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I only recently started a Pinterestaccount. Scrapbooking only and I pin my own layouts to one of my boards.

I've got a lot of boards. My main account is here. I don't really have a favorite pinner at this point. I like boots, Halloween stuff, art, nerdy stuff and all sorts of other things.

Loooooove Pinterest! Can't wait to follow all you guys!

Here's my pinterest!

There never seems to be enough hours in the day to devote to Pinterest (which is highly addictive).

Since I started tackling my family history I've been pinning heaps of heritage/family tree/ancestry type pages. Sadly, I'm not quite as talented in the scrapbooking department as many others!

You can follow me here.

My Pinterest page

My main Pinterest page can be found here. Please free free to follow smiley



Love Pinterest. Here's my page:


Digital Scrapbook - Harper Finch - I am a big fan of her designs:

Books - Most of the books I read, I get from her. I find the "mini reviews" on the books she's read to be pretty spot on:

Frugal Living - My two favorites: AND

Pinterest is so fun. I can spend hours on it. So much beautiful pictures and sure lot of inspiration! I don't really have any favorite pinners or boards, I usually just follow my dashboard or research some pins depending on what I want to pin.

You can find me on meaouwk where I pin home decorations or on smeaouw where I pin random things such as recipes, fashion and art.

I can be found on Pinterest here:
I don't go there a lot deliberately because it eats up too much time. LOL

Here is my Pinterest. I pin a wide variety of things, on lots of boards. At least a third are somehow related to scrapbooking (or scrapping wishlists), but I look for quilt tutorials, sewing projects, recipes, essential oil information, organizing ideas...

I am trying to be better at pinning on Pinterest. I also just cleaned up a bit and got rid of boards that I was not sharing anything on. I love that you can now have an unlimited number of secret boards too!

I LOVE PINTEREST! Check mine out at

Pinterest is my go-to for inspiration and new techniques! I have more boards than my deck out back. LOL I love to browse almost every day and have even convinced my boss to have a work account for our teachers and families. You can check out my personal board HERE.

To many things to do. You could spend a lifetime trying to do the things on your board and then there is more form all you you guys. Love it though lol
Mine is...

Oh I LOVE Pinterest! I'm an addict! LOL My boards are Here

I enjoy Pinterest but I can't stay on it too long or I'd be on for hours.

I love Pinterest! I pin all things graphic design and photography. Visit my Pinterest here: I also run a pretty popular group board called "Graphic Design Lovers" - follow the instructions on the board to join as a contributor smiley

my Pinterest over here :

I follow everything from foods to fashion to scrap layouts etc..

I LOVE pinterest. I could spend hours just going through and pinning everything and anythin

My account is literally a smorgasbord of everything.

I love pinterest. You can follow me here:

I don't know if I posted here or not! I'm at: LavenderMintGraphics this is my pinterest, I don't upload much but I do use a lot of the craft ideas. My husband always marvels at how I can look at something and then recreate it (you know, like basically EVERYONE else does on pinterest, it's not that impressive, hubs) and says "How is it that you can make anything pretty?" He's a nicer critic of my work than I am smiley

I have resisted the Pinterest craze for a while now, but I do have a board for all my layouts:

Here is my Pinterest account. I have a digital board that so far has just been for accumulating free downloads.

I'm a pinaholic! Here is my Pinterest Account rachelbrein.

I LOVE Pinterest! Here's my link!

I love love love Pintrest! my link is It does not help that my sister helps me along the pintrest rabbit holes! smiley

@Raelene, Rachel, Keesha: Great info on your Boards!!! TFS - I followed you guys. smiley

Like everyone else, I love Pinterest. Here's my Pinterest account in case you want to check out my pins. Will also check everyone's account too smiley .

Ohhhhh… I LOVE Pinterest! My Aunt showed me her account when she was visiting from out of town. She was very very crafty and loved to cook so she had a lot of those types of boards. I will warn you now... I have a LOT of boards myself. I'm not on the site as much as I used to be as I prefer now to spend my time here, learning more about digital scrapbooking and Photoshop and working on Memory Books for my family.
You can find me on Pinterest here