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Thanks for the info. Until I learn how everything works I saved the link to this topic in .txt notepad on my desktop so I can always find it when I start making stuff in a few weeks. Again thank you smiley

Hi, new here. so does this mean that we have to post our layouts somewhere and link them to the site here?

Hi Jody, welcome to're so glad you're here!

If you would like to post layouts to our open gallery, you can apply for gallery access here.

There is a special form involved in posting to the gallery, and that's a separate thing from posting images in the forums. If you want to post an image of your layout in the forums, then yes you need to follow the steps above to upload the image somewhere, and link to it here.

I hope that answers your question!

Thanks for the detailed explanation!

Thanks for the detailed explanation!

Thank you for the tut. It has helped me get back into the scrapbooking world~

Thanks for all the work you two do to keep us informed and to educate us!

Good Day Fellow Scrapbookers!
I'm not sure if this is where we can share our pages...I guess I will find out. I just got the directions from Marisa on how to post a pic in the forums. I opened my first Flicker acct and this is my first post with pictures.

I notice a lot of you use Photoshop to create your pages. I do all of my scrapbooking and editing in PowerPoint. This is where I write and create my journal pages. I find I can do just about anything in that program that need to do. I find Photoshop limiting and confusing at this point, but that is only because I haven't taken and tutorials yet. I intend to change that after the holidays.

SOooo, here goes...
These are two of my earliest attempts at scrapbooking. I got involved in scrapbooking not so much to make photo pages but to embellish my personal journals. I just started scrapbooking last month. Please feel free to make comments and give suggestions...

I made these pages for Veteran's Day. They are about my dad. There are more pages but I haven't finished them yet. I added the medic red cross to the helmet to the boots/gun/helmet .png and red poppy backdrop. I also used elements and papers with army themes since my dad was an army tech. I created the stitch cluster in my PowerPoint program, by using the pills, red cross line, dog tags and stitches from the kits I've purchased. I edited the elements in the photo editing options in PowerPoint to give them that aged and used muted colors to create that feel.

I get most of my fonts from dafont or 1001fonts. I used a distressed typewriter font for the body of my journals and a block military-style font for the titles. I liked these fonts because I thought they gave my pages an "authentic feel." I tried to find fonts that closely resembled the actual typed documents from my dad's papers. These were the best match. I also used them to put my dad's name and rank/position on the dog tags. Using a shadow really helped give them that 3D look.

Dad's Veteran's Day Pg 1 by Debbie Cutshall, on Flickr

On this page I used two army backgrounds from the Americana kit as well as the flag, medic bag and dog tags. The "Follow Me" poster I found on Google. It is in public domain (free).

[img]Dad's Veteran's Day Pg 2 by Debbie Cutshall, on Flickr[/img]

I am still working on the page below. It needs some sort of cluster in the blank space and maybe a few goodies on the other side. I haven't decided yet.

Dad's Veteran's Day Pg 3 by Debbie Cutshall, on Flickr

Kits: Doctor's Orders + Add On Kit by Just So Scrappy (
Americana 1 Kit by Lucky Girl Creative (
Americana 2 Kit by Lucky Girl Creative (
Misc images: or public domain
Fonts: body text - Zai Remington Deluxe Typewriter by Tomas Z. Skrowronski (
Titles - Love-Box by DefHaro Pro Fonts (
Misc. - the words "My" and "Hero" are word art from the Americana Kits

If it's NOT okay to post pages in here or I'm not doing something correctly, will someone please let me know? I don't want to be doing something I shouldn't. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing Debbie! Usually we share our layouts in the gallery although people will often post photos in response to a forum topic.

Thanks for letting me know Marisa. I will begin posting over there.

impressive that you did all that in powerpoint. Either it has changed a lot since I used it or I didn't know how to unleash it's power!

Thank you for this information.

What a helpful post. Thank you!

Does entering items in response to the forum challenges also require the permissions of gallery access? Or does that count as forum activity? I noticed that people respond with items that they have made, but I couldn't figure out how to do it.

Hello Debbie,
I too am using PowerPoint as I am super familiar with it, and as GIMP still seems so mysterious to me. But I am plugging away at it, in the understanding that once it (or PhotoShop) is mastered, it's so much better.

Hi Anita! People do usually post their layouts for the challenges in the gallery, but you don't have to. You can just post them in the forum if you want.