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Hello & Welcome Vicki!
Marisa shares the Terms Of Use, Under Licensing (TOU) Here. (If you haven't found it yet)
I agree, it can be quite a chore in finding affordable "Commercial Use" products.
This community is the absolute best indeed!

Happy creating!
Enjoy your new car!

Welcome Vicki!

I'm a North American now living in Australia.
I've been lurking, admiring and downloading for sometime, after finding this amazing place when I was volunteering for a non-profit and needed to make a Christmas event poster.
I'm not a scrapbooker but I have a ton of ideas of things I'd like to do/create but mostly I just end up making memes for quotes.
I first started learning photo editing on Gimp but now use Photoshop, am very appreciative of the tutorials!
Thank you to All the Creators!

Hello & Welcome, Ally!
The creations here, definitely inspire!
Perhaps soon, you will find yourself scrapbooking!

Your birds are so sweet!
What beautiful colors!

Welcome Ally!

Thank you Jenifer, I've upped the saturation but the colours are real. Was thrilling to have these wee ones come sit on my shoulder, it's a large outdoor aviary that allows for this type of interaction, but I really think they were more curious about my sparkling earrings than anything else!

Thank you Marisa! And thank you for everything you do to help bring more joy and play into this world!

OOooo How cute Ally!
What a lovely place to be able to interact like that, I would love it.
I have a yellow-naped Amazon Parrot .. she is such a precious soul.

The zoo is amazing, so much fun with the birds, kangaroos and llamas there!
An Amazon Parrot?! How awesome is that?! I'm a bird person, too. Am currently feeding two families of magpies that have teamed up after both sets suffered a death near the beginning of the year. They are even getting brave enough, if I position myself just right to take the walnut from my hand!

AWwww! They are most grateful to you indeed!
You will have those two precious families visiting you for years to come!
How truly sweet is that!

Hi Everyone! I am Mandi and I have done physical scrapbooking in the past even built the scrapbooks using chipboard and paper bags. When my son was born I took a break and explored doing digital scrapbooking, but didn't really take to it at first. Now I had a break from scrapbooking for a while and am now back at it and now love doing digital scrapbooking. I am a wife and mother of 5 children ranging from age 9-29. I am enjoying scrapbooking out camping trips and vacations to Pigeon Forge as well as all the important events in our lives.

Hello & Welcome Mandi!
You certainly found the perfect place to begin scrapping again!

thank you! I am loving it so far!

I am very new to digital scrapbooking. I have done "traditional" scrapbooking, but I have a son that likes photography and I thought it would be fun to create some designs for him.

Welcome Cindy!

Cindy looking forward to seeing what you do with your son's photographs. Great community here.

Hello all. I've been lurking and downloading for awhile now. I prefer traditional scrapbooking, but am really getting into digital. So right now I'm enjoying the hybrid. I work at a real, brick and mortar, scrapbook store and create all day. I'm a new Grandma, so a lot of my pages are about my little grandbaby I call Monkey. I love looking in the gallery and getting inspiration from all you amazing artists!

What a dream to work at a scrapbook store, Kathy! (But I imagine also dangerous, as I would be tempted to spend most of my paycheck there each week! smiley ) Welcome!

Hi everyone!
My name is Elodie, I am French and I live in a cute little place in the very middle of nowhere... I turned to digital scrapbooking since the day I bought a very big old house that I am supposed to rehab. Since then, I've kept all my physical scrapbooking goods in cardboard boxes, 'til the days I finally have a big fat scraproom full of ligth and space. Still a verrrrrryyyyy long road to go! smiley

Hello Elodie and welcome!

Thanks for saying hi everyone!

@Kathy: we just drove past a scrapbooking store in Pine City, MN. Unfortunately it was closed and we couldn’t stop. Or maybe fortunately since I don’t need any scrapbooking supplies 😅

That does happen. Quite frequently! LOL

Hello, I absolutley LOVE this site. Just curious is there a way for us to share designs we may have created using the stuff from this site?

Hi! I hope I'm posting in the right section. My name is Jeanelle and I've been digital scrapbooking for 20 years! I'm also a designer and love to make freebies. I'm hoping to be able to use the gallery here to post my layouts, and make some new friends!
Happy Scrapping!

Welcome everyone!

@Lucy: If you want to share layouts or other projects, check out our gallery (apply here for access). If you want to share graphics you've made you can check out the Commons.

Hi everyone!
My name is Sandra and I recently started with both digital and traditional scrapbooking. I’m pretty new in this but I enjoy it a lot since I have some knowledge in digital drawing programs. I’ve been scrapping about the trekkings with my boyfriend and our mountain group, about our weekends in new places and also El Camino de Santiago we have started.
I’ve also had the curiosity to see if I could create a kit and I’m working on it… I have around 3 folders of papers that are “fine” but seems to not fit between each other (laugh)
P.D. Sorry if my english isn’t good 😌

Welcome Sandra! So glad you found us on your scrapbooking journey. I have always wanted to walk the Camino. Do you live near it?

Thank you! Hehe, more or less, there are various routes you can start at in Spain: The Wool path (Alicante or Valencia), The Sunrise path, The East path, those are the ones that are near where I live. But you can start from many places, even from the door of your home if you want.
I encourage you to do it, is a beautiful experience, and you can find a lot of people from different nationalities. smiley

Hello everyone, my name is Simone, I live in Brazil, I like scrapbooking and have been doing it since 2005, the traditional one, but I have recently ventured into the hybrid one.
Thank you for the beautiful things, I'll post my work soon. I don't speak/write English that well, so sorry...

Thanks for saying hi Simone!

Sounds amazing Sandra!