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On my last computer, I had a folder with sub folders (papers, elements, ribbons, etc) and pieces I've thrown into titled folders for quicker layouts. On my new computer, I had to start fresh. For some reason my external hard drive kept shutting down, on the new pc, it better not be done for (everything is on it)!

The new folder is and the sub folders are current kits I've downloaded. I've yet to work on the new titled folders and/or go back to the external drive. I've realized, I don't want to "build my own kit" for layouts. You know... that piece from Kit A, Kit B, Kit C and just use Kit A. Maybe one day, when I'm caught up, I'll add other pieces to my future layouts.

This is how I organize mine too. Folders and subfolders with categories by season/holiday ect. It helps to unzip and organize as you download them so u know what u have. I have almost 200GB of just scrap kits so I store them on an external hard drive.

I am starting to organise my files. I have them already grouped by designer and I have folder shortcuts set up in additional folders by category so that I'm not duplicating large files and taking up additional memory. (ie. all files by designer but then a templates folder with a folder shorcut that takes me to the different designer folder with templates in)

I've just downloaded Adobe Bridge as it's free, so that I can tag things with keywords (like templates with size, number of photos etc, or colours on the file) it's going to take me a long time though but it should help me find certain things easier once it's done!
(I'm on Windows)

I am not sure if my system of organization is unique (probably not) but I have found it really helpful for both searching and for browsing.

I have a File with 2 main sub-files: "Bundles" and "Master Bundle Images". In the "Bundles" folder, I keep a separate folder for each bundle or single kit containing all images from the bundle removed from their kit subfolders. In the "Master Bundle Images" folder, I save a copy of each bundle or single kit's thumbnail.

This allows me to browse the bundle thumbnails for colors, theme, or inspiration, and then I can go directly to the corresponding bundle if I see something I like in the thumbnail. I can also search the parent Bundle folder for things like "papers" if I want to browse my papers, or "frame," "blue," "heart," or whatever I'm needing at the moment. I'm on a Mac, so if the files in the bundles stay in their kit subfolders, searching is an absolute nightmare.

It's been time consuming getting to this point, but it makes it so much easier when I have an idea and I want to find the various elements I need quickly.

I am currently storing things on my computer hard drive and do regular time machine back ups, but I am going to need to invest in cloud storage as I will be working across multiple devices as soon as I save up enough for an iPad. I use the Affinity Suite for designing projects, and will be switching back and forth between them often and want access to my files.

Anyways, thanks for this awesome community and resource! It is greatly appreciated from this crafty beaver! smiley

I'm just using folders and subfolders. I will try Picasa.Thank you. smiley

I organize my pictures/photographs first by date, that keeps them lined up chronologically, then after the date I add the name of the location or event. Scrapbook pages are named for what's on the page or the theme, these would be grouped by person or events. My paper and element files are not organized, I'm thinking I will sort by color unless it's a strong theme like a holiday, those will be grouped with similar themed papers and elements.

@Louyse sadly Picasa doesn't exist anymore.


I'm slowly making progress with my Adobe Bridge Keyword system smiley I doubt I will get much done with my son being home from school on his Easter break, but I will get cracking back on it when he goes back and will try and squeeze bits in when I can. Tackling a few big projects at the moment lol.

I really wish Picasa were still around! It was definitely in a class of its own for certain functionality.

Has anyone tried Eagle for this? ( - Windows/Mac) It's not a good option for storing the images, but maybe for keeping track of what kits and other elements you have. (I haven't used it for that -- am just getting into digiscrapping so I don't have much yet -- but I've used it for other things.)

Since losing my own seven year old designs and scraps in a 2013 drive crash,
I now secure it three times on external Drives and the most beautiful works or rare embellishments again on sticks.

I've just started organising my stuff as I am starting from scratch with digital after some time.
I'm doing folders, listed by place I got them from so far. In that folder is themes eg "beach" etc in relation to how I store my physical papers from traditional scrapping.

I keep kits intact in folders from whichever site I got them from. All others have their own type of folder, such as frames > rectangle. That took a very long time to do, but now that it's been done for years, I find it a blessing how easily I can find an element, paper, or template.

Oh Ladies, I am loving these ideas. I am about to set up a craft room after doing an extension! Woohoo! I am so excited to have a craft space for me!

Wow Ladies,
So many amazing tips and information. I am finding it very hard to find my digital resources and I am only just starting digitally!

Great ideas! I'm needing to get all my stuff organized....which is going to be a heck of a task.... smiley ....but I think implementing a few of these ideas is definitely going to help!!!!

Since I use PS and PSE for everything, I use the Organizer to organize my digi stuff. One massive album, but lots of Keyword Tags. Love keywords because you can apply more than one to an item and search any of those. I use very broad categories, so I can narrow down what I'm looking for by searching several keyword categories. I don't really use folders except for backup, because I like to see my items. With a folder, for me, I have to know it's there in order to go looking in a folder for it, which I won't remember. That's why I like the keyword idea...I can search "pink" and "flower" to find a pink rose for instance, rather than go to a "flower" folder" to search for one. With keywords, I usually end up finding things I didn't remember I had as well, so that's fun!
I organize photos in basically the same way - keywords here would be the person, the year, theme, even, and such.
If you've ever read Stacy Julian's book "Photo Freedom", it's very similar to her photo organizing method. Works for me!

Great ideas for organizing! I keep everything on an external hard drive, but will definitely be starting to implement some of your ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you all for the great ideas here. I only started digital scrapbooking about six months ago, but I'm already at the point where I need to rethink my organizational strategy!