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@Angela: Here's the photo of your pet:

and ALL I did was right click on your image, copy image URL and then I clicked on the first button, insert image and pasted your image URL in the space you were referring to.... Hope that makes sense for you for next time.

PS I love your Poodle... I too have a poodle and she is my world! and like you, I am still "learning" as far as clipping her, too.

@Lizanne: I can't wait to see your Siamese.

@Angela: Here's a tutorial to help post your image.

@ Wilma Lol, great picture!
@ Tiffany, I can imagine you miss him a lot, he was so cute!

I see a lot of cute pictures.
I had a dog named Kay but Kay passed away last year, we still miss her, every minute of the day smiley

All these fur babies are cute smiley

I haven't posted a pic of my number 1 baby yet, because I can't find any smiley seems like I am missing all of his photos, don't know where they have gone smiley

here is a pic of my furbaby... We had to give him away to another family two weeks ago because certain a member of our family had trouble keeping harmful foods away form the dog... (he had to go to the ER for eating more than 6 oz of chocolate a few days before we gave him up. My mom felt it was best for the dog and I had to agree... sometimes you have to do hard things for the betterment of those you love and this was one of those instances...) but here is a picture of Hawaii since in my heart he'll always be my dog.

What a sweet puppy, sorry you had to give him away, but hopefully he's still having a good time.

Thank you.. he was a cutie... I was sad to give him away but he's safer with my mom's friend... and I'm sure he's having tons of fun getting into all sorts of "safe"

What adorable pictures, everyone! It's so fun to see all these beasties, and even more fun to read how smitten we all are with them smiley

@Wilma: that pic of everyone waiting for the cheese is incredible! What a great shot.

@Tiffany: I'm in love with your little hedgehog. I spent a summer in France when I was little and I was fascinated by the "hérissons" that would come into the garden - I'd never seen anything like them before. They're pretty much the essence of cuteness. I'm sorry Fizgig is no longer with you.

Here is my foster-kitty-who-never-left. She has a grown-up name that she arrived with, but my boyfriend nicknamed her "Smushy-face" because of her wide half-Persian face so now she's mostly Smushy, Smush, Smushinka, etc. I love taking pictures where she looks evil or hyper or goofy, but I will attach a regular shot as well. A kitty has her pride, after all.

We have two Great Danes...

Earl - 2 years old

earl9 copy by Heather Green Photography, on Flickr


Duchess - 11 years old

My Girl & My New Lens by Heather Green Photography, on Flickr

Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

Here's a meeting of Toby and Val from yesterday...

I was thinking how you managed to have that big Christmas tree and your babies together smiley It´s good to hear of them XD

Marisa your cats eyes are soo huge in that picture, lol.
Heather your dogs are gorgeous

Those Great Danes are awesome!

Wow!!Some of you really have nice,furry and cute pets! I'm getting jealous now...hee hee...

So many cuties! We have an 8 month old Havanese. I'm not sure how to post pictures yet.

I like that shot of Dexter. The depth of field makes his face stand out with his adorable little nose!

Please please Shannon, post a pic of him smiley try to use this tutorial smiley

@Heather, those Danes are beautiful! I have never had a dog, but a friend of mine had some Danes & I fell in love with them; my husband and I have agreed if we get a dog, we'd love a Great Dane, but it's a lot of dog for someone who has never had one, ever! haha

@Violent -- "Smushinka!" I love it! haha Isn't it funny how we may "name" our pets but call them any other number of names? Our kitty (Louisa May) also goes by SassyPants, Louisa Lazers, Punk, and KittyFace. We rarely call her Louisa May! lol

I can't just post one of Princess! C:

I love her soo much!! smiley

Great pics! She looks like a great friend!

I just can not show just 1 picture of my 11 year old "baby" called Snoopy.

Here he's posing nicely, like a model, for the camera...

And here... he shows me once again who's boss.
Not just of the house, but of the remote controll also, lol! ...

@Hetty: Eighteen years ago I had a black male cat and named him snoopy because the first year I got him as a 6 week kitten, the nosy little thing climbed right up the trunk of my 6 foot live christmas tree all the way to the top and then meowed his heart out at 3 in the morning till i came and got him out. LOL He's passed away now.

O my! The poor little kitty.
He must have been scared.
But thank God there you where, to save him from the top and give him your love.

To bad pets do not live as long as we do, huh!? smiley

I called my cat Snoppy, because he was so cute and sweet as a little kitten.
He was born in my home, in a box in the hallway.
And one time I sat on the toilet, and he came and sat near me all the time watching me with his big beuautiful eyes...
And I thought and said to him: You are such a sweet / candy (translated: snoepje in the dictionary, but often times pernounced as: snoepie in Dutch) so "snoepie" became Snoopy because the word and name are prenounced the same way.

@Marisa Thanks I love her a lot! C:

@Hetty: cool story about naming him. smiley

@Shawna: Thank you smiley

@Hetty: Looks like he's got some attitude!

@Marisa: He does sometimes, but mostly he's tóó cute! Lol!

here is our cat Truffles in her Christmas collar

She's pretty, Peggy. We used to have a tabby cat like that - his name was Katahdin. Friendliest cat....but, alas, he was a dirty cat so we gifted him to a local farmer (I didn't have the heart to put him down). He loved hanging out with the cows & all; and the farmer called us to say how much he & his family loved him (which made me happy). He said all the kids liked him & he was a good mouser. smiley Was really proud of him...

what a happy dog! does she "smile?" it looks like she does!