Add Brushes (.abr files) to Photoshop

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Add Brushes (.abr files) to Photoshop

Watch this video to learn how to add brushes (.abr files) to Photoshop.

Learn how to make your own brush sets here.

Thanks! I needed that! I thought I could do it through Photoshop and it took me a long time to look through it but never found how. Great tip!

Thanks so much!! smiley

Thank you for the tutorial!! It really helped me understand it better .. I was all confused and now that confusion is lifting LOL smiley

Thank you!

Thanks so much!! I was wondering how to get the brushes into pse to stay smiley

thanks so much. i didn't i had to close photoshop then reopen to see it there.

thanks! gonna give it a try!

es muy interesante , la imagen es un poco borrosa , pero tendré que verla varias veces , gracias por compartirlo .

Thanks for the tutorial! I kept wondering why my newly acquired brushes always disappeared after I shut down the program...I wasn't saving them properly!

Thank you for your great tutorials!

Hi, thank you for your tutorial.

I load my brushes by using the "load brush" function. Like your tutorial, I have to copy the brush file and paste into the "brush" folder. However, when I went back to the photoshop folder, it wasn't there. I wonder where exactly was the brush folder I loaded the brushes to... ;X However, I closed my CS6 and reloaded it and the brushes were still there. As long as it works!!

As I am very new to photoshop, can I ask, what will happen if I click "yes" to Replace Current Brushes with "name of new brush loaded"?

@Fiona: If you replace the brushes, they won't disappear from your computer, they just won't be loaded in the active brush palette in Photoshop anymore.

Brushes will stay loaded in Photoshop until you replace them.

oo.. Thank you!

Great tutorial! You do a good tut, lady! LOL
Did you know you can drag a brush file onto your workspace and it will load? It will still be there next time you open PS, too. This works for all of the presets, even actions. Crazy simple, eh?

You explain things so well. I am bookmarking this.
Thanks! smiley

This was great... I'm learning so much more about PS and you make it all seem so easy!!

Just tried it, super simple.

I just loaded Cintias rounded corners brush that she so nicely shared with us.
OMG I am USING photoshop.

*happy camper dance*

Thanks for the EASY to follow video.

Great tip - Thank you so much!

Thank you for that tip.

Thank you for the tip smiley

gracias por el consejo

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Very useful.

Loved the tutorial Marisa, having trouble though. I don't have any folders in my adobe file on my computer. Am I supposed to make my own as I go? Also where do you download brushes? I came here from making a brush set in the brushes challenge where I think we are supposed to make our own. So loading them is something different, right? I have photoshop elements 12 (I think) and I put in an element just to play with making a brush as explained in the brush challenge but my setup was quite different and when I went to save the set as you said in a previous place, it said there was no place to put it and then did I want to replace all the previous set brushes. I am now very confused. I did find out more about my brushes in adobe. It was fun to play with them. So what do you use brushes for? I am guess to make papers but what else?

Debbie, you can do a lot of stuff with brushes. I often use them to make papers, or just when I'm working on a layout and want to add a little paint.

Since you're using Photoshop Elements, you may just want to search on Youtube for a video on loading brushes, which should hopefully answer your questions.

Thanks Marisa. I will do that. You really opened up a new world to me. When I went into the brushes and saw all that the program had I was blown away. I had not known. I guess I will have fun playing for awhile!

will this work for Photoshop Elements too

I usually do the temporary loading of brushes, styles, etc because of loading to many making my program too slow. A frustration either way is that you have to restart PS or PSE to see them. Wish they'd change that

@Maggie: I think they have? Whenever I load brushes/styles they show up immediately.