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Are you guys as obsessed with Pinterest as I am? I thought it would be fun to share our pinterest accounts here, as well as your favorite pinners and boards.

You can follow me here.
One of my favorite pinners is Pink Piccadilly Pastries. If you love tea and related things, you'll love all the things she pins.
As for scrapbooking, I always love the layouts that Mumkaa creates, and she pins some other great stuff too.

Here's a great blog post covering everything you might have wanted to know about Pinterest.

Be welcome to follow some of my boards here. I am not posting very often cause I got my internet time severely reducted, but I am probably back to pinning soon. I pin half in English half in portuguese, but, as its more about pictures, is easy to follow smiley

If you wanna see the boards of good Brazilian scrappers I like Elaine Turola and Ana Cristina Caldato´s boards.

Sweet. I'll check it out.

Thanks! I'm following! I love recipes! Mine is:

I don't have a Pinterest board as of yet. But I love the idea of sharing them! Marisa, I saw your bunny on Pinterest and he is sooo cute. Who couldn't help but cuddle with him all day! My grandma used to raise rabbits on her property in Texas and I could not stay away from the babies! They are so fun!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest... you can follow me here... I have a huge board of layout inspiration I pin:

I am addicted to Pinterest!

You can follow me here: PINTEREST

How fun to see everyone's boards!!!! I used to spend more time on Pinterest but now I seem to be looking at digi sites more!

I'm not sure how Pinterest works but I started a page and followed!

Pinterest is the greatest way to keep tracks of things that inspire you, projects to do and jokes to laugh at.

I'm a pinterest addict as well smiley
Here's my page:

you can follow me here:
But i havn't used it in a while smiley Thinking of giving it a try again smiley

I love Pinterest and Marisa - you have some awesome stuff on your board! I will enjoy following you!

So fun! I'm following you all now.

I'm really new to Pinterest and was wondering if anyone uses this for their own personal pages or is it not a good idea because it's so public? Just wondering about that because I haven't really found any "personal" stuff, just mostly items being "pinned" from other places.
I have LO's all over the web from various galleries but would love to have one place to display them.

Oh wow, Marisa, I am in trouble now...I just went to your pintrest and you have so much to see there I am afraid I will be be there forever once I get started. Yes, I am following you.

Yes, Tina, my daughter uses Pintrest a lot and she pins her own art projects there. She finds it an easy way to share them with friends.

I pin my own layouts there as well. Of course I post them here too. I think it's mostly up to personal preference and how you feel about having your face on the internet.

Pingerest is very nice site indeed. Ihave my own account on PInterest to. I will follow you on Pinterest.

I have to say that I have not gotten in to Pinterest yet, but I'm sure that I will. Here is my page for when I do actually start pinning things to my boards: Pinterest

I now follow you on Pinterest, Marisa! If anyone wants to follow me I be happy to have you! I just started pinning so not too addicted yet smiley

Sorry but I'm totally new at pinterest, and I don't know how it works, but it looks great, and I saw so much nice site's and other thing... I'm afraid when I getting started I have a new addiction....

Jee this is really difficult to write in English...

I think there should be a support group for us Pinterest Addicts smiley

You can follow be here: CazLuv

Follow Design Seeds for a bit of colour inspiration

Design Seeds

How fun! I just found some great new boards to follow! smiley So here's mine as well! I love DIY stuff and crafts so if you're into that, you may like my boards.... Here smiley

First of all - this is for Caryn Love: I'm SO glad to "meet" you here. Your colour palettes have been my primary inspiration for about 6 months now and I visit daily for the latest. Thank you SO much for making colours so fantastic.

As for Pinterest... I have visited and decided to stay away for a little while longer - I simply have NO time for yet another obsession. And I can see from the posts above that I was right. But knowing me, I will be out there soon anyway smiley)

See you all on Pintrest - some day ...... soon!

Pinterest can kind of take over everything. However, I have really learned tons of stuff on there, from recipes, to natural beauty regimes, and last week I unclogged our shower drain using a tip I saw on Pinterest. So I feel that it's time well spent!

I already follow you, Marisa smiley Looks like I'll have to check out some of the above pintresters too! And yes, I love pinterest! Anyone can follow me here

Caryn Love - your color inspirations are fantastic!

Thank you ladies smiley

I'm new on pinterest but you can follow me here

Will do. and be prepaired to get utterly addicted to the site smiley