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When I got a little bit more time I want to look further in it, because it looks so colorfull and I got really good ideas

I think this is already the case: I'm a pinterest addict smiley

I love the ease of use of Pinterest!!! It is my best friend. smiley I can save everything there and find it easily because I am a very visual person. I save my favorite blogs, websites, stuff I want to buy, make, play with... I love that I have for the most part been able to get rid of my favorites, links, & bookmarks; even my flicker type accounts because I am able to save everything here, as long as there's one pinable photo on their site. It's very rare that I can't and have to bookmark a website now-a-days. Which by the way is great if your hard drive ever crashes cause who seriously backs up their bookmarks?

If you want to... you can follow me here
I have several favorites pinners that I just absolutely dig their style... It's like, sometimes I ponder to myself, I could probably be best friends with this lady in real life, we have so much in common. LoL

The things I love the most to pin are FELT (creations), OWLS (anything), & CRICUT/WISHBLADE (files & ideas) but I pin all kinds of useful stuff from organizing & decorating the house to photoshop/photography, sewing, scrapping, quilting, & ALL things crafty...

My pinterest boards are here:

I've seen some of people's pinterest blocks on their web sites... While I like the links to things that might interest me, too, I don't want to join. Just one more thing to take up my time & possibly get addicted to... Not looking to offend anyone that has joined this social site (or others, like Facebook & Twitter) - it's just that I'm trying to cut back on things & focus more on my family. Digiscrapping is the only hobby I can handle... My family feels I spend too much time on the computer (looking at things, possibly downloading papers/elements/alphas or playing in PSP) and I'm trying to be respectful of their needs/wants.

Pinterest saves my computer from being clogged up with bookmarks lol
I pin lots of stuff, including holiday projects for the kids - we just scroll through until they find something they want to do.
My boards:

You can find me here: Color

Oh fun...I just checked out and followed several of you. I adore Pinterest! My page can be found here...Janet Scott Pinterest

I love crafts, I love organizing, so Pinterest is a match made in Heaven for me. smiley We're getting a new computer desk which will have file drawers, so I was cleaning out my old file cabinet the other day. My daughters came in to find me sitting in the middle of the floor surround with file folders and stacks of papers (my garbage pile.) When they laughed at me and asked what in the world I was doing, I told them this is Pinterest in the good old days. My files filled with things I'd saved from magazines and wherever of home decor ideas, recipes, craft ideas, craft ideas for kids, etc. all the same things I now "file" on Pinterest.

@Kimberly: LoL!!! I still have that "old" pinterest file myself... All the layouts, recipes, fitness workouts, etc that I tore out of magazines in file folders. Too bad there isn't a quick and easy way we could add those to our online pinterest pages and get rid of the paper version. smiley

I think this is already the case: I'm a pinterest addict

I'm also new to Pinterest, but I have come across to it many times before. And this time I will also definitely look into it! I just registered and started to follow a couple of you, but up to now didn't pinned anything myself yet. However, I do have the feeling it won't take long before I do smiley. So for those who are already curious, you can find me here;
I already find it a great way to look for inspiration. And just like Shawna I sometimes also have the feeling I could be friends with someone in real life just by looking at their Pinterest.

I like pinterest but find it's too easy to waste half of my day there so I rarely get on unless I'm looking for something specific. One of my favorite sayings I've found floating around the internet..."Stop pinning and go DO something." Don't know who said it first but it made me laugh because it's so true!

@Kristen: That's exactly why I started limiting myself to once a week... and only a second time IF I have nothing else to do and it truly is FREE time to waste. I love Marisa's idea here of creating boards showing what you completed. Makes you put it in perspective and keep on track a little better, I think. smiley

I am limiting my Pinterest time as Shawna. It works far better than limiting time on Facebook, for example. I just see my pinterest timeline once or twice days a week, usually when I need to stay in the reception at work (I am the only pinner there), and, if I find something I must pin (like some of your great layouts on Pixel Scrappers gallery), I use the PinIt Button for Chrome istead of logging there, so I don´t waste that much time.

Hey, have you heard that now we can have secret boards? Will you use them?

I use the pinit button in chrome too... It's a great time saver!!! I heard about the secret boards because my hubby the other day said... He already created one for me for Christmas, now just debating if I should open his laptop to go to his pinterest account and look around or maybe even just add my own pins for him to see... LoL smiley

@Shawna ask him to add you to pin in his album, its better!

I don't think he will let me see them... because he says that he has to keep all my gifts at his work until the day of my birthday or anniversary or christmas, etc... He thinks that I will open them and re-tape them shut again just to see what he got me because I have no patience to wait. LoL At least that is his excuse why he waits until the last minute to shop for me too... But I promise I have never unwrapped a gift. I just accidentally one year 14 years ago found his hiding place in the house before he wrapped them and I will never live it down. smiley

LOL! So make your own X´mas secret board!

oh my gosh, so many more lovely boards to follow! my boards are here -

Alright, so I've just added tons of boards to follow onto my pinterest. I am going to have sooo much stuff to look at! smiley you can find me here

I am following you all now. Thanks for sharing!

I just came across this great blog post if you were looking to get started in Pinterest, or if you were looking for some new tips. Does anyone know about these exclusive boards she's talking about, just for followers?

Love pinterest! Mine is

I only just joined last week to join a contest, but I already have quite a bit of pins up... it really is addictive... here's my board... I have a board with all the December Blog Trains I'm aware of and another board with all the December Daily Downloads I'm collecting... some of them still have all the downloads available so you should definitely check that board out if you want more daily downloads to follow.

Thanks for sharing!

YES!!!! I am a pintrest addict too! there are so many awesome ideas on there. im going in and following ya'all! lol
heres mine

Another addict signing in... I already follow a lot of you ladies, and you Marisa. Since I've been uploading layouts to Pixelscrapper (I never posted in galleries before) I saw a few of my one designs pass me by on Pinterest (and I did not put them there!) That is such a thrill! (ok, newbie scrapper here obviously smiley)

these are my boards:

One of the inspirational boards I'm following is by Eszter Baranyi: . She has a great Photoshop-tutorial board and lots of inspiration for Art Journaling.

I'm following you all now!

@Melouise: I love Eszter's layouts, I follow her too.

I'm following you all now!

@Melouise: I love Eszter's layouts, I follow her too.