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I have always had a date system for my photos... I am starting on digital scrap now and will sure use many tips here... My question is how do you all remember who made the kit in order to give the due credits...

Mariana, designers usually include their name in the file and folder names.

I see them in kind of codes, like DS_SCRAPNART, is that what I should add as credit? Do I have to include the site where I got it from?
And I have some 10+ year-old files that, after a Hard Drive glitch, lost their original file name and all the metadata associated with them...

I feel your pain with the hard drive crash. That's happened to me before too.

If you're just uploading finished layouts, I wouldn't worry too much about crediting. Although, this site has an easy system for crediting designers on here, which you do during the upload process to the Gallery.

Let's say you download Rachel Martin's Bryony Bundle and create a layout with it, then go to upload the layout to the site to show off how amazing it looks. smiley

You hover over your name in the upper right corner of the screen, click on My Profile, then Gallery underneath your photo. This brings you to all of your Gallery layouts. Click Upload Layout, which takes you to this:

You would click on Kit Used.

In Kit Reference, type in Bryony and you'll get the following. I hovered my cursor over the Bundle, that's why it's highlighted in blue. Then simply click on it and it'll be added automatically as a credit.

You can also use the Unique ID number. This is great, especially for attributing individual graphics downloaded from this site. The Unique ID is included in file and folder names. It's located where I put the red box.

Hope this helps!