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This is gold!

I just reviewed "Using a Random Brush Tilt for Pattern Making". Thank you for the time and effort you put into creating these step by step tutorials. My mind is not what it use to be so I have to from time to time go back and refresh my memory. May you and your family have a blessed and safe Holidays.

These tutorials are great! I just found them, and hope to try some of them out. I have Photoshop Elements, and I think most of these would work with my Elements program, too.

What's the best tutorial to use in coloring the paper template kits or any of the element templates?

Thanks so much! I'll take a look at these tutorials!

I use Forever Artisan for my digital scrapbooking. I started wsy back with Storybook Creator, which was a Creative Memories product, and when they went bankrupt in idk maybe 2008? Forever bought it. It’s virtually the same product. You just drag and drop a lot of stuff.

My question is, if I wanted to get into designing stuff, I’d photoshop the way to go? You used to be able to buy the program - I had CS3 I think it was called… now you have to pay for an expensive monthly subscription. My finances are really limited, but Zi’d realky lijd to "grow" and learn.


As someone who's used Photoshop for over 10 years, it's hard to recommend something else smiley I think if you ultimately want to achieve any kind of professional status, you'll have to use something like Photoshop. If it's more of a personal creative outlet you can probably get by with other options.

Trish: I'm on a fixed income myself (disability). I went with Adobe's Photography Plan with 20GB cloud storage. It comes with Photoshop, Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and a bunch of other apps you can install on desktop and iPad. I pay $10.62/month with tax. Here's the link if you want to read more and compare plans.

Thank you for this! I'm definitely going to look into it. I like my current scrapbook program, but I'm interested in learning how to design my own stuff, too. Is there a good book or resource you can recommend specifically for creating scrapbook materials? THANKS!

I'm sorry, Trish, but I don't know anything about Forever Artisan, never mind knowing if there is a way to design elements and papers with it. I switch back and forth between Paintshop Pro (been using it for over 20 years) and Photoshop.

Actually, I meant to say I plan to keep scrapping using artisan, but soon will get the package you mentioned with photoshop. I was wondering if you or anyone else could recommend a resource d for designing with photoshop or paint shop pro.


Hi Trish! I have put pretty much everything I know into a tutorial here. Not sure there's a more comprehensive set of tutorials for digital scrapbooking designing in Photoshop anywhere else.

Marissa is there supposed to be a link to the tutorial you recommended for Trish? I dont see it if there was one. Thanks for all the terrific tutorials.

Wow! Thanks!

Question: what exactly does it mean to use a CU? Do I have to upgrade to be able to post my “designs” on this website, or can I use the personal use subscription and still share them here? I’m just a little confused. Thanks.

@Elaine: I was just referring to all the tutorials smiley

@Trish: Yes, if you want to share designs you'll need a CU subscription. You can read a bit more about it here.

@Marisa: Thanks for clarification. This site is amazing.

I so appreciate your tutorials!

I'm looking for a tutorial on how to blend items, as in this one that you featured this week. I no longer use Photoshop, but am using Affinity Photo, which is similar. I haven't found a good tutorial for that, yet, on how to blend like in the layout in the link I posted.

Most of that effect was likely done with a photo mask. Just clip your photo to one and you'll be mostly there. The transparency on the photo mask may be turned down a bit to make it blend it a bit more with the background. (just search our graphics section for "photo masK" and you'll get lots of options.)

Thanks for these tutorials, Marisa. I haven't gone though them yet, but plan to in the coming months. Can tell you put a lot of work into them - and if I've questions, I'll be sure to post them here. Thanks again.

With AI being so popular now, is there a way to get a tutorial on how to extract items from these - especially those that have a watercolor background?

Something I've found helpful for extractions is to ask the AI to put the item "on a white background" as a part of my prompt. (I use MidJourney, so not sure how successful that would be in others.)

Then, I pull the item into Canva and use the Remove Background feature which does pretty well if the item is already isolated on a plain, white background, and download it as a .PNG. (Not sure if that feature is available in their free version?)

Lastly, I then pull it into Photoshop to do cleanup and check that all looks okay, trim, etc.

Up until this last month, I hadn't used the full version of Photoshop in a few years so there's probably a better remove background feature than there was a few years ago when I used an old CS version. So I suppose I should figure out how to do that to save myself a step! smiley

Would love to hear others' tips, too!

I also put things on a white background. I have never advanced my extraction skills. These days I do it all on my iPad with my Apple pencil and just erase. Although I think the iPad will also remove a white background like Amber mentions in Canva, so maybe I will check that out.

Great tutorials, thx for sharing!

Thanks for this and so much else that is shared on this site. Such a wonderful bunch of people, IMO. smiley

Re the tutorials. This site is unbelievable- so generous! Like they say, they create possibilities for everyone. Free graphics, free lessons. Where is the greed? It’s not here. I’ve got to get to some of these classes.

Thanks DeAnn!

Wow I am only now just finding this!