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Gallery Now Open to Everyone

Great news! Jordan finally got the gallery up and running last night, and we've had lots of wonderful submissions since then.

For the foreseeable future we are going to run the gallery on an application basis and you will have to meet a few simple requirements before you can upload.

You must:

  1. Have 25 or more community points (Learn more about community points)
  2. Reply to the Introduce Youself thread
  3. Read and comply with the Profile Expectations

If you meet these requirements just use this form to apply and you should receive access within a day.

With this application process we aren't trying to keep anyone from the gallery, we just want to be sure everyone has basic familiarity with the site and the community before they start uploading.

If you need help uploading a layout, see this quick tutorial.

Why upload your layouts to

  1. Your layouts will be posted to the front page of the site, where our friendly community can "heart" them and comment on them!
  2. Your layouts will show up in the Gallery, and in site search.
  3. You will get your own private gallery at (see example), where you can send others to view your work.
  4. You'll be eligible to enter challenges, and win tons of download credits!
  5. You'll get a nice interface to browse all comments on your layouts, and see all your layout statistics (# of views, hearts, etc.) - coming soon!

Congratulatons for Marisa and Jordan for this acheivement! And thanks for the great work you are running on this site!

So excited to be a part of it all!

Awesome! can't wait to see everyone's work of art!! smiley

Congratulations! What a great milestone to have reached!!!

You & Jordan are doing a fantastic job, Marisa... smiley

Whoooo Hoooo... now I just need to complete some new layouts to upload. I haven't scrapped for several months. smiley It's so funny how "life" gets in the way of all the fun sometimes!

Great, now I can upload my layouts!!! Thanks.

Silly question.
Can we upload etsy banners, business card designs, facebook cover pages (not for solicitation purposes)? That's what I've been working on lately!

Sure. If this becomes common, we can add special labels and things.

Hey Cipriana, actually, I'm thinking through what the scope of the gallery uploads should be... if you want to upload something other than a traditional layout, it would be great if you could just hang on for the time being. I'll get back to you as soon as I get my thoughts together on this! And thanks for asking!

Well, I don't quite have enough community points yet, but I was wondering, do you only want layouts that include your kits or can we upload any layouts we do?

The gallery is open to any layout you'd like to post.

Love the gallery indeed!!!

I have a question on the layouts, is there a size range that you'd like us to keep them within? I don't want to use up valuable space...but then I'm only getting ready to upload my first layout.

Just let me know and I can change the size on the ones I've put up. Still trying to figure out how to allow good resolution but still be able to show off details to family and friends.

oh, and if you settle on a range, you might want to list it on this page near the top with the other things before the tutorial. (At least I don't think I missed it here.)

@Laura: I can't find the exact post(s) where we all discussed this a couple times... but as I recall. Jordan prefers 700x700 but did make it where we could post 600x600... Of course these would be the dimensions for a 12x12 layout. So I assume if your's are 8.5x11 your largest dimension would be 600 or 700 with the other falling into the proper ratio to make it fit. I know most people save their layouts as jpg for web viewing at 72 or 96 dpi So that part is up to you. Here's one where we talked about the size.

There was this post somewhere about the best way to save it without getting it blurry and not crisp enough. I'll see if I can find it and come back and post the link for you, in case that would help more. smiley Here it is... and another post where they talk about saving your images for the web. smiley HTH!

Thanks Shawna, I've bookmarked your specific post, so I can find it again. I did realize that once I started the upload procedure there was at least some information about size etc.

I'd been having trouble with my Gimp being really slow, so I was hoping to find info before getting that far so that I could already have it saved from Gimp. But I got something up. I'll try to get a chance to take a look at your links after supper hopefully, certainly before I upload again. I was pushing the deadline on that first one, so glad I got it up though, as I win the random drawing! Can't believe it, I usually never win things, and it my first time! Was able to get a few more kits today, after dealing with a flat tire! lol

Congratulations on your win... Glad you were able to beat the deadline! smiley

For uploading to the web, dpi and size in inches/cm does not matter: just the pixel dimensions.

Ideally gallery images should be saved at:

  • 1000x1000 pixels
  • maximum jpg quality (or close to maximum)

As Shawna said, minimum dimensions are 600x600 pixels. If your image is not square, that is for whichever edge is longer (which is why it's really best to go for 1000 pixels over 600).

Okay, I have added the image dimension information to the gallery upload help page smiley

Thanks so much for ALL this info. I am an ex-pat living in Vietnam and love your blogging about Jordan. It's on my bucket list.

How do you like Vietnam? Jordan and I spent several months there traveling and staying with my parents (who were living in Hanoi).

Congratulations! I was going to apply but got caught up in a new contract. I'm jealous, but still happy. Best of luck.


Can't wait till I have enough points to upload some of my pages, as a newbie I would love feedback from more experienced scrappers.

You have very good ideas and are generous.

I need to boost my community points so that I can met the criteria for a gallery application. I have finished a layout that would be perfect for the September leafy challenge but I don't have a gallery yet.

I have spent quite a bit of time reading and collecting for scrapbooking but have only started recently doing up pages. So I didn't need a gallery before but that is now changing.


I sent in my application for the gallery three or four days ago and haven't been given access yet... Just wanted to make sure it didn't get lost in email land. smiley

sorry Elizabeth, we're a bit behind at the moment, but you should have a reply now.

great news

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