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is there any tutorial how to make, let's say, flower paper? I don't mean pattern, I mean paper should look like one giant rose (or any flower). I've seen those papers in some designer shops, and I would really love to learn how to make it myself.

Andrea, do you mean a background paper? or just a paper flower?

If they are realistic the designer has used a photo of a real flower. If not, it would be a drawn flower made large to fill the canvas.

This is the best thing ever! Thank you so much. Thank you for all of your hard work and time!

I'm happy that these learning tutorials are here. thank you

Thanks this is very helpful))

very motivates to work on yourself)

now I know what I will do on the weekend))

Such a great wealth of information!!! So helpful for a newbie!!

Do yo have any tutorials for PSElements?

Not currently. Sorry!

Un énorme merci pour pour toute l'aide que vous proposez. Je vais y aller progressivement, étape par étape car je viens seulement d'avoir le logiciel.

Thanks thats really great!

I would love to see a tutorial for realistic shadowing in a layout.

@Paul: It's an interesting topic, although I will confess that I only ever use two shadows, which I have saved in my styles panel. I use one for general items like papers, flowers, etc, and then a slighter shadow that I use for staples, tape and scatters.

@Marisa Lerin
OH MY GOODNESS! I knew that this website was cool. But now I realize that its SUPER COOL. I have been wondering about tutorials all along and here they are. Cant wait to learn and start sharing.

Thanks so much for all the tutorials!

I am trying to include my own word art in photoshop but it doesn’t look too great…I try to remove the background, but often the letters have nasty edges and missing pixels on the inside. Do you have a tutorial that can help me with this issue?

@Imke: Is this word art that you've drawn in real life and scanned to the computer? If so, I have a tutorial here using Illustrator.

@Marisa, thank you, it is indeed hand drawn and scanned. I am new to all of this, so my word art is not that good yet and it needs a lot of cleaning up... I unfortunately don't have illustrator. I only have Photoshop Elements 15 at the moment. I might look into it, it looks quite useful!