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Welcome everyone. So glad you stopped by.

@Melo: I can't wait to see your layouts! Glad to hear that you feel comfortable posting them here, that's exactly what I was hoping for.

Hello to all, I just love this site.

Hi everyone!

My name is Sabina, I live in Sarajevo, BiH. I just made a profile, but I have been visiting the site quite often! I am a 3D animator who enjoys painting and making unique jewelry. I started to do digital scrapbooking a few months ago just for fun. I found about while surfing on the internet and bookmarked it immediately! Since then I have been watching tutorials and downloading templates to practice and create my own little works of art.

Thank you for such a lovely site, it is always inspiring and when I'm here I have the urge to be creative and do something right away! smiley


@Sabina: I love Sarajevo. What a beautiful city.

GOOD MORNING smiley my name is Melissa (I go by MelissaKay as Melissa is pretty common around my area of life!) I Have been a scrapbooker for 12 years now. Just in the last 14 months or so have i jumped into digi world. I have made a few kits, nothing I sell mostly FB freebies. I do A LOT of hybrid scrapbooking I am BIG into project life, p365, p52.. whatever you call it and love it. I CT for a few gals right now and spend most of my free time (when kids are in school or sleeping!) on my computer or at my scrap table making a mess! LOVE IT... I have a blog, and a FB fan page, but I do not promote them enough to get followers. Not sure where to go to jump on that bandwagon but for now it works! Nice to meet you all! Have a happy scrappy day! smiley

Hi! I am Steph. I am happy to have found today! I enjoy making custom scrapbooks, tags, fingerless gloves, and other things! I own an etsy store and sell locally at craft fairs. Nice to meet you!

Hi everyone! I'm a SAHM mom who loves to be creative! I blog a bunch on my own personal blog and admin a themed monthly blog hop site as well. I haven't done much Digi Scrapbooking, I do love Shutterfly, but think this is so much better! I have been using elements found her for my blog layouts though! I couldn't find anything that I LOVED, so I figured I could create something on my own... I've since become addicted to doing such creative work! After my blog, I'll be doing the blog hop, then I'll work on another one that will go along with an Etsy store I'm about to re-launch. This site is AMAZING and I find myself scrolling through all the templates, assets etc for hours! Now if I could just figure out how to color them all... its a work in progress!

Welcome Kourtney, Steph, & MelissaKay, Glad you're here!

Thanks everyone for stopping by!

@Kourtney: There are lots of tutorials that will help you with the templates.

@MelissaKay: We have design opportunities here as well.

I think it's time I formally introduced myself. smiley
☜ that's my name and I live in Australia on a farm that runs cattle, thoroughbred horses and a dairy. The Wollemi National Park is virtually at my doorstep and unfortunately coalmines will be close by very soon.
I love to garden, do crossword puzzles and look after my babies (dogs & cats).
I'm new to scrapping and haven't quite worked out how to use PSE yet, the old brain has a hard time remembering some things smiley I know I will be inspired by the creativity of others here to try harder and learn some new tricks.


I'm Sarai, mom and designer. I live in Italy and love scrapping! I got into digital scrapbooking a couple years ago. I think this site is so so so amazing and i'm so excited to see a community join! I can't believe the generosity here!


I hope we can all learn from each other! Kourtney, let us know the name of your etsy shop when you relaunch!

Hi, I'm Rhonda. I've been doing digital for about 10 years. Mostly cards and calendars. I have boxes of pictures that I am eager to scrap and am turning to digital scrapbooking with a touch of hybrid. I have limited space, so digital is my way to go. I came across your website quite by accident and am glad I did. There is lots of inspiration and "goodies" to collect. I especially like the templates. Looking at the blank page is often scary, so templates give me somewhere to start, but feel it's mine when I'm done.

Hi, I'm Mariana, from Argentina. There are not much scrappers in my country, so we have to be creative to get some materials like adhesive, design paper or cutting tools without spending too much money. I really like artist's journals more than scrap albums, and some card making too. Sorry about my english smiley

Hello, all! I'm originally from California but live in the Midwest now. Single, no kids, no pets. I do have wonderful nephews, nieces, godchildren and a girl scout troop!!! I've been an artist and a memory-keeper all my life. There is no rhyme or reason to anything I do. I just do whatever floats my boat at the moment. The only constants seem to be creativity, work, movies and TV (and people, of course!).

Oh, and I found this site through the Scavenger Hunt that included a number of designers I already love and follow!!!

@Liz: Urgh, coal mines smiley ok, they are important, but I already lived close to one, and it´s not nice...
@Sarai: Why don´t you post a picture so we can see you and be more personal?
@Mariana: Don´t worry, your English was good. Here in Brazil is almost the same, we can find papers, but they are REALLY expensive. Hybrid is nice for this reason too! I also do lots of hybrid projects!

To all, a warm welcome smiley

hi to all. it's nice reading your intros and seeing people from everywhere enjoying this wonderful site. i've marveled at the marisa's amazing generosity as i used her site for about 2 years now. i'm married to my best friend (for 22 years) and we have 3 awesome daughters - 19, 16, and 14. we get asked alot about if they drive us crazy, but they are great!! we have a lot of fun together and really enjoy doing stuff together smiley i worked as an admin asst for a long time, but have been home full time the past couple of years. we also have a puppy (2 years) and she might be a little spoiled smiley she's a dachshund-beagle mix and is incredibly sweet.

Thanks everyone for saying hello!

Sarai and Elizabeth, if you wouldn't mind changing your profile picture, we would prefer to see a photo of you! You can read our profile expectations for more info.

@Christy: Fun to have someone from the scavenger hunt! Thanks for coming.

Hi all,
I am Wilma, 37 years old and a mother of 3 lovely children: Marit, Tom and Brenda.
I am from the Netherlands, I live in a very small village nearby the harbor of Rotterdam.
I am a scrapaddict for several years now, I run my own store since 3 years and I love doing it every minute!
Thanks for joining this wonderful forum and thank you for sharing such a great freebies Marisa!


I'm Suzanne, I have lived in Texas since 76 and I have two daughters 22 and 23 and three grandchildren boys 2 mos, 1 year and girl 6 (the 6 year old granddaughter I am raising). I'm half a century young and I love to scrap be it traditional paper or digi or both! I have a very large family so I have lots to scrap. I love all the wonderful inspiration here and everyone is so friendly. Love all the great gifties, being on a tight budget makes the gifties all the more sweeter! Thanks for having me smiley

Hey Marisa,

I am Janet and this year on Christmas I will be 60 years old. I grew up all over the United States because my Dad was a Marine. I was brought up in a loving family with two fabulous parents and five brothers and sisters.

I now live in Southern California with my husband, a retired Marine. I have no children but I have 12 nieces and nephews and am blessed to say that right now I have nine great nieces and nephews. I have over 30,000 photos and they all need to be scrapped...LOL! I had this great idea about a year ago (just before my retirement) and thought that I was tired of all those photo books just collecting dust and hardly being looked at. So I figured I would do this "new" thing and start making photo books and put them on DVDs to be able to view on the television. Wow what a great idea, I might even be able to do it for others??? Little did I know that I was WAY behind the times. Then I discovered the world of digi scrapping!!! So I retired from being a Budget Analyst in December and since then most of my time is enveloped in digital scrapbooking.

I am really enjoying this site, though I only recently found you!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi! I'm Erin and I'm from (and still live in) Massachusetts with my husband and two little ones. I just started getting into digital scrapbooking, and I find it a wonderful creative outlet. I don't have much time for "hard-copy" scrapping, but I can always find time here and there at work for doing it digitally. This site is really great. I love all the vintage-themed papers, because that is my favorite style. Thanks, Marisa, for so generously sharing the fruits of your labor with us. I really appreciate it!!

Hello everyone!

I'm Elapj aka P@M, 30 yrs old, from the Philippines. I've been happily married for 2 yrs and a half now and we're really hoping to be blessed with kids soon. I discovered digital scrapbooking in 2009 but didn't have the time to indulge in this hobby until recently. Presently, I'm a CTM for Designs by Snowlady and PrelestnayaP Design. Aside from scrapping, I also love to read, cook (although I'm not very good at it. Haha!), and take photographs with my good old point & shoot camera.

Nice to meet you all!

Hello y'all

I'm Laura Powers, I'll be 52 here shortly, I live in Maricopa, Arizona with my wonderful Sweetheart. Because of him I am lucky enough to be called Grandma by four grandchildren, three of whom live here in the same area we do. I was an avid paper scrapper for years and then was introduced to digital design and never looked back. I had to step away for awhile but am so excited to be jumping back into digital design. Loving this site already. Thanks for all the goodies, it will really help me get my feet wet again.

Hi everyone,

My name is Lea. I was born in 1985 (27 years old) in France and have lived there until I was 21. I discovered digiscrap right before I moved to the USA. I had paper scrapped once or twice before that but I loved how easy and convenient digiscrap was compared to paper.
I met my husband here in the USA and I never went back home. Now home is Tacoma, WA. We have a beautiful French Bulldog named Gaston who rules our world.

I love this website/ community so far so I wanted to thank you for all the good work you put into it!

Hi! I am Emily! I just joined today! I'd heard of at the beginning of the year when I started digital scrapbooking.I fell inlove with it almost immediately, but totally don't have a knack for it yet. I'm in the process of working on a 2013 calendar but most of my pages look like a bucket of embellishments spilled out everywhere, so I've got some work to do, and came here hoping to find tips, tutorials and inspiration! Thanks for having such an awesome community!

Hi, I am Bren. I live in the United States. I love paper crafting and have done this for a long time. My cousin is helping me learn my way around my computer and learn how to digital scrap.

Hi, I'm Diana, 49 years old, living in Belgium, 31 years married and mother of 2 sons
I work in home care 20 hours a week and also a lot of hobbies including photography and digital scrapbooking. I'm really glad I've found Pixelscrapper, and may still have much to learn
thank you for the beautiful things you share with us here