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I tried very hard not to click this thread..but gave in I knew it was a bad idea I can see hours and hours being lost looking through all the great boards. I am HERE if anyone would like to have a looksy

I don't really pin much scrap related stuff, but here's mine anyway. smiley

I love Pinterest and spend way too much time on there. But like Marisa said, you can learn a lot and there's tons of inspiration, so I agree that it's time well spent! You can follow me here

Here is my pinterest acct! smiley

Pinterest is full of so many ideas and inspiration! If you'd like to follow my pins, you can find me here. I try to keep them pretty organized smiley

I am in love with Pinterest!! I will soon be starting a wedding board there as my son is getting married next year. He and his fiance are both in California. They are both from NY and will be coming back here to get married. He is in the USMC and will be saving up his time to come out here for a month. So, it will be up to me to get this whole thing together. Pinterest will be one way for Ivory and I to figure out what she likes and doesn't like. Going to be fun!
Here is my page: Jodiii

I may not be willing to join FB & twitter, but you gals are getting me so tempted to join Pinterest... On the other hand I'm still holding back - I'm afraid it will become an obsession with me & too time-consuming. The other day I was looking at someone's digi blog, and one of her blog posts had her "Pinterests" showing, and I found myself clicking on 78 or so of the pictures/links she had up - everything from cooking to crafts to decorating to DIY beauty or cleaning stuff to building furniture, etc. The more I think about it, I should probably stay away - would be too addictive for me, I'm afraid...

I love Pinterest! It's very addicting. I learn about all sorts of stuff I didn't know I needed. YAY! What could be more fun than that. You can find me at: I can't wait to see everyone else's boards. Marisa, your boards are amazing!

Great to have some new Pinterest friends!

I was/am very addicted to Pinterest. I love it for saving things to go back to later instead of having 4 or 5 long pages of bookmarks. My boards are here: Catwoman's Pinterest Boards

I went back to the first page of this topic and checked everybody for new boards to follow. Ladies, you rock. Such inspirational smiley

Pinterest! How I love you. You can find me here!

I love pinterest, addicted to it and such great things to find there, here is my board

Ah, Pinterest, you evil thing. It's a great resource but I'm resisting the urge to join at this moment. It's a time sucker even without an account.

One of my favorite sites smiley

You can find me at Pinterest here:

I am now following you.. Will check out others too
Thanks for the links.

My link: Shelly Roy

You can find me here smiley

I love pinterest. So much inspiration! I admit. I'm a junkie and have a problem.

I must remember to check it out. I did sign up ages ago.

I'm so glad there are so many Pinterest addicts on here!

You can find my Pinterest here.

I highly recommend my board titled Tried &'s a collection of recipes that I've tried from Pinterest with successful results smiley

Just off to follow you all now smiley
Pinterest is so addictive, I love it over there!!lol!!

Hello Mary, wellcome to our community, and dont forget to take a look at our forum guidelines! Thanks!

I pin here!
I specifically have a board for people to follow of entirely free scrapping resources (besides a bajillion other things) if you have anything you want me to add to it, let me know. For websites like pixelscrapper, I pin the front page and explain what it is.

I love Pinterest but tend to spend so much time collecting the ideas and hardly any time doing them! smiley

Here's my Pinterest profile, though! I have a little bit of everything!

I, too, went back and added you all as well! Never know where your inspiration may come from!

And there should be some Pinterest etiquette! I try to verify ALL my pins before I pin them! SO TIRED of running across those pins that go nowhere!

And I am TIRED of seeing avocado recipes (not that I don't love avocado)!!!! LOL!

And there should be some Pinterest etiquette! I try to verify ALL my pins before I pin them! SO TIRED of running across those pins that go nowhere!

Yes! I don't do this with most of my boards, but my scrapping board I absolutely do it, and it's listed in the description. I'm going back over my craftboard for that as well. Other things just tend to be pictures smiley

Thanks for the great link, Marissa! I didn't know what all the fuss about Pinterest was about! Now I finally understand! smiley

Pinterest is a great time suck, but I've also gotten tons of ideas and recipes from it. I always hated seeing something cool on the internet and never being able to remember where I saw it later. I started using it over two years ago, but now, with over 8,000 pins it's a chore wading through all the pins sometimes too! That's the first thing I do, if I come across anyone on the internet that I like their vibe, I try to find their Pinterest boards. @Marisa, I started following you on Pinterest well before I figured out how to use PS!

You can check out my boards here:

Susan Leahy has some amazing boards

as does Holly Ledingham

Helen Weis has some beautiful gardening boards if you're into that kind of thing.