one absolutely perfect granddaughter.

Hello, I live with my family in Santa Catarina, Souht of Brazil, and I love to take a time to see all that beautiful designs here! Thanks to all designers for create such lovelies art. smiley

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi, Ik doe het in het Nederlands, want mijn Engels is niet zo goed. BEn gepensioneerd, en sinds ik met Albelli fotoboeken maak, heb ik deze site ontdekt. HEb al veel mooie dingen gedownload. En veel dingen bewonderd.

Welcome Jolanda!

Hi, Lynn nice to have you with us!

Hi, Sigrid, hope you have fun here!

Hi, Kathy, A wonderful area to be from, bet you get a lot of inspiration!

I am pretty sure that I have introduced myself several years ago, but can't find that post. I am retired and a grandmother and enjoy traveling and digital scrapbooking. Glad to be back on this site.

Hello. I'm Rae, and I live in Kraków, Poland. Years ago (around 2005?) I've started digital scrapbooking, and paper scrapbooking afterwards, but for some years life was so complicated, and I had no time to do it. But now, I want to back to this, so - here I am smiley

I'm Mama Reid. I started digital scrapbooking as a way to spice up my digital photo albums. I love this site and the inspiration it gives me - there are so many talented people here! I'm in awe of your eyes, your ideas, and your execution. I know I've already gotten so much better by watching and learning from you all. I'm an analytic and logical person, but in my heart I want to be artsy! smiley

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hi.

It’s a pleasure to “meet” you Sigrid!

Hi everyone I'm Genevieve, but everybody call me Genie. I love all kinds of crafts, but I am not a big scrapbooker, but my current craft is I give a try to digital scrapbooking.