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I pin here:

My obsessions are pretty random Hello Kitty, squirrels, and owls.

I don't know that I have a favorite pinner - but I do follow a few.

What's the point of Pinterest? No, really, this is a serious question. Is it just to have all your inspiration or things you like in one place, or is it something else? What do you actually do with all the stuff you "pin"? Also, Twitter. I can't see why people would want to bother with it, either. If it's just my ignorance, please forgive me - but I'm just a bit puzzled here!

I asked myself that for the longest time... To me it reminded me of bookmarking the things you like or want to access again in your browser. It does make it easier to share that info. with others though.

I love pinterest you can find me here

Love Pinterest! Just started following you Marisa - naughty girl - you have soooo many cute pins! I'm never going to have time to clean the house now LOL! My pins are at:

I'm here:

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest lol I designed my entire wedding on Pinterest and love Pinning everything from DIY's to clothes! Shoes are my obsession on there though!

I love pinterest! I often just spend a few minutes on to get my creative juices going.

Here's my Pinterest hangout smiley

Lavender Mint Graphics


Here is my personal Pinterest site. Although I have to limit my use of it because I could spend hours looking and pinning things, lol.

Chyina Finley

I´m rather new to pinterest, here is my account: I have some boards like hair styles, food, crochet, crafts, house ideas, christmas and so.

Here is my profile, I have lots of boards

I have pinterest boards for each of the designers that I create for, either currently or in the past, as well as various other board (my monthly freebie board collection is growing and growing ...)

I'm here and although I love pinterest there are just not enough hours in a day...

I love Pinterest a little too much smiley I have 2 accounts. My personal one Lisa Bell Pinterest and my business one Inside Pixels Pinterest

I love Pinterest! I get a lot of art ideas on there, and I pin things like crochet patterns and craft ideas that I actually DO, haha.

My Pinterest

Here's my page: Pinterest

I love Pinterest too! I have some "normal" boards, and some not quite, so I guess pick and choose what you'd like to follow from me. smiley

Saskia, I think your English is very Good!! They say that English is the hardest language to learn, so you should be so VERY proud of yourself. Keep talking and smiling too!! smiley

Oh, yay! I dare not open up Pinterest at the moment or I'll be distracted and lost in it for hours, but I'm so excited to check out all y'alls pages the next time I do. I found the site a couple of years ago and it became an obsession very quickly. I've only just begun to collect digiscrap ideas, but I look forward to adding more!

@Marisa, the natural beauty ideas are one of my favorite things!
@Saskia, you did great, hun! smiley
@Caryn, I'm excited to see your palettes, though I may already be following you, because they sound familiar.
@Tina, you can always set up a Pinterest account by making an alternate email/facebook to preserve your privacy.

If anyone wants to check out my hodge-podge of boards, you can find mine here. (I always follow back, too!)

I adore Pinterest! That's actually where I found your website!

I'm with you, Robyn Denton. I haven't had so much as a smidgen of interest in Pintarest or Twitter. I go back from time to time to see if there is something there that tells me I need it, but nothing sparks my interest.

Okies, I've started following you gals, but I keep getting distracted by all of the lovely ideas! It seems it will take some time until I'm following you all. (I have no self control when it comes to Pinterest..) smiley

@Debra and Robyn: It's not for everyone, but there can be many uses for it. I stumbled across Pinterest after my doctor told me that looking at photos of food can help with chronic pain. The wreck really messed up my hip/back and I hate pain meds, so I was willing to try anything. I also LOVE to cook, so all of the amazing recipes pulled me in quickly. (Also, the doctor was right about it helping with pain, which is a bonus.) I've used it to alleviate the anxiety that came with my TBI, as focusing on happy things like cool decor, inspirational quotes, and craft ideas made the panic attacks go away. It's also good for design and gift ideas; last Christmas, I set up a secret board and was able to make a pretty neat homemade Christmas for my family. I use it for a bit of everything now, from finding natural skincare ideas for my super-sensitive skin to building my dream garden and even...being able to be a bit of a hoarder without the mess. smiley

HELP! I need "getting Started" on Pinterest for Dummies kind of help. Like most things, I'm late in joining the trend (this is the closest I'll get to social media) and I've joined Pinterest today but don't know what to do beyond looking at the board links Pinterest set for me based on my interests.

I've read the TIPS link that Marisa provided but still I'm lost. I cannot even figure out how to look at my profile or find it's link!

NEVER MIND - i've plowed through and figured out enough for now, I think.

Here is mine:
I have more photography and cricut related ideas on there, but I often find a lot of fun stuff!

Been pinning since the
I try not to venture in unless I can spare an hour.

I am addicted to Pinterest! You can see me here:
Don't be intimidated by the number of boards I have - they're very well organized. For scrapbooking, see the ones that start with "Photobook". You might also be interested in my "Family Photo Ideas" board. I also have boards about architecture, interior design, art, party planning (they begin with "Celebrate!", fashion, jewelry, gardens, home improvement projects, travel, and more!

To quote my darling husband last night, "You have TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE boards?!?! AND over THIRTEEN THOUSAND PINS?!?!" Ha, ha, ha. He had never really looked at my Pinterest account (he has his own - mostly recipes he wants me to make and stuff for his church calling). Now, however, he's stalking my boards, and my list of recipes to try grew to 2 pages just last night. smiley

Here are my two hundred twenty-three boards and over thirteen thousand pins... ReynoldsFamily

I guess that's what happens when you're a school teacher, piano teacher, Sunday School teacher, digital scrapbooker, card maker, photographer, and crafter...

Sorry for the all caps, Marisa. I couldn't think of how else to express his utter astonishment!! smiley

Here's me:

I pin a lot, but I get so many alerts I have trouble keeping up. I have boards for tutorials and for digital scrapbooking kits that I find by topic.

Edit: Oh my goodness! Do I really have 1.9K followers? No wonder I feel overwhelmed at the alerts and cannot keep up! Since when did I get so many?

Pinterest is one of my favorite things ever! I no long book mark things, because links get lost. I don't pin as much because I try to keep things realistic. Pintrest is the only organized thing in my life (I'm surprised I haven't turned in to a hoarder yet). You can locate me here

My brother in law makes fun of me and his wife. We're constantly talking about things we have done or saw or planning to do together from pintrest. It's more than a site. It's a hobby smiley.