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Thank you!

Thank you so much!

Very good information, Jordan. Thanks! I am going to give IMGUR a try. I have used FLICKR and Google+ for my blogs. Would like to see how something new works.

Thank you! I am going to be using this soon. Cant wait to try it out and thanks for posting this!

Virtual high-five! I feel like a genius now! smiley You're such a great help! Thank you and Marisa so much for all you do! We really appreciate it!

Thank you! I will for surely come back to these in the near future!

Hi just found out an answer to one of my queries. I do have a Flickr account so will post my pages there. I also have many pages on Scrapbook Flair, will that too be okay to post pages from? Love to hear some answers . Hugs Maureen xxx

@Maureen: Where/what images are you hoping to share? If you're interested in sharing lots of layouts, you should apply for gallery access and share them that way. Otherwise, you can share images as needed in the forums.

Thank you!

Thank you Jordan! I just posted my 1st image using my imgur account and it worked
perfectly with the link you said to use. Very easy and clear instructions on getting those
images working here. Great Job!

Thank you for this post, Jordan, and your very clear instructions. I just joined imgur and it is perfect for my needs.

Thanks! smiley

I just tried imgur and it worked! Thank you for the tutorial.

Thank you so much!

thank you thank you for this! I do have a question though ...I noticed some pics in the forums are linked (so you can click them and go to it directly) and some are not. How do you link them like that please? I would like to know smiley ...thankies in advance

To link an image directly, just make sure the image code is highlighted and then click on the link button and enter the link.

Thanks for the information! I love the screen shots - I'm much better with that than written words! smiley

This is such a helpful site and your instructions make things so easy.

Trying this out as I can't seem to get it to work. Thanks for all the tips. Please bear with me as I try and make this happen! smiley

Okay, help! I have grabbed the code from flickr - both the HTML and the BB and all I get is that little broken picture that takes you to where my picture is. I feel very stupid right now. Any suggestions?

@Melinda: You'll want to use the embed BBcode for the forums:

Thank you for the great tip Jordan - it's nice to know for sure

Thank YOU! I really needed this, those screen shots are awesome!

Thank you smiley

Does anyone know how to embed picture from new flickr? I just noticed flickr changed their look and I can't make it work. I found the share option and copied embed link, but when I copy it to the post in the forum my image is not showing up. Can anyone help?

Hi Ania. The new Flickr pages are kind of confusing. Here's how to get the bbcode for an image in the new Flickr:

@Jordan Thank you. Now I know what I was doing wrong and to be honest I would never figure it out on my own. You're the best smiley

Thank you. If I'm reading this correctly, I'll be able to just post a link to the photo/page that is public on Facebook, right?

@Carolyn: yes, you should be able to both post a link to Facebook photos, and also embed them directly in the forums here...

Hi Jordan - I usually use Dropbox as my 'cloud' storage... I just tried to post an image using the url, but all that came out on ,y post was a small black box with a white X on it... I assume that the forum does not like Dropbox?

...example here: