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Patricia... your layouts are stunning! I hope one day I can make such beautiful layouts. Practice, practice, practice smiley

Jade, I have been doing machine quilting for the Angel Quilt Project for a few years now. They are simple quilts and since I don't have a "sewing room" (I use the kitchen table) I have to do them quickly as when I am making them, there's no room in the kitchen to cook! haha
I figure when my baby girl (she's 19) moves out, I will finally have a craft room and at that time I'll actually make a full size quilt (baby quilts have to be 32 inches or less for AQP quilts.)

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love pinterest and all the scrappy inspiration there!
Here is my account:

I love Pinterest! You can find me here

I love Pinterest as much today as when I first joined like 8 years ago! Here is my Pinterest Account! I'll follow back anyone who follows me!

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Wow, Yvonne, your boards are amazing! I think I just new found a new time "sink hole" for me. smiley

I'm new to the site and am enjoying seeing all of your Pinterest boards. You can find me on Pinterest here.

I use Pinterest to post scrap kits I make