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Ummm Janie... Jordan and Marisa left for and extended vacation and we are manning the fort so to speak. I don't know the answer to this for sure. I will lead the other Moderators here and if they don't know the answer either then we will have to contact Jordan directly through the contact button. But give it a day or two for the forum moderators to see me direct them here, ok?
Thanks for your patience & understanding! smiley

Hi Shawna - not an urgent problem - I'll just set up an account with the page that Jordan suggested - thanks for responding though smiley have a good day

Janie, I´m not sure if it´s possible to use dropbox to post a image on the forums. I tried more than once, but was never succesfull.

Sounds Great Janie! Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. smiley

whew, I'm glad I found this thread!!! thanks so much for posting step-by-step instructions along with screen shots!!

This tut was well illustrated and succinctly explained by some nice screenshots. Somehow, I missed it till now, but happy to know how to do it for future reference. Thanks!

Thank you! I have been trying to figure this out for days.

thanks so much for the info. It was very helpful

Just spent about 5 minutes trying to post a photo, then I found this, THANK YOU!!

thank you for the info, and the new resources I never used before.

Thanks for this information!

Thank you very much this will be helpful.

Thank you for explaining this helps newbies like myself figure it all out and I'm happy to say I just finished my first layout. Yay me!!!

I started this with an image...
nothing happens....

@Lori: I think you had the wrong link in place for the image. The link your had was to the Imgur page, I went there, right clicked on the image and chose "copy image address" and pasted that in. Seems to be working now.

Marissa, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Will go "fix" it on the blog train!!

Haven't been able to share a photo from my flickr account, using the BBC code...trying here...
GIMP Tutorial - Create in Palette easily from Eyedropper tool 01 by laura-in, on Flickr

Working now!

Thank you!

This is Rocky. She was named by children who do not understand gender appropriate names. She is now an old lady, 20+ years. She is still a sweet, loving kitty.

smiley smiley smiley

testing. Yay it worked

Thanks for this!

Thank you! This helped me so much

Thanks, was wondering about the pixel limit size.

Awesome tutorial. Thank you so much.

got it! thanks smiley

Thanks for the info. I may have to give it a go soon.

Great info! This really is helpful.

Thankyou for that

good to know. Thank you for the information.