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Hi, I'm Malinda. I'm 34 mom to 3 boys. I'm not huge into the actual scrapping, but I love making kits and giving them to my friends. I love being crafty and my current non digital obsession is making jewelry. I've been lurking around for a bit and have learned lots of new things. Thanks for this site!

Hello, I'm Megan. I live in Mesquite, Tx... Which is about 15 minutes from Dallas. I am a single mom of a wonderful little girl that has inspired me to start scrapping again. I run a blog and love photography. I am also a coffee addict.

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi, My name is Marianne. I'm a stay at home mom with our three youngsters. I can't remember how I found Pixelscrapper, I just stumbled upon it. I'm so glad though, I love Pixelscrapper! It is fun to check in and see what new cool papers and templates have been loaded up. Just watched my first tutorial this weekend and it was so helpful. I'm looking forward to learning more. Thank you, Marisa!

Hello My Name is Lorraine. I came across your site as a result of visiting a blog that was posting her LO's from your 'Create a Paper a Day Challenge'. I got very excited because I want to learn to design and have not been able to find anyone who will offer classes. I am hoping while I am here that I can get onto the right track.
I am between jobs right now and so find myself dedicating lots of time to the craft I love - Digi Scrapping. I have been paper Scrapping for 20 years and started digi Scrap about 18 months ago after seeing all the lovely digi designs in the blog world. I started learning PSE and it was a steep learning curve. However, I am thankful to say, I am now on about 5 Creative Teams and loving it. SO I am ready to go to the next level and learn design.
Less about the passion and more about me - I am married and we have a 14 year old boy and a yorkie named Lilly. We have just moved from the City of London to the mountains of South West Virginia. These are the contents of my pages. Looking forward to seeing all your pages.

Hi my name is Divona and I am from Texas. I started scrapbooking digitally a couple years ago after a friend introduced me and I stopped for about a year. I picked it back up late last year. I am taking graphic design classes and mostly design invitations, save the dates, birth announcements and other layouts of my boys.
I have learned so much in just the week that I have been on pixelscrapper and hope to learn so much more!

Welcome! I hope you all enjoy our community smiley Don´t be affraid of asking questions if you need.

Hi, I am so new to digital scrapbooking that I have green paint behind my ears. I love crafting with paper and only scrapbooked on occasion because it cost so much to print a picture the size I wanted. So I mostly stuck to cards and some altered arts. I first became interested in digital because one my (Stampin'up) craft buddies got "My Digital Studio". She didn't know what to do with it, so I said "ok let me try it out". After seeing that it was interesting and somewhat easy. We made one page for her desktop. It didn't spark me then. I noticed that all my favorite stamps are cheaper in digital content. Since I used my printer to make my own rub-ons, it wasn't much stretch to move into digital. I thought that I would use it to print stamps the colors and sizes I wanted to put on my cards and the few scrap pages I did. Well here I am, addicted to it. I bought content from Stampin'up till I found that I can put anything into the program. I watched some Youtube videos and have been gathering content from wonderful artists ever since. My craft buddies now call me "a digital hoarder". Lucky me I have a monster of an external hard drive. But, I too love the idea of making my own paper and elements. I know very little about that part of the game. I came to Pixel scrapper for the templates, and have been delighted to find so many choices.
I recently moved and had to leave my craft buddies behind. I still see them every so often when we go back for doctor visits. I live in the country now and don't have a way to visit anyone in my area. They all work anyway and don't have time to craft. I guess I was looking for a way to find friends online that have the same interests that I have. Pixel scrapper is what I have been looking for. I find that I feel comfortable here and can't wait to make myself at home. I love to ride the Blog trains and meet all the designers along the way. The Birds and Bee Blog train has been on of my favorites. Everyone has made such beautiful content, maybe one day I can learn how to do that part too.

Welcome Judy. Pixel Scrapper is actually the first place where I've been able to have friends who share my love of crafting. It's great!

Hello from Texas! I love your designs they are so colorful and fun. I am a mom of two teenagers and turning grayer by the day. I love all kinds of crafts and am new to digital scrapbooking but am quickly falling in love with it too. Thanks so much for all the beauty and inspiration!

Hi everyone, I'm Elsi. Like Vikki above, I'm also from Texas. I've been around the digital scrapbooking community for a long time. In fact, the very first digital layout that I posted online was to the gallery at Scrapbook-Bytes in May of 2003.

I've done a little bit of designing -- when time permits.

This year, I'm venturing into Project Life as a hybrid adventure. Rather than buying the official PL kits, I'm using up lots of the digital supplies I've already bought, downloading freebies, buying the occasional kit, taking advantage of a couple of subscriptions, etc. I'm making my own title cards and jounaling cards. What's different for me this year is that I'm printing everything and inserting them into the divided album pages. I have a 12x12 album (with mostly Becky Higgins protectors) for the everyday photos. I'm going to use the [email protected] album -- or similar 6x8 system -- for special albums like road trips, vacations, and weddings.

I'm Denise, from central Texas, and I switched from traditional scrapping to digi-scrapping less than a year ago. I still do a little hybrid here and there. My kids are grown so lots of my scrapping involves admiration of my grandbaby or of nature. You'd think that I'd have all the time in the world to scrap, but it's not as much as I would like!

My favorite thing about digi-scrapping is learning about people all over the world and seeing the interesting things that scrappers create.

Welcome ladies!

Hi everyone, my name is Michelle and I'm a mum to two wonderful children, wife and human mum to Harry our English Cocker Spaniel. I love cooking, baking, reading, all things pretty, walking, going to the gym. I'm really looking forward to making some new friends here smiley smiley

Hi, I'm Sheila. I will be 39 this July, have been married for 20 years and live in Alabama. I have 4 children and am homeschooling 2 of them. I have been coming here for about a year now, I just love this site. I've been into digital scrapbooking for about 5 years, and have been designing for about 2 years. The first time I came to this site, I was hooked. I am glad it is now a community, and look forward to hang out with other people who share the same interests, there is only so much my poor husband can handle hearing me talk about designing, lol!

Hello, my name is Erik. I manage an Arts and Crafts store and am starting to blog a little which has been a wonderful outlet. I really appreciate the commercial licenses, as I often do a few graphics and marketing posters for our store and love having a resource I can turn to time and again. The graphics are always excellent and one sees the love in the work. Thanks!!

Welcome! It´s nice to see you here smiley

Hi Erin! We are neighbors! I am also in a Dallas suburb, and also have health issues making it very difficult for me to work. My kids are a bit younger than yours -- 16, 13, and almost 11. I love anything crafty, but don't always have time for it, or the energy. I am glad to see someone else on here who might have similar experiences as me.

Take care!


Hi everyone, My name is Michelle and I am happy to have found this site! I am an avid crocheter, I have 7 wonderful children and I love to make pretty digital pages to keep my memories on!! I never kept up on my paper scrapping and digital scrapping lets me quickly create pages without cluttering my home with paper supplies. Thanks Marissa for all the freebies here on this site and for feeding my inspiration!

Hello all,
I'm Kate from Connecticut. Married with a new little one - she's just 5 months old. I gave paper scrapbooking a try in a past life, but it was just too much stuff to keep in my tiny condo. So excited to give digital scrapping a try. We're making memories everyday! I've also started to create party printables and your tutorials have been SO helpful. Thank you for making this site such a fun place to play!

Thank you for stopping by and introducing! Welcome and enjoy the fun!

Hello, My name is Melissa and I just found Pixel Scrapper just yesterday and I love the site although I am a traditional scrapper. I do find lots that I can print out and use on my pages. I am also fascinated by all the layouts and templates!
I am married, celebrating 40 years this coming October to the love of my life. Although we both still work, we travel every chance we get. We took a cruise and land vacation to Alaska last summer and are looking forward to a trip to Austria and Switzerland this fall.
We have 2 sons. One is 31 and the youngest is 29. I only began scrapping 8 years ago when our youngest joined the Marine Corps and another Marine had been working on a fabulous album. It was wonderful for me to do and great therapy for the times he was deployed.
Thanks for such a wonderful website! Keep up the great work!

Welcome ladies!

@Missalissa: I have a Marine kit coming out soon!

Hi. My name is Rosa Ana. I´m from Spain and I just begining with the digital scrap. I make scapbooking about 3 years ago ang I love it!! I´ve a handicap because I don´t speak english very well but I try to visit this sit and learn all that I can.
See you

I just realized that I don't think I introduced myself yet! WOOPS! smiley
My name is Meg & I live in San Jose, California. I am a digital scrapbooking wanna-be... I have been gathering supplies/assets so that I can actually DO some, although I did my daughters original baby book as sort of a digitial scrapbook (on Scrapblog, which got bought out by Mixbook quite a while ago). I think I should do more books, and my daughter has requested them, but she's almost 5 now, and I'm obviously REALLY behind smiley

OMG she's so cute! (Or he)

Okay, I'm super shy but wanted to say hi. I'll be using this site for birthday parties that I host at a non-profit art education center. We will be doing mixed media altered canvases so I was really happy to find this site. Maybe I can post some of the kid's art! I'm a former graphic designer and would like to contribute some paper designs too. Not sure how to do that though. Hmmmmm...

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

I'm Liz! I am a mother of two grown children and grandmother of 3. I love crafting of all kinds and have just recently discovered digital scrapbooking. I'm so excited that I found this site! It sounds like there are some accomplished digital scrapbookers here and I'm anxious to learn all I can from you, as well as share my own elementary as it may be. I'm not very savvy with computer stuff so if I've replyed to someone's posting instead of creating my own, please excuse me. I'll catch on.

Welcome Liz! Thanks for saying hello.