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I'm Nicole and I'm getting back into scrapbooking, this time digitally. So glad I came across this website with all the different ideas and downloads available. I have 12 years of my boys' lives I need to catch up on in album forms so they can enjoy looking at pictures and memories vs just looking at a camera reel when they get older.

Thanks for saying hello!

Hai to all those who read this ... first of all ... thank you to Marisa and all those creative designers for this website. It is totally amazing. Then thank you to Lonneke who introduced me to digital scrapbooking and this website.

I'm a dutch mom of three boys, lived abroad (the caribbean and other countries in europe) most of my life and am now making scrapbooks from my old paper scrapbooks and tons of digital and scanned pictures. The individual life-scrapbooks will be a gift for each of our three sons and my hubby this year. Can't wait to see their faces and hope they will love 'm.

But first of all I need to learn a lot, read all your tutorials, collect beautiful images and scan heaps of old pictures, so I'll be hanging out here for a long time smiley

Have a beautiful day.

Welcome Lynn! Thanks for saying hi.