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Chantal : I love your site at Pinterest! And your description of Pinterest was the best ever!!!

Here is my pinterest account:

Hi All! I just love Pinterest to! I love crafts, Baking, Decorating, Scraping. You can follow me HERE. smiley

Pinterest is DANGEROUS! Hehehe! I could waste hours and hours there. Heck I could waste entire DAYS there. I'll go there to look for something specific, and end up pinning a bunch of stuff that I simply ADORE, and when I look at the clock I can't believe how much time I've spent. Love love LOVE Pinterest!

Oh my! I will get all of you followed it may take me a while. Once I get on Pintrest I wander around too much. Can you say ADDICTED?

Love your Pinterest look. Very sharp!

Oh yes, nothing works without pinterest anymore smiley Here is my board

I didn't join the Pinterest world for a longgggg time. I really didn't see the need for it & thought it was a huge time waster. But after creating an inspiration board for the March train, I've gone all out. Now I'm pinning stuff instead of bookmarking them - things like recipes, green cleaning recipes, landscaping & hardscaping ideas, different flowers I'd like (or have) in my yard, DIY stuff, quotes, etc. I just wonder if the stuff I pin will be still there down the road, as people will clean out their blogs & remove things after so much time (to make room for new things). I may come to regret not saving things... Anyone had that problem yet?

I haven't Lizanne and I've been using pinterest for three years (!?!) They do delete pins every once in a while if they get a copyright complaint about them, but honestly, people blog the same ideas over and over, if I can't find the exact pin I'm thinking about I just do a search on pinterest and come up with plenty of other options. I've never not been able to find anything I've looked for with the most general search terms. and I have LOTs of pins!

Good to know - thanks Tiffany! smiley

I'm here and I am also addicted. I haven't pinned many of my layouts but have pinned a lot of my sewing. Caryn Love I am also one of your fans!! Wow I am so envious (in a good way) of your talent.

I love Pinterest!!! Here is mine:

hmm gonna go check out your post about pinterest. I've never used it lol, will have to see what the hub-bub is all about smiley

I have one too, you can follow me here

I love Pinterest! Feel free to follow me @ smiley

Pinterest is wonderful and very addictive!!! I love using it to find ideas, pin things I like, home design, scrapbooking, teaching, basically any topic you can think of! Here is my Pinterest:

So true, you can just get lost in the wonder of Pinterest!

Hi Julie, Very nice Pinterest!

Hi Lori, Enjoyed viewing your Pinterest site!

Hi Marcy, my name is Misty I also love Pinterest I spend a lot of time searching through everything. I have many interests so I get side tracked all the time.

Love Pinterest!! Mine is: pinterest is HERE

Hello everybody, my Pinterest is HERE.

Some of my boards that may interest:

These are my favorite pinners:

Have fun! smiley

My Pinterest is small at this time .... mostly links to my blog in the different categories Cotton Arts Boutique Pinterest

Thanks for your links smiley I too am loving Pinterest but think I may have got a little carried away with the amount of boards I now have! lol! Mine is here -

Love pinterest!! check me out here

Totally obsessed with pinterest!!

Hi my pinterest account is here. I don't have a lot up yet but I'm working on it little by little.

Thanks for the list!