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Hi all! I am Molly Harbridge from Indiana. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and a year and a half of Culinary Arts. About 5 years ago, I started digiscrapping because I was creating tags prior to that and the trend began to use digiscrap kits for them. I have been designing off and on for three years and finally opened a store in October. (YAY!!!!)

My immediate family includes my cats but I also have an older brother, two younger sisters (one 10 months younger and the other 21 years younger) and a younger brother (26 years younger). I also have 3 nephews and 2 nieces. All of these are likely to show up in my layouts.

I use Photoshop through the Creative Cloud and play a little with Illustrator.

Hi, I'm Jackie. I started Digi Scrapping at the beginning of February 2012 and I am hooked. I am 28 years old, living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I grew up in Toronto, Ontario and have 1 younger sister. My parents still live back home in the same house I grew up in. My parents are both from huge families, so I have LOTS of cousins, and see them at least once or twice a year. I scrap mainly in PSE 10, and use PS CS4 from time to time also, but am still learning the ropes. I love learning new tips and tricks, and like sharing them when I do. I'm currently a Praiser at Gotta Pixel and a CT member for both Trixie Scraps and Roseytoes Designs. I'm really loving the revamped look of this site.

Welcome to all the newcomers! Enjoy the fun!

Hi .. I Am Sharon .. Mam of 2 .. I Live in the UK In a place called Yorkshire smiley

I Have been a follower for a while of the old blog .. I Have finally a few hours to myself so i have joined up on this Site .. I Love to do Digital stuff .. Card Making and a bit of Scrapbooking .. More digi than real with the Scrappin smiley
I Love making things too .. Recently made a storage system for my Spectrum Noir Pens and am in the middle of Making a ribbon rack .. its about 6 foot High .. So Hi to everyone and when i have time will pop on here n there .. xx

Hello, I live in Arizona, the United States. No snow. So it is a different kind of December. It is nice right now, we can still wear shorts.

Welcome everyone! So go glad to have you here! Enjoy!

Hi everyone, I just realized I think I owe you an intro post. Forgive me if this is my second time through, but I'm pretty squirrelly about them so I think I put it off and then forgot!

I'm Violet, I live in the US, and I'm a graduate student in Psychology. I spend way too much time making art on my computer when I have papers to write and reading to do, but it's a great creative outlet (and much less messy than collage, where I'd leave all my scraps and supplies out for weeks). I've been doing this digital scrapbooking/collage/art thing for less than a year, and I never really scrapbooked before that, although I'm on year 3 of Project Life (2010 was in a physical binder with each photo slipped into page protectors, I'm still trying to finish up 2011 digitally but keep getting distracted with 2012!).

I adored the old and was always so excited to see when Marisa had contributed to a blog train and so on, and this new site is turning out to be a lot of fun.

Hmm, I just now noticed that there are no flashing, dancing, blinking "siggies" at the bottom of each person's post. I find that incredibly restful, and perhaps that's one reason why I am drawn to the PixelScrapper forum more than to any others.

Hello ~
I live in Korea.
I love pixelscrapper. smiley smiley
I really appreciate getting to know this place.
I can not speak English well
Please understand smiley

Hi I'm Jessica. I live in Florida, I stumbled across your site by chance and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Such an AWESOME site. I can't wait to dig deeper into to it. I was previously a paper scrapper but have completely converted to digital love creating it all on the computer and having someone else print the book smiley.

Hi @Mel McCarthy! I have downloaded a ton of your papers from Flickr - they are beautiful and so useful - thank you for making them available. I'm so glad you are here!

Hi everyone - I'm Linda & I live in Texas! I have a bunch of kids, grandkids and dogs! I raise Scottish Terriers and we have a nice farm about 40 miles from Dallas. My youngest daughter is 12 and she has a horse named Rose! I found a couple of months ago and I love all the beautiful kits and nice people here!! I am still pretty much a beginner in PSE 10 but love it!! smiley

Welcome everyone! So glad to have you here!

@Esther: Jordan and I lived in Korea for 2 years and we loved it!!!! We lived in the little town Gunsan. Anyohaseyo!

Hello, my name is Diane and I live in Arizona with my husband of 28 (almost 29) years. I have followed for a long time and am loving the new features. I know the site must be a lot of work but it is obvious that it is a labor of love. I wish you all of the best and thank you for the wonderful assets and templates you share with us!

Hey! im steph, i have been stopping by for the last 8 months! ... love your designs and use them regualar smiley

Hi I'm Jacki and I live in the UK I am an obsessed card maker (well that is what my husband says) and have been coming on for a while now mainly for papers and a big thank you for sorting out logging in problem Marisa I really love your designs they are all gorgeous and thank you for generosity as well

Hi i'm Diana, i live in the border city of Johor Bahru, Malaysia, though i was born and raised in neighbouring Singapore, which is just a bridge away. i'm hopeless with my hands and would never have done any paper scrapbooking, but somehow stumbled onto the digital version when i was designing a family calendar and slowly but surely got hooked.

For me, scrapbooking is a way of sharing my favourite family photos with my friends, 'prettified' and complete with captions, since my raw photos are nothing to shout about and don't tell the complete story. i'm a snail-slow scrapper and not very good, but hope to improve with time and inspiration from all you folks. smiley

Welcome, Diana! I'm a snail-slow scrapper, too. Glad you're here! smiley

Wow this looks like a fun place to be.

Welcome everyone! So glad you stopped by to say hello.

Ive been to before but never really noticed the forum. I have been reading though posts and looking at gallery and there are some great people here.
Im a 39 year old mom of 4 (20, 18,16,&14) stepmom to 1(8), grandma(eek) to 1(1). I live in northwest arkansas.
I love crafts, digital scrapbooking, all things disney, and reading.
I started digital scrapbooking about 9 years ago... and just love it!

Hi! I'm Karen and I live in the United States. Some workmates told me about this site, so I am here checking things out. It looks great.

Hi, I'm Heidi! I'm very much a beginner digi-scrapper, but I've been "collecting" kits for many years. I like to use the digital papers for card making. I'm more of a stamper than a scrapper, at least for now. There are a few digi layouts on my blog, but it's mostly stamped cards. smiley I live in North Carolina and have four kids. Married 21 years so far. The new site is pretty cool!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

hello, I am rinda, I am from the netherlands. I am 48 years, have two children. I love to make taglessons and allways looking for things I could use. I have seen here lots of fun things! at the moment I am looking for papers or overlay with winter/christmas text.

Thanks for stopping by Rinda! Great to have you!

Hello, I just recently got married and I am starting a new life in the United States with my husband.
I am looking forward to putting together some great layouts of our honeymoon.

Hola! Yo también soy de Uruguay! Jajaja! smiley

My name is Florencia. I´m from Uruguay, South America. I study arts and Philosophy. I´m an "amateur" designer, because I´ve never studied, but I practice an experiment with my computer... I love sooo much, I feel that here all is created with so much love and generosity, that I´m really excited in taking part of this group! Thank you Marisa! MUCHAS GRACIAS! smiley

If you ever want to come to Uruguay (my beautiful country in South America), I could be your tourguide! (as gratitude for all that you offer here on your site) Adios! smiley

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

@Flor: I haven't been to Uruguay, but I did live in Bolivia for 4 years and traveled to a few surrounding places during that time. Bienvenida!